Sunday, 22 December 2013

Worst Photoshop Fails

Hello my readers! Today, I'm going to be providing you with a post that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (as promised). Plus, it's probably going to be a massive self esteem booster for once. Yay!

Take a look at some of the most epic photoshop fails in magazines and photoshoots to date. From missing limbs to disproportionate bodies, these are all looking pretty cray. Because these are just some of the most horrendous editing mistakes I've ever seen, I thought I'd add in a few reaction gifs as well (let's get real, who doesn't love them?). Pleasantries complete, let's get into it . . .


I guess at first glance, this would just look like a lovely picture of Brangelina and their crew of little foreign, adopted children. But oh no, there's more. As the massive red circle and caption indicates, it seems that either something went wrong with the photoshopping, or that small child has an evil twin following it around everywhere it goes. I think I have a gif to sum up exactly how you'll be feeling right now after spotting the creepy doppelgänger.


Take a quick look and what do you see? Beyonce waving to millions of her adoring fans. However, upon closer inspection, it seems that the princess of pop has an extra arm coming out from behind. I seriously hope this is a major photoshop mistake, because if not, she's just been hiding that extra arm back there for years, and that's all kinds of wrong. In the words of the diva herself . . .


This one's quite hard to spot at first. When you look at it briefly, it just looks like another totes inappropes photo of Mariah Carey wearing next to nothing. However, when you take a closer look, it seems that we've found a deformity no doctor has come across before: Mariah Carey's left hand is freakishly large. It's weird, no one's noticed till now. Or alternatively, there was a major photoshop stuff up. I guess we'll never know the truth. 


This picture doesn't even need that obnoxious red arrow pointing out the editing mistake, it's kind of glaringly obvious. Either that girl's arms are super weird and totally disproportionate, or someone forgot to slim them down with the rest of her body. It's a toss up as to which one is correct. Who knows, maybe she's just done heaps of weight lifting and forgotten to pump up the rest of her body . . . or the person in charge of editing this photo is visually impaired.


If there were no arrow there pointing out the error, it would still be rather obvious that part of Mandy Moore's head has gone missing. Don't you hate when in the middle of a performance, a piece of your body just disappears? Happens all the time, right? Either that, or the person editing this went a little overboard with the snipping tool. 


As Amy Winehouse seems rather alive in this photo, you can tell that this magazine article was from a while ago. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that Amy seems to be clutching onto a hand that doesn't belong to a body. The caption in the right hand upper corner reads 'Amy was bizarre as ever last night'. Well yeah, if she was carting around a random hand, that would be pretty bizarre. Either that, or the person she was holding hands with wasn't worthy of being published in the magazine in the eyes of the editor.



At first glance, you don't even notice the error because now, all you can think is 'oh my God Miley looks normal, how did that happen?'. But after you get over the initial shock of fetus Miley, you realise that she has 3 hands (the large red circles pointing out the mistake also help). Perhaps we've finally stumbled upon the explanation for Miley's crayness: she's trying to distract us with her outrageous actions so that we don't discover the truth about her multiple hands. This is also the reason why her many relationships have failed miserably. Or, perhaps she's just naturally gone cray, and this magazine editor copy and pasted one too many times. 

That's the end of this non-Christmassy, self esteem boosting post. Next time you're flicking through a magazine, I urge you to look carefully at all of the photos for some horrendous mistakes, or never before discovered celebrity birth defects. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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