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Tis' the Season

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! Yes, it is indeed the 25th of December, and yes, I am writing a blog post. Talk about dedication! If it makes you feel better, it is Christmas night, so all of the festivities are pretty much over (don't worry, I'm not that sad that I would spend my Christmas day blogging- that's what the rest of the year is for).

It has just occurred to me that I've never really spoken about myself on my blog. Sure, there was that one time I did that little X Factor journalism post, but that's about it. So, what better time to try it out than Christmas day? Because I'm pretty cool and super smart, I've decided that I'm going to do what I did with the 12 Days of Blogmas, except make it applicable to me. If you're kind of confused (which I bet you are, because I suck at explaining things), just read on, and it will (hopefully) become more clear.


Day 1 of Blogmas was all about the weirdest Christmas presents that people have received. Well, in my opinion all of the presents I got were pretty awesome. So, let's take a look at the gift hall I received this year (cue evil laugh).

As you can see, I got quite a bit of stuff (yay). I got clothes, and DVD's and a whole lot of Sims Expansion packs (which means I'm set for the rest of the holidays). But, as with any Christmas, I had a couple of stand out presents which were pretty awesome. 

When you first lay eyes on this, you may assume this is a just a normal curling iron. Well your assumption is wrong, because this little thing is way cooler than that. All you have to do is basically stand there and the machine does the work. I'm pretty excited about this (though of course I'm not going to use it for a while because I don't plan on leaving the house for the next few days). 

As you can see because I'm sure you all can read, this is my brand new polaroid camera. I know, it's pretty awesome. Yes, I'm aware that these are rather popular at the moment, and that having this may now bring me into the realm of mainstream (although knowing me, I don't think that's possible), but I don't care. I've legit wanted one of these for as long as I can remember. Instant photos are awesome! As if you'd just get a digital camera and wait for all the photos to be developed, and go through that entire money wasting process when you can just get a photo that slips right out of your camera, am I right?


Day 2 of Blogmas was all about the coolest Christmas recipes. Well, I can certainly contribute to this one, because in my super biased opinion, all of our food at home was super amazeballs.

Warning: I'm about to have a massive brag session. But you know what, for someone who can't do anything remotely crafty, I think I did a pretty awesome job with my decorating. Because I think everyone was probably afraid I would burn the house down, I was officially put on decorating duty. Here are some of the results:

This is my awesome tray of Christmassy cupcakes. Did I make them? Of course not. But you can bet I decorated them. You'd be surprised how hard thick frosting is to handle, but I worked with it and made, what in my super biased eyes, is a masterpiece. After slaving away for hours (or maybe only 1 hour, but whatever) with fondant and sprinkles and all other sorts of Christmas themed add ons, I managed to make average looking cupcakes. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Now for achievement number 2:

Feast your eyes upon this tray of personalised, decorated gingerbread men. Once again, I didn't make these (obviously). These were pretty time consuming to decorate. And yes, they are all dressed according to their personalities (because I'm a really weird person with nothing else to do on Christmas Eve). There's a geeky one, there's an angel, there's a Santa and there's even a Rachel Berry. However, my favourite would have to be the Christmas elf.

I'm pretty proud of my messy fondant work.

Sorry, that's all the food I'm posting. The rest of it was just your usual savoury stuff, and I think that my decorating is more interesting than anything else. You're welcome.

Televisual Viewing

Day 3 of Blogmas talked about some of the best Christmas movies of all time. Did we watch these ones, or did we opt for something else? You'll have to read on and see.

Well yes, of course we did. As Christmas started to come to a close, the entire family plonked in the lounge room and watched 'Elf' and 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'. See, I was definitely true to my word. However, we also watched a few other interesting things. Have you guys heard of Jonathan Creek? My guess is probably not (because you're not all massive nerds). Anyway, on television normally they never show any of the Christmas specials, and I mean ever. But, this Christmas, bam, three in a row. Of course we took advantage of that (for several hours). Just reminding you once again, my Christmas is cooler (and geekier) than yours.

Christmas Tree

Day 4 of Blogmas listed some of the most creative Christmas trees ever. Well, I don't know if ours was exactly creative or lived up to any of the ones on the list, but here's a picture of it at the very least.

It's a pretty traditional Christmas tree, not exactly one of the most creative, but it fulfils its purpose. We've had it for years, and it's still standing tall and doing us proud. Plus, the dog hasn't tried to eat it once. 

Christmas Lights

Day 5 of Blogmas was all about some of the awesomest Christmas lights. Again, that's a lot of pressure. But here's what we managed to come up with:

Sure, they're not the best Christmas decorations ever (nor is this the best photography ever- my bad). But hey, at least we tried (which is more than I can say for the rest of the street). We should at least get some bonus points for that.

Awkward Photo

Day 6 of Blogmas got into some of the most awkward family Christmas photos. Our family has tons of awkward Christmas stories, but photos? Not so much. TBH, this year I couldn't even get anyone to be in any photo, at all. But, just for the purpose of this section in the blog post, I managed to grab a hold of my (unwilling) dog and take an awkward selfie with her. I know, I'm great.

Yep, that was the awkward face I mustered for the love of blogging. My dog's looking pretty awkward too so that's a bonus.


Day 7 of Blogmas was all about the DIY Christmas ornaments. As I've mentioned in many of my posts before, any art besides the performing arts I tend to struggle with. But, we do have some super cool Christmas ornaments on our tree (which are very much store bought), so I'll just post them to make up for it.

Excitingly, when we went to New York way back in 2007, we went to the Disney store and basically bought every Christmas ornament they sold. So, take a look at our awesome Disney collection. Feel free to be jealous.

Who's feeling inferior now?


Day 8 of Blogmas talked about some of the strangest Christmas dress ups. Unfortunately, the only person in our family who dresses up weirdly on Christmas day is me (how sad is that?). Low and behold, the oversized Gingerbread night dress courtesy of Peter Alexander's.

A sound investment, I assure you.

However, other dress ups were made using the art of photoshop. Please, enjoy this picture of my dog in a Santa hat.

And here's what our small little family would look like as elves. 

Feel free to let your jealousy seep in now. 


Day 9 of Blogmas went into great detail about some of the weird Christmas traditions that celebrities get involved with every yuletide season. Well, until I become a famous Broadway legend, I'm still not a celebrity. But, instead, I'll just talk about some of our Christmas traditions as a substitute.

Our main tradition occurs on Christmas Eve. I spend the day watching old Disney Christmas specials (I can't honestly tell you that a few of the old Barbie movies weren't thrown in there as well- don't judge me), while my mother and grandmother cook up a storm. Although this year I helped to decorate, my mind was mainly focussed on the television (as it should be).

The only real Christmas day traditions are that I get lots of presents, eat until I feel like I'm gonna die, and sing a lot of 'Glee' Karaoke (which, let's face it, I do pretty much every weekend). Sorry to disappoint.


Day 10 of Blogmas talks all about the ideal Christmas playlist. Well, to be honest, I kinda let everybody know what I'll be playing on Christmas day in the blog post I've already done. But, I'll screen shot it anyway for good measure.

See, I was true to my word.


Day 11 of Blogmas was the whole 'Beneath the Santa Suit' interview, so that's pretty hard to replicate. Instead, to make it up to you, I've decided to post this picture of a unicorn.

You're welcome.

GIF Substitute

Day 12 of Blogmas rated some of the worst Santa Claus's ever to grace shopping centres. Again, this one is super hard to replicate. Absolutely no one in our family dressed up as Santa (thankfully), so I can't really do this one either. How will I make up for it you ask? With a random collection of awesome gifs.

Again, you're welcome. 

That's the end of my Christmas Day post. Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Now stop reading my blog and go enjoy the rest of it. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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