Tuesday, 17 December 2013

5th Day of Blogmas: Awesomest Christmas Lights

Hello again blogosphere! Welcome to the 5th instalment of Blogmas, where I will be rating some of the most awesome Christmas light displays EVER! Who's excited? I know I am. Anyway, I think that's a long enough intro, let's just get started . . .


This happens to not-so-suprisingly come from a little, totally anonymous department store called Macy's in New York. Heard of it? Didn't think so. Jokes aside, of course they're gonna have an amazeballs Christmas display. I mean, they're Macy's after all. I'm pretty sure the entire state of New York would start protests and riots if it were anything less than spectacular. And I have to say, I'd probably join them from afar. So yeah, this display is all kinds of awesome. The curtain of lights behind the tree is actually so cool, but again, it's Macy's, so kind of expected. 


Low and behold- a cartoon Christmas. Fun fact: Apparently, Spongebob, Homer and Elmo were present at the birth of Jesus. Who knew? I thought these lights were pretty cool. I mean, they're certainly colourful. Plus, they're fun and creative which is always a bonus. Let's get serious, can anyone really improve upon a Christmas jam packed with cartoon characters? I think not. Now please excuse me while I go purchase a blow up Hulk for my front lawn. 


Okay, okay, don't judge me. I know this isn't exactly an extravagant light display. But come on, how could I resist a peeing Santa? And seriously, it makes a lot of sense. Just think about it. Santa's had a pretty big night out on the town, partying it up at everyone's house around the world and drinking all their milk. You'd think he'd need a toilet break eventually. Luckily, I think he's found his pit stop. All that's missing is a couple of peeing reindeers to officially complete the whole scene that they're going for. 


Stumped as to what creative Christmas lights you're going to put up this year? Don't worry, problem solved. Don't even bother going for the house display, the front lawn's where it's at. Create your very own polar express, made entirely from Christmas lights! You have to admit, this is pretty cool. They've made everything, even down to the smoke coming out from the train. I'm not entirely sure if it does, but how awesome would it be if the train moved! How could this happen? I have absolutely no idea. But just go along with the fantasy for a minute. 


Don't just stick a plain, old, blow up Santa Clause at the front of your house. No, too mainstream. Make your entire house look like Santa! This is actually one of the coolest things I've seen in my 15 years of life. I just hate to think about how much time and effort would've had to have gone into that, as if you could be bothered! Anyway, I'm glad they were, because this is amazeballs! What really takes it a step further for me is the incorporation of all the other Christmassy stuff. Santa's nose is a Christmas tree, and his eyes are little lit up wreaths. How cool is that!?! If only this were my house *melancholy sigh* . . .


I majorly envy whoever's light display this is. Seriously. No matter how dark it is, you will never be lost on the way to your house (and for someone who's as terrible at finding their way around as me, that's a massive bonus). Gone are the days of awkwardly flailing around and grabbing onto anything as you try and make your way through the front gate. Though legit, these are pretty amazing lights.  It's so colourful and sufficiently massive, and only makes your eyes hurt for a few minutes. I would seriously like to know how they got everything to be so identical in terms of shape. I can't even secure a wreath properly let alone do all this. 


I think we can say that this is the most extravagant house we've seen on the list so far. There isn't an inch of that house that isn't covered in Christmas lights. I just keep thinking that those electricity bills would be insane! If you actually saw that in real life, it would probably send you blind. Seriously though, you'd be visually impaired for a good solid 2 weeks. There's so much detail in it, it actually has pretty much everything. You've got the Christmas trees at the side, several blow up Santas, a couple of reindeers here and there, what more could you ask for? Admittedly, it does help if you have a super massive house like that., but whatever. 


Okay, I've officially saved the best for last. A simple image could not possibly do this awesome light display justice. Warning, it may cause an epileptic fit, and I don't want to be sued or something (if it's even possible to sue someone over their blog, but whatevs). But if you don't have epilepsy, press play right now, because spoiler alert, it's going to be the best thing you'll ever see. I don't even know what else I can say, you just have to watch it. Now. 

Okay, so that's the end of the list. I hope you enjoyed some of these weird and awesome Christmas light displays, and that I have made you feel sufficiently inadequate about your own lights. I know I am. Merry Blogmas everyone! Til next time . . .

Annabel xx

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