Friday, 19 December 2014

8th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Fanciest Christmas Nail Art

Greetings readers! I don't even know how all this has happened so quickly, but we're already at the 8th Day of Blogmas. Sure, it's exciting that Christmas is rapidly approaching, but won't you all be terribly devastated once these Blogmas posts have come to an end?

That's what I thought. Moving along, today, I'm going to be once again getting everyone in a jolly mood and show you some super fancy and awesome Christmas themed nail art. Perhaps you can try and work this into your 25th celebrations, or may be they'll just be cool to look at, whatever you decide is best. Anyway, without further ado, let's get cracking . . .


You have to hand it to who ever did this, they've done some pretty intricate paint work right there. The snowman looks like it's been plucked straight from a winter wonderland, but what exactly screams Christmas about a teddy bear? I don't know, but it's wearing a santa hat, so just go with it. This must've taken so much time and effort that you can't help but appreciate the awesomeness of this pretty intense nail art. Whoever did this is certainly dedicated, and may I just say, their efforts payed off big time. 


Well, woah, I don't even know where to start. There's so much going on I don't know where to look first. All I can think is that the person who did this must have a lot of patience. They've pretty much managed to sum up Christmas in 5 nails - you've got some stars, a fabulous snowman, a reindeer (although admittedly one that looks a bit like satan at first glance), a Christmas stocking, and of course, Santa right there on the end. Wouldn't you just love to show these off on Christmas? That'd be majorly cool. However, having to paint all of that myself? That doesn't seem realistic. Or like anything I would like to do ever. 


Yes. 100% yes. Can you really beat a classic Christmas tree? I think not. Damn, don't these just look so cool? They've got little branches and ornaments, and to top it all off (literally), there's a little red light on top to just complete the tower of awesomeness. Do I think I could ever pull this off? No way. But boy, wouldn't they actually just be the best? They're so Christmassy I could die (jollily of course). If you have any artistic skills, I highly suggest you give this a go. 


What exactly makes Christmas as awesome as it is? Why the answer is obviously the one and only Santa Claus. You see him on TV, you see him on film, and in pretty much every depiction, he is just marvellous. So of course, no doubt about it, these nails are an obvious winner. Can we also all just take a second to appreciate how near that third nail is? Oh my gosh, the precision is just ridiculous! Even down to the perfectly round buttons through the centre. Recreating this and living up to the original is no easy task, but if you're brave enough, I advise that you give it your best shot, because the outcome will be totally worth it.


This nail art is actually amazing. Aside from the creepy talon like shape, I love everything about it. It seriously looks like art that could be on a stain glass window or something, but now, someone was able to paint this on fingernails. How can you even draw something so small yet so proportionate and accurate, all the while having it look like the best thing ever? I simply do not know. I'd advise that you attempt this at home, but let's get real, it looks ridiculously hard. I think it's just best to sit back and appreciate the awesomeness.

So that's now officially the end of my post. I hope you found this nail art to be as awesome as I did, and hopefully, you've found some Christmas polish inspiration. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

Thursday, 18 December 2014

7th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Ideal Christmas List

Hello once again blogosphere! It is now the 7th Day of Blogmas, and we're going to get into what is perhaps the most exciting part of Christmas - presents! Back in Day 3 I talked all about some cool secret Santa gift ideas for under $20, but now we can splurge a little bit. These presents are for you and you only. I understand that people are compiling their personal Christmas lists at the moment, so I thought I'd give you a helping hand and provide you with some awesome suggestions. Intro done and dusted, let's get moving . . .

Smartphone Projector

This is actually one of the coolest things ever. You know those times you and your friends are all gathering around to watch some youtube video or movie you've got stored on your phone, but only about two people can see what's actually going on and you're just awkwardly crouching around them with nothing to look out? Well my friends, those days are over. Low and behold, the smart phone projector. It simply works by slotting your phone in like you would with an iPod dock, clicking the on button, flicking off the lights, and off you go, instant home cinema! Doesn't that just sound amazing? It's handy, it's easy to use, and it's cost effective! Seriously, it comes in at just under $35. What a bargain. 

'The Geeks' Guide to World Domination: Be Afraid Beautiful People' 

Admittedly, this gift is pretty specific and may not cater to everyone, but if you're tolerating this blog, odds are you're probably just a little bit nerdy. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a nerd and proud, and honestly world domination sounds pretty cool. That's pretty much the ultimate goal for an over-achiever like me. One day Broadway, the next day, the world. Plus, there's no doubting this book sounds pretty awesome. It's time for us geeks to fight back and take over, so why not read up on it over Christmas?

Victoria's Secret Gift Pack

If you don't frequent 'Victoria's Secret' (which I, to be fair, only made my first purchase from today) then you probably think I'm suggesting you go out and buy a lingerie gift set. But don't worry, I haven't totally lost it. Believe it or not, the store known for its extensive array of underwear sells a wonderful collection of body lotions and perfumes. Not even kidding, the second you walk into the store your nose is overwhelmed with awesomeness. Everything looks so fancy and the bottles are just so pretty, there's no doubting you'll love any products you get from there. Plus, they're all of an excellent quality and will last you a while, which means you'll be smelling like a dream for months on end.

Buy 3 for $30 Deal, Victoria's Secret 'PINK' Range

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

6th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Best Celebrity Christmas Outfits

Readers, welcome to another day of Blogmas! Circa Christmas 2013, I talked about some of the Yuletide traditions celebrities seem to have, and this year, I'm talking about their outfits. Everyone loves a bit of Christmas themed fashion, plus this will totally give you some outfit inspiration for the 25th. It's been fairly short, but I'm pretty sure this covers the intro. So, now we've got that over with, let's get cracking . . .

Selena Gomez

I don't know how anyone can even begin to try and replicate this, but it sure is awesome. Selena really knows how to Christmas (which of course, has now become a verb) in a fabulous way. It's colour appropriate, involves a whole lot of sparkle, and is figure-skater chic. Plus, the tutu's always a nice touch.

Katy Perry

Never one to make bland fashion choices is of course Katy Perry, who decided to dress as a Christmas tree. You have to admit, this is pretty much as good as Christmas outfits get. It's adorned with ornaments and everything! If you really want to go all out you can give making this dress a go, power to you if you decide to tackle it! After all, there's nothing better than a little extravagance.

Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Seyfried

I guess technically this may be cheating just a little bit because these celebrities didn't actually wear this in real life, but their characters in 'Mean Girls' did, so I feel like that counts. Everyone remembers this scene for both the risqué outfits and horrendously embarrassing performance of 'Jingle Bell Rock', so why don't you channel the plastics this Christmas and put your own spin on their festive outfits. Come on, you know it would be so fetch.

Lady Gaga

Also taking the Christmas tree approach was Lady Gaga with this definite fashion statement. Why not be daring and try out this red playsuit look complete with Christmas tree headwear and a dazzling gold star tree topper? I think it's pretty damn awesome, and will definitely kick Christmas up a notch. The green hair just makes it even better I think, and you can tell she really put in a lot of effort to complete this quirky look. 


This one's definitely a throwback, all the way to when JT still had frosted tips and we still thought they were cool. Damn, don't these guys just look so 90's it's ridiculous. This photo's really just the epitome of coolness. They just look so proud to be wearing all white and draped in Christmas lights. Maybe this year, you can be as fly as they are and steal their look. I know I'm pretty tempted. 

LL Cool J

Finally, we just have your classic Santa Claus to top off the list. I guess you can't give LL Cool J any points for creativity, but he certainly is jolly, which fits the character to a T. Plus, everyone loves a good Santa, so there's that in his favour also. I suggest you give this one a go, after all, there's nothing wrong with going for something more traditional. At least you know it won't be ho-ho-horriffic (see what I did there?). 

So that's it! This officially means we're half way through Blogmas. How exciting is that? Christmas is coming. Now, I've given you about as much awesome celebrity inspiration as I can find, and hopefully, you'll all be so festively dressed for Christmas this year it's sickening. Til' next time . . . 

Annabel xx

All the Feels Surrounding the Forever 21 Sydney Opening

Well hello blogosphere, and welcome to another exciting day on Teenage Fanatic! As you've probably noticed, I've been rather caught up in the wonders of Blogmas recently (because, you know, Christmas is awesome), but don't worry, it has occurred to me that not everyone celebrates it. Because of this, I've decided to shake things up a bit and talk about my experience of the new Sydney Forever 21 store. How exciting is that? Finally, one of my favourite American stores has been brought out here to Macquarie centre and my life now has meaning. Instead of just detailing what went down when I went, I've decided to do it in gif form to make things interesting (or at least slightly less boring). Without further ado, here's the story . . .

So finally, after seeing all of the celebratory Instagram and Facebook posts, I found the time and money to visit Maquarie Centre and obsess over the new Forever 21. Seriously just making the plans had me looking a little something like this.

Can I just tell you, the trip there was probably the longest car ride of my life. I kind of feel sorry for the people who had to drive me.

But then of course we finally made it, and just seeing the shopfront kicked me right in the feels.

But don't worry, I totally snapped out of it and ran in there like a mad woman.

And of course, I practically made it my duty to make a grand entrance.

Turns out I wasn't the only one fangirling about my favourite store being brought to Australia, because as I made my way through Forever 21, I was totally surrounded by excited masses.

Can I just tell you now, my excitement wasn't in vein. Not even close. The range of clothes is just amazing. I just kind of had to stop for a moment and take everything in.

But never fear, I did eventually once again return to (semi) normality and continued my search. They've got a style for everybody. They've got a fun, girly, floral heavy section (which of course I tended to gravitate towards), a more preppy section (which was my second favourite), an area totally dedicated to denim, some grunge heavy selections, as well as clothes to suit people who are looking for night wear, underwear, or just the basics. Moral of the story, they've got all their bases covered.

I really went for it, I'm not gonna lie. Considering Christmas is rather close, I was just taking pictures like crazy for my gift list.

But of course I did get in some sneaky shopping. Who would I be if I didn't?

And then, after all of that, I could finally leave happy.

So overall, what exactly did I think of Forever 21?

If anyone's ever in Sydney, I highly suggest you check it out. And if you've lived near a Forever 21 your entire life and are totally used to it, I envy and hate you just a little bit. Whatever, now I just get to bask in my purchases.

So that's the end of my pretty random, fangirly post. Now I encourage you to go and do the same and shop your life away, or at the very least put some stuff on your Christmas lists. I guess I have to wait and see if all my requests will be under the tree on December 25th.

Good luck to everyone! Let's hope you get what's on your shopping wish list. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

5th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Most Awesome New Christmas Songs

Hello readers! I'm back once more with another entry of Blogmas and a whole new round of pre Christmas excitement. Before we start, I highly suggest you all go and top up the money on your iTunes accounts, because I'm going to give your festive Christmas playlists a 2014 makeover. Throughout this year's Blogmas, I've tried especially hard to not repeat any posts from last year. In 2013, I may or may not have had a post called 'Ideal Christmas Playlist', but hey, at least I went to the effort of altering the title. So now the little intro and clarification is totally over with, let's get into it . . .

Ariana Grande, 'Santa Tell Me'

Back with another Christmas single is Ariana Grande, with her new song 'Santa Tell Me'. Sure, it's more of a pop track than a traditional Christmas carol, but it's got the word 'Santa' in the title, so A for effort. Also, it just so happens to be super fun and catchy, and jam packed with Yuletide references. It gets you into the festive spirit, and would definitely be a perfect addition to any Christmas playlist you've currently got going on. I think by now we've all worked out that Ariana always kills it with the vocals, and she's definitely no novice in the holiday-themed music department, so you've got to know you're in for a treat. If you'd like some visuals to go along with your audio, go and check out the Christmasy music video that goes along with it. 

Idina Menzel feat. Michael Bublé, 'Baby It's Cold Outside'

We're all familiar with this Christmas classic, so how could it not sound amazing when covered by Broadway legend and voice of Frozen's Elsa Idina Menzel (aka, Adele Dazeem) and internationally acclaimed recording artist Michael Bublé? I guess I could spend ages waffling on and trying to sell the awesomeness of the track to you, however I really don't feel that's necessary. Let's face it, the subheading sells itself. Do you want to listen to a vocally perfect rendition of one of your favourite festive songs? I know, it's a tough one, right? If you're awesome and understand heavy sarcasm, then I know you'll make the right decision.

Pentatonix, 'Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy'

Everybody loves a bit of acapella pop, and it doesn't get much better than Pentatonix. This crazy talented quintet have released their own LP Christmas Album for 2014 entitled 'That's Christmas to Me', and yeah, of course you can download the entire thing, but my absolute favourite is their mashed up rendition of 'Winter Wonderland'. It definitely gives off some awesome festive vibes, and guest star Tori Kelly makes the vocals sound all kinds of awesome. I guess I'm just a fan of harmonies, but there's no doubting you'll appreciate how cool this cover is. In fact, I bet you'll appreciate it so much that you'll just have to drop everything you're doing and give it a listen, right now

She & Him, 'God Only Knows'

Okay, so this isn't a Christmas song in the traditional sense (or you know, in any sense), but ever since it was used in the classic 2001 Holiday Rom-Com 'Love Actually', it's kind of become one by association. You might recall that last year I mentioned Zooey Deschanel's band 'She & Him'? Well they're once again gracing my blog, and this time for their cover of Beach Boys track 'God Only Knows'. How exactly did it come to my attention? I'd like to say I'm just a genius (which of course I am), but unfortunately, it had to be on the recent Christmas episode of 'New Girl' for it to be on my radar. Nonetheless, this cover is pretty awesome, and has had heaps of success on the interweb. Therefore, this totally needs to have a spot on your iTunes, or at the very least, deserves a listen.

Sam Smith, 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'

Sam Smith definitely wouldn't have made it onto the list this time last year, because nobody knew who he was. Throughout 2014, the British singer shot to popularity so much so that I've allowed him to grace my blog (that generosity). 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' really is a Yuletide classic, and Sam's more than proved himself capable of tackling a ballad. So of course, his cover just has to be awesome, there's really no other option. I don't know what it is about Christmas music, but no matter the tempo or mood, all the songs just make you feel super pleasant and excited. Of course Sam's cover provides all of this in spades, and vocally, he totally nails it. If you're not lured yet, I don't know what's wrong with you, so just give it a go and consider it for your Christmas playlist.

Fifth Harmony, 'All I Want for Christmas is You'

Now I'm not normally the biggest fan of reality show contestants, but this X Factor formed group I guess are my exception - well at least with this song. Doing one of the most covered Mariah Carey Christmas classics is no easy feat, however these 5 girls manage to do it. Sometimes with groups, it's obvious they rely on one another because they aren't talented enough to make it on their own (harsh, but true), however this is certainly not the case with 'Fifth Harmony'. Everyone kills their solo parts (which occur quite frequently), and the bit of harmony work they manage to incorporate is spot on. Plus, I just find the song is the ultimate Christmas track and always puts me in a good mood, so that's definitely a bonus. Don't believe that it lives up to the original? Listen to it and decide for yourself

So that's now the end of my super festive song appreciation list. Fingers crossed you've got some Playlist inspiration, or at least weren't totally repulsed by any of my suggestions. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

Monday, 15 December 2014

4th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Coolest Christmas Attractions

Greetings again blogosphere! I feel like Christmas is approaching at the rate of knots, and excitingly, we've already come to the 4th Day of Blogmas! Today, I've decided to list and appreciate the awesomeness of some of the coolest Christmas paradises available for kids and families! I know I'm a fan of these festive wonderlands, and I guarantee by the end of this post, you will be too. So without further ado, here they are . . .

SeaWorld, San Diego

Just a warning, what you're about to read is going to totally blow you away. Starting off strong with SeaWorld San Diego's 'Winter Wonderland', this place is just a kid's dream come true. With a bunch of different fun and super unique attractions, SeaWorld really outdoes itself. Just so you can get a clear idea of how spectacularly awesome this place really is, when you visit at Christmas time, you not only get to sit on Santa's lap, you get to go to 'Christmas Village', eat festive foods, buy Christmas merchandise, be serenaded by carolling elves, and then of course finally make your way down to 'Santa's Cottage', where you can get a special photo with your family and engage in Christmas cookie decorating. Does that not sound like the best thing ever?!? But wait, there's more. The attractions just keep getting better and better, as you can then move on from there and watch SeaWorld's 130 foot Christmas tree be decorated and lit up to perfection, have breakfast with both Santa and Shamu, visit the reindeer training academy, and last but not least, watch the 'Happiest Christmas Tree' sing and dance along to your favourite Christmas tunes. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to move to SeaWorld, like, right now? 

Santa Claus, Indiana

I'm not even kidding, there is indeed a city in Indiana called 'Santa Claus'. And yes, it is totally dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year round. Can you imagine being festive for 365 days in a row? I haven't quite decided whether it'd be a good thing, but I do know that visiting this city in December would definitely be all kinds of awesome. Obviously they really go all out with the Christmas thing, and there are a whole bunch of themed attractions open to the public. For instance, you can enjoy Christmas Dinner with Santa, go to the 'Holiday World & Splashin' Safari' theme park complete with 3 wood roller coasters and the world's longest water coaster, visit Santa's candy cart, the Santa Claus museum, the Santa Claus Christmas Store and Santa's stables, and perhaps most importantly, you can write your letter to Santa. This town really does sound magical, and if I'm being honest, almost fictional. Who knows, perhaps this is some kind of re-incarnation of the North Pole? Whatever it is, I'm totally on board with it. 

The Inn at Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge

Once again, we've stumbled upon a place which celebrates Christmas over the course of the entire year. However, they don't have 'Santa Claus' as the name of their city as an excuse, these people are just crazily Christmas obsessed (not that there's anything wrong with that). A hotel called 'The Inn at Christmas Place' in the Smoky Mountains takes the holiday season very seriously as you've probably already guessed. Throughout December, guests can be serenaded by a singing Santa at his concert twice a week, and have the luxury of checking out as many holiday movies as they wish to watch in their rooms. Handily located across the street from 'The Incredible Christmas Place' store, the hotel stocks up on an abundance of holiday decorations, and their lobby pretty much looks like the inside of Santa's workshop. Plus, there are a bunch of daily activities that the guests can either engage in or watch, some of which include constructing gingerbread houses, attending bow tying classes, Christmas karaoke and popcorn stringing, all of course guest starring festively dressed staff. Come on, you can't honestly tell me you're not tempted to book a room and sleep in heavenly peace (see what I did there!). 

A Christmas Story House, Cleveland

If you haven't heard of the 1983 holiday film 'A Christmas Story', then I'm not entirely sure what sheltered life you've been living. Well folks, you're ignorance stops today. In a perfectly preserved homage to the cult classic, the house originally used for filming has been re-decorated and transformed into an exact replica of the original set. I bet you're thinking that sure, this all sounds well and good, but how exactly is it an attraction? Well my friends, this house has now been altered and become a museum open to the public, one which contains all sorts of original props and memorabilia. Talk about a fangirl's dream. Plus, there's a pretty nerdy gift shop out the back which sells a range of movie tie-in items including leg lamps and Red Ryder BB guns. Being obsessive fans finally has its perks - and in a  festive fashion no less!

Woodstock Winter Wassail Weekend, Vermont

To end this magical list is a monstrous Christmas event occurring in Woodstock, Vermont. Named after wassail, a seasonal drink brewed with spiced apples and sugar, this Weekend long celebration is the epitome of a fun and festive Christmas. It's an event for the whole family, and happens on December 12th, 13th and 14th (damn it, we just missed out). This winter event sure has a lot going for it, including a Wassail parade with over 50 horses and riders adorned in holiday costume, sleigh rides for the public, and a visit from Santa himself. If you think the fun stops there, you're kidding yourself. In addition to all of the awesome stuff I mentioned before, this winter weekend also involves troupes of singers parading the streets, theatre performances by the YOH players, a Wassail feast at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, and a Christmas musical down at the town hall. Shops open till late, the streets are all festively decorated, and if you're lucky, there might even be a little bit of snow to totally complete the picturesque image. This event's been going strong for 31 years now, and obviously this is the reason why. It must be working, because I'm 100% lured. 

We've now reached the end of what I deem to be a pretty impressive list. I've come to the conclusion that my country officially has nothing Christmassy to offer, especially in comparison to all these festively awesome events above. Who knows, maybe I gave you an idea of where you can spend Christmas 2015? Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

3rd Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hello and welcome once again readers! We are now officially coming into the 3rd Day of Blogmas, and things are getting pretty exciting. Not only is Christmas getting closer and closer, but the fun, festive preparations have already begun. I don't know about you, but our group tends to do Secret Santa most years just before Christmas time. If you've been living under a rock your entire life and have absolutely no idea what I'm hinting at, Secret Santa entails a group of people putting their names into a hat, as everyone sits around and draws one out at random. Whoever you pick, you are responsible for giving a present to (for $20 or less of course). It's a pretty fun concept, and today, I'm going to give you a helping hand with some perfect, cost effective gift ideas.

Trying to purchase something awesome while on a $20 budget is admittedly a pretty difficult task, but have no fear, I've totally got you covered. Take your pick of anything from the fun collage I made above! Seriously, it all fits the bill spectacularly. For a more in depth analysis of each item, check out my little summaries below.

Lip Varnish

Let's face it, every girl needs a good lip gloss, it's just a cosmetic must have. So now, you can be the awesome friend who makes that happen, and get your secret santa this totally fabulous £9 Topshop Lip Varnish.

Bow Hair Clips

There's no doubt about it, bows are about as cute and preppy as it gets. I know I love a good bow, and totally wouldn't mind scoring these lovely $2.95 Sportsgirl Hair Clips. What's not to love? And yes, the gif below's from 'Matilda'. 

Make Up Palette

You can't really go wrong with this mammoth collection of cosmetics. This $19.95 Sportsgirl 'Bright Young Things' make-up palette has seriously got a everything a girl could ever want - 8 eye shadows, 2 blushes and 3 lip colours. Plus, the pastel colours are just adorably awesome. 

Shower Gel

Anything involving personal hygiene may not seem like a fun Christmas present, but when something smells this good, you can't go wrong. This $11 phenomenally scented Cherry Blossom Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works is the perfect gift, and is assured to be a success. 

Phone Case

It seems that no matter how hard we try, we can't stray away from Sportsgirl. Proving to be the ultimate Secret Santa shopping location, Sportsgirl's Watermelon iPhone 5 Case is absolutely to die for. It's cute and fruity, and would no doubt make a fantastic gift. 


There's nothing better than an awesome pair of cozy socks to wear and to protect you from the harsh coldness of your floors (even if we are in Summer here in Australia). But these aren't just ordinary socks, oh no, they're adorned with one of the cutest strawberry designs known to man. Being on the receiving end of these adorable £3.50 Strawberry Topshop Socks would be a dream come true. 

Body Lotion

Every girl loves a good lotion, simple as that. In fact the idea of lathering on some lovely smelling $12.50 Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Ultra Shea Body Cream after a long, hot shower sounds positively luxurious. 


You've probably been able to sense a pattern here, and that is if it smells good, it's a hit. This $18 Sephora Tocca Cleopatra perfume has got rave reviews, and will have your Secret Santa smelling like a dream in no time. 

Nail Polish

With the amount of nail art tutorials available on the magical video search engine that is Youtube, everyone is just dying to get their hands on as much nail polish as possible to try and create some masterpieces of their own. I say, give the people what they want with this fabulously pink £5 Topshop Nail Polish

So that's now the end of this rather helpful Blogmas entry. Hopefully you're now totally inspired, and have found something to work with. See, awesomeness can be achieved without breaking the bank, or at least with the help of Teenage Fanatic. And don't even worry about it, you're totally welcome. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx