Friday, 13 December 2013

Most Annoying Characters Ever

Hello again readers! As you can probably guess from the title, today I'm going to be rating what in my opinion are the most annoying characters from movies or television shows (sorry to all the book lovers out there, but I don't really read anything except the internet). Don't worry, the kid from 'School of Rock' isn't on the list, don't let the gif fool you (because seriously, who doesn't love that kid?). I'm just using him to express how I feel about every single one of the following characters. So without further ado, in order from least to most annoying, here they are . . .

8. Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I honestly half the time don't even know why, but I couldn't help but find Dawn to be annoying in every single episode she was in. Seriously! She was always whining about everything on the face of the Earth, and needed to be rescued every 5 seconds. Even Buffy agreed!

Plus, no offence to Michelle Trachtenberg, but she seriously has the most grating voice ever! No one should be subjected to that in the privacy on their own homes without some kind of public warning. I think she should've just stuck to being a permanent Georgina in 'Gossip Girl', at least then I just could've hated her character like I was supposed to instead of wanting to strangle her all the time. I think I found a gif of Dawn being suitably annoying to end this little character rant. You're welcome.

7. Quinn from Glee

Well, as most of you know, I love me some 'Glee'. Seriously to the point of extreme obsession. But Quinn has been getting on my nerves since day one. Let me take you on a quick stroll down memory lane. Okay, first it was the whole 'I'm a Christian cheerleader and you're not' thing, which yeah, is basically just what goes with the High School mean girl territory, but then she got pregnant, hid the identity of the father and blah blah blah, you know the rest. That was all fine, I was able to accept that. Many wouldn't, but I did. Then, Season 2 came, which is when I actually found her most annoying. She's all 'I'm gonna date Sam' and then 'I wanna date Finn' and then all 'I'm gonna cheat on every boyfriend I've ever had'. But, what really got to me was that she had the whole 'I'm better than you all' attitude, which yeah she had last season, but this was a whole new level. In Season 1, she was mean to pretty much everyone. But in Season 2, she was all 'I'm a new person, and now I don't hate people', but she does! She does hate people! Well she hates Rachel anyway. But that's not even half of it. Then, we're in Season 3, and she's going through the 'I hate the world so I'm gonna dye my hair pink' phase, for no apparent reason, and then she's all 'I want my baby back'. Luckily, she seems to kind of reform herself, or at least just doesn't really appear on my radar for the rest of the season. But then, in the one episode she's in during Season 4, the one episode, she manages to annoy me. She's got the whole 'I'm having a relationship with my teacher and you're not' thing going on, which, NEWSFLASH QUINN, isn't a good thing! Ugh. As you can tell, this is a touchy subject for me. I just have so much anger that I need to express. Anyway, I'll leave it here, with what I think is one of Quinn's most annoying, awful quotes ever (from Season 2 at least). 

6. Serena from Gossip Girl

I seriously love 'Gossip Girl', and this past year without it has been super duper hard. But Serena? She makes me want to die. In the first couple of seasons Serena and I were all g. She'd be relatively nice and genuine, and not make me want to kill myself. What more can you ask for? I mean, of course I'd already picked my favourites by that stage, Blair coming in as my number 1 in the battle between the two leading ladies. So in later seasons, when Serena starts randomly sabotaging Blair and everyone else, and then actually becomes Gossip Girl! Well, my annoyance levels just went through the roof. I mean, can the woman make a final decision? She goes between Dan to Nate most of the time, but then she throws two of her teachers into the mix plus a few other random guys. Just pick one of them! If after the final episode they flashed forward another ten years from when Serena and Dan are getting married, you'd probably find that Serena had been married and divorced six or so times since then, probably still unemployed as well. Just pick a dude and pick a job. Plus, when you start to hate a character, you begin to notice every single annoying thing about them. Have you ever noticed that when Serena talks (or Blake Lively if you want to get technical), she speaks with only like half of her mouth? Seriously! It's weird. She only opens her mouth half way, and occasionally only speaks from one side. How is she making noise?! And now her voice annoys me as well. So now whenever she speaks (particularly when she's saying something annoying), all my murderous tendencies seem to build up at once (and cause me to write scathing blog posts like this one). So yeah, long story short, Serena and I don't really mix together well.











5. Vector from Despicable Me

Who doesn't love Despicable Me? If you don't, you should die. Personally, I think the minions are some of the greatest things on this Earth (even though they're animated). But Vector is just so annoying! Thank God he doesn't come back for the second one. But seriously! He reminds me of all those annoying guys at primary school who were all precocious and randomly playing around with fake guns all the time. Except in the movie, Vector was wielding real weapons. I get that he's supposed to be annoying, but I just really hate him and want him to fail at life. Even before we knew he was a super villain and thought he was just some untalented random, I still wanted him to die. Maybe that's just me though. Jason Segel just needs to be Marshall Eriksen for the rest of his life (in How I Met Your Mother for those of you who live under a rock) and stop dabbling in animation work.











4. Jan from Grease

Just to clarify, I love Grease. A lot. How could I be a self proclaimed musical theatre geek and not love it? But I'm just saying, it would be a much better movie without Jan in it. I could go on for hours like I did with the others and rant about her annoying voice and random, stupid, aggravating comment throughout the entire movie. But I won't. Because I feel that all of her annoying attributes can be explained in this one video. Click on the link, watch it, and you'll get what I'm saying. Seriously though, why? I mean I'm one to sing at sleepovers, and well, everywhere else, but I know (hope) I'm not that annoying.










3. Bumper from Pitch Perfect

I know, I know, he's supposed to be annoying but in a funny way. Problem is, I can't seem to find the funny part. Everything he says makes me homicidal. Seriously! Sure, I get that people can throw around funny insults all the time, but if they aren't funny, it's just annoying. Every single one liner he gets makes me want to die, his OTT delivery is ridiculous! TBH time, without Rebel Wilson, the movie would've suffered majorly. So with 'Bumper' (because apparently that's now considered to be an actual name) in the mix, it's not helping.

2. Randall from Monsters Inc.

Ugh, this guy. Just because he has the power to go invisible at the drop of a hat doesn't mean he gets to be an awful person (or monster, whatever). And he's just so creepy. He slithers around and has the weirdest voice ever. It's super annoying, plus he's really rude and awful, so it's not really that hard to see how he got his position at number 2. And his stupid habit of meddling in everyone's business just gets on my nerves. Just stick to your own scaring and don't butt in to everyone else's lives. Grrr.



1. Bella Swan from Twilight

As many of you may know, I absolutely loathe Twilight. If you're a fan, I suggest you stop reading immediately. I mean, the entire concept of Twilight is annoying, but specifically, Bella makes me the most homicidal out of everyone on this list. She is so helpless it's ridiculous. 'Oh Edward, help', 'Oh Jacob, help'. Help yourself! And seriously, how about you maybe ditch the pale vampire and creepy werewolf and find a human love interest. Maybe someone who isn't older than God and sparkles in the sun, or enjoys ripping out the throats of the innocent every full moon. Also she's just a super weak person. In the three movies I was forced to sit through, she never made one decision without the influence of others. She's constantly all 'Edward, you're a vampire, I love you', and then 'Jacob, you're shirtless, I love you', just pick one! Or you know, ditch both of them and fly solo. Though I guess in the grand scheme of all things 'Twilight', Bella fits right in with the awfulness of it all.

And that's a wrap. See, I promised that there would be some non-Christmassy posts during the 12 days of Blogmas. And what better way to vent about awful characters than through my blog? You're welcome. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. I know this is an old post but I'm rewatching gossip girl now and I thought I was the only one who thinks Blake lively talks weird. She HAS to curl her lips when she talks. To as if make it look sexy. And she talks like she is holding a lot of saliva in her mouth. Does she do that on purpose. If she does. She must be super tired

    1. Yes. Her talking gives me anxiety

    2. I know it's annoying as hell, but she doesn't actually talk like that. You can see in interviews that her mouth moves different when she's out of character.

  2. Rewatched GG and you are right re: Serena - one of the worst! She is unbelievably self-centered and immature. Especially in the later seasons - she sabotaged her cousin's change at a big movie part, Blair's fashion show, etc. Everything, all the time, HAD to be about Serena or she had a hissy-fit and caused a scene. (Nate was a close second - the man could not keep a secret to save his life) In 6 seasons, Serena NEVER grew up. By comparison, Blair/Chuck were not nearly as bad of human beings!

  3. Blake's always showing upper teeth are not real, right? They are just body painted on her upper lip I think. IF not, then it was the most artificial mimic ever. I'd love to see her on set after a long camera time trying to get that face cramp relaxed.

  4. Watching gossip girl for first the plot but Serena is killing me does she have a cleft pallet ? Or does she just talk weird

  5. Yes to seRena and the way she talks. I want to punch myself sometimes. She gives me anxiety. I just looked it up on Google to see if anyone else felt this way cuz I'm going nuts (rewatching gossip girl in 2017)

  6. Just started Gossip Girl, on Season 3. (Kind of wish I didnt read this though, spoiled the part where Serena and Dan get married-which I was praying wouldnt happen.) Anyway. The way Serena talks drives me up the wall. She kind of does the duck lips thing and she doesnt shut her dang mouth. Im relieved though to find that others feel the same way after googling it!