Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ja'mie Private School Girl Round-Up

Hello again readers! It's nearly the end of November now (I have no idea how that happened), which means that the awesome show 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl' is now over also. So, I've decided to do a little round-up of what happened in each episode (with heaps and heaps of gifs- you're welcome), and of course a little opinionated final evaluation in wake of the upcoming DVD release, because I'm cool like that. 

Episode 1

In this episode, we learn all about what Ja'mie's up to in her final year at the private school 'Hillford Girls'. It seems that things are pretty much the same, with Ja'mie being swarmed by a bunch of girls who will pretty much go along with anything she says. Only this time, they're all prefects (and not from a 'povo public school'). 

Say hello to her new friends. 

We also find out that since 'Summer Heights High', Ja'mie seems to have been adding new words to everyone's vocabulary. Never let the dictionary get in your way I say. 

And don't worry, if you have absolutely no idea what that means, Urban Dictionary can help you out with that. 

This term is officially everywhere now, and I'm pretty sure quiche is still a trending hashtag on twitter. Australia's moving up in the world! It's even spurred memes like this one. 

And we can't possibly forget this term. 

She also seems to be up on all of the pedestrian terms circa 2013. 

But don't worry, she's still her same old offensive, racist self at heart. 

We were also introduced to a range of new characters. Her gay BFF Cody from Kelton Boys, her new love interest, Mitchell (also from Kelton), and her arch enemies, the borders (dun dun dun). 

And we were kinda told what Ja'mie's goals were for the remaining 5 episodes. Winning the Hillford medal, getting a 99.97 in her HSC, and obviously most importantly, dating Mitchell. 

Episode 2

Surprisingly, everything seems to be going according to plan for pretty much the entire episode. Nothing much happens, aside from a few witty remarks and offensive insults. We learn of Ja'mie's plans for the future, that after high school she wants to do some aid work in Africa and help out her online Skype buddy Quami in person, and hopefully because she won't be eating much, lose enough weight to begin her professional career as a model. For some reason, it seems that you need a 99.97 ATAR to do that. Anyway, in her HSC she has chosen to do dance as her elective, which you know can only be entertaining. 

It seems that even in dance the borders are a threat, as one of her main enemies Erin has her own dance solo, based on helping a town rebuild after the tragedy of flooding. Anyway, life goes on as usual after that. We then get to see Ja'mie at choir rehearsal performing her own personal composition entitled 'Learning to Be Me' (available on iTunes, and, well, Youtube of course). It then seems that afterwards, Ja'mie's friends organise for some Kelton boys to come to Hillford Girls. Her other prefect friends leave the premises to give Ja'mie and Mitchell some alone time, which is when things get interesting. 

Please stay tuned for some of Ja'mie King's tips and tricks for getting a guy. 

Which leads us to this. 

But then of course, she gets caught by the principal, and Mitchell gets asked to leave the premises, and it seems that the likelihood of Ja'mie getting the Hillford medal may be getting slimmer. 

Episode 3

This episode is super exciting. It seems that Ja'mie has found a way to get her 'African' Quami to come over to Australia and stay with her for a while. 

Quami and Ja'mie seem to be hitting it off despite the fact he speaks pretty much no English at all.

Plus, it's nearly time for her 'Perfect Prefect Party', where she hopes to get closer to Mitchell. 

The party starts, and it seems that Quami no longer seems to be of interest to Ja'mie, Mitchell the owner of all her attention. 

Everything's going well until the borders show up and try to gate crash the party. 

This insult seems to send Ja'mie into an identity crisis. 

But don't worry, her friends come to the rescue with some helpful advice. 

And things get heated between her and Mitchell. 

Episode 4

In this episode, it seems that Mitchell and Ja'mie are officially a thing. They Skype together, they watch movies together and they take selflies together. What more could you ask for?

Everything seems great, and Ja'mie's in good spirits, until tragedy strikes. It seems that one of her biffles, Madison, has turned against Ja'mie and spent her free period at Westfield with Mitchell. Things go from bad to catastrophic when Mitchell changes his Facebook relationship status to single. On a mission, Ja'mie excuses both herself and Madison from class to have a little confrontation. And what starts with this . . .

Leads to this . . .

Which results not-so-suprisingly in this . . .

After that, she sinks into a deep depression. She totally fails her HSC dance solo, and goes into a hibernation of sorts. 

By the end of the episode though, she seems to have made a plan with her gay BFF Cody to reinvent herself, and walk back into school on Monday with a completely different image. 

Episode 5

A new Ja'mie enters the gates of Hillford Girls Grammar after her threat of a makeover last episode. 

Complete with her own new mantra. 

Everything seems to be pretty good, until she finds out her dad's waiting for her in the office. Ja'mie then walks into a meeting complete with the principal, assistant principal, her father and her sister. Turns out her little sister posted a video of Ja'mie and Quami getting rather up close and personal on Ja'mie's Facebook page, wearing her school uniform, and singing the school song. As you can expect, this has some dire consequences. 

But most importantly, it severely puts the likelihood of Ja'mie winning the Hillford medal in danger. She also finds out that her dad has kicked Quami out of the house. She goes to visit him and apologise sort of, when Quami reveals he's in love with Ja'mie, to which he receives an . . .

But then finally, she reveals the truth to him. 

Leaving him with a final comment of . . .

However, it seems that from then on, Ja'mie starts to have a new outlook on life. After discovering that Mitchell wants to get back together with her, she tries to break the news to Madison nicely. 

But in the end, it seems that Ja'mie just wants her and Madison to be friends again. 

And so that's that. They then get on with some muck-up day celebrations, chasing year 7's around and throwing eggs at people. 

The day's going really well, until Ja'mie discovers that her arch enemy, Erin (the border), is going to be receiving the Hillford medal, plus she gets to perform her dance solo at assembly. In a rage, Ja'mie of course confronts the principal and assistant principal, accusing them of being racist towards her 'relationship' with Quami, among other things. 

The episode ends then with an ominous comment of 'I can't put this behind me', leaving us all to wonder what is ahead in the next episode. 

Episode 6

Finally, it is time for the end of year assembly, where the Hillford medal recipient is officially announced, and Ja'mie gets to debut her song 'Learning to be Me' in front of the entire school. Of course, she spends pretty much the entire morning preparing for this, but what is she preparing for exactly? At this stage, we just don't know. 

She spends some time preparing her mother for the event as well. 

And after that little pep-talk, she's ready to get things started. Everything starts off normally, Erin officially receives the Hillford medal, and then does her dance solo. But then, as the choir prepares to perform 'Learning to Be Me', Ja'mie grabs the microphone and begins an impromptu speech, which basically begins and ends with exposing the racism of the school, as the Skype video of her and Quami plays in the background. Of course, you must be thinking that this is as bad as it gets. Oh no. For some reason the principal, although stopping her speech, allows her to stay on stage to sing her song. Which she does. While stripping. In front of the whole school. 

Trust me when I say that is not all you see. How? I don't know. I don't really ever want to know. Well let's just say after that stunt things don't go well. We then skip forward to 1 month later, where it turns out that Ja'mie and her friends were obviously expelled from Hillford, so no HSC. We think she plans to do aid work in Africa, until she runs from the airport, and takes a private jet to meet someone she loves. But who is this person? Mitchell, or Quami? There are some snippets shown of the two boys just to keep us on our toes, but in the end, she chooses Mitchell. 

And so there you have it. Ja'mie and Mitchell live happily ever after. Or do they? We then skip forward to 6 moths later, where we find out that the two of them broke up, and that SUPRISE, Ja'mie is now . . .

Ja'mie and all of her prefect friends have decided to re-do year 12, and enrol at a public school. No uniforms and everything. She is now dating a girl called Astrid, which kind of surprised, well, pretty much everybody. I personally thought she was going to date one of the borders or something. But don't worry, she's still remained kind of similar. I mean, she still dances.

Remember at the beginning of the series when she said stuff like this?

Oh, how times have changed. Anyway, you've now reached the end. Yay! I think this is the most gifs I've ever included in a post, so that's an achievement. Basically it's because I couldn't be bothered including quotes or whatever, so tumblr provided some for me. Anyway, overall, I think this series was amazeballs. If you're highly religious and conservative, and get offended easily, then maybe steer clear. But if you're not (aka normal), then this is for you. Especially if you're a fan of Chris Lilley's other shows like 'Summer Heights High' or 'Angry Boys' or 'We Can Be Heroes'. The DVD is out now! So go buy it. 

Also, what I found pretty cool is that it's even showing in America on HBO. Go Australia! Living it up internationally. 

Plus, some more exciting news is that Jonah is now getting his own spin off series. Excitement. I guess I'll have to do a round up of that one too when it comes out. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx