Monday, 16 December 2013

4th Day of Blogmas: Most Creative Christmas Trees

Greetings again readers! How exciting, I'm actually sticking to my original plan of Blogmas and haven't given up yet. Yay! Anyway, you've probably guessed that today I'll be listing some of the most creative Christmas trees. Who knows, it could provide you with some ideas. Here they are . . .

Whoville Christmas Tree

Dr Seuss fan? Well this is your lucky day. It seems that this Christmas tree is made for you. Bring fiction alive with this little DIY job. Personally, I've always found the Seuss novels to be, well, a tad creepy. First off, why can't everyone just look human? They're almost human, but no quite. It's creepy. Seriously. But if that's your thing, live your life with this little wacky tree. You're welcome. 

Balloon Christmas Tree

Can't be bothered buying an actual tree? No worries. Just buy a couple of balloons and you're set. Why go for anything fancy or vaguely Christmassy when you can have fun with some latex and helium? It's perfect if you live in an apartment, but don't let that limit you. It's perfect if you live anywhere! Best news is it doesn't even have to be green, it can be whatever colour you want! Who would want it to look realistic in the slightest? I certainly don't. 

Kitchen Ware Christmas Tree

With this one, you don't even have to bother buying balloons. Just walk into the kitchen, grab some cups and off you go. Instant Christmas! Yeah, sure, it might be considered creative (in the same way that weird minimalistic art is considered to be creative), but that doesn't make it good. Or remotely festive. But if the 'no effort' route is the one you want to take (which I'll admit is always super tempting), go for your life. 

Book Christmas Tree

What was I saying about using things in your own home to create a Christmas tree? Well, it seems that that's exactly what's happening here too. Except this time, it's not even attractive. You don't even have to arrange this one nicely, just chuck a couple of books in a pile, and Christmas them up by dangling some cheap lights from Dollar King around them. Simples. If you're a university student, this looks like the Christmas tree for you. If you're not, well, steer clear or it'll just get weird and sad. 

Paper Christmas Tree

I have to say, as far as DIY non-traditional Christmas trees go, this one's pretty cool. Sure, it'd be a massive fire hazard, but TBH, what Christmas trees aren't? Also, the materials would be pretty easy to find, and it (hopefully) wouldn't be that hard to make (well, if you're not me and terrible at all art). Plus, it's not super ugly. So many positives!

Godzilla Christmas Tree

Okay, this is officially one of the coolest things I've ever seen. By far, this is the craziest tree on the list. I mean, how could it not be? It's based on a monster ape! Not exactly a DIY job, but of course you can try (and fail miserably). There's not really much more I can say, the image kinda speaks for itself. It's Godzilla! Wearing a Christmas hat!

And that's the end of the list. I thought that I'd make most of them DIY jobs to give everyone some super cool tree ideas. But, of course, I also added some other awesome ones, because, well, they're awesome. So that's it. Happy Blogmas! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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