Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lessons We've Learnt from Gossip Girl

Hello again blogosphere! Today, for a new non-Christmassy post, I will be talking about some lessons we've learnt from the amazeballs show 'Gossip Girl'. But no, this isn't just any random post. This post is an official celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the Season 6 Finale!

Can you believe it was a year ago today that the last episode premiered in America? A year since we found out that Dan was Gossip Girl? I certainly can't. My sad little life just wouldn't be the same without the show. So here's what we've learnt . . .

Lesson #1: Keep your friends close, and your electronics closer

Can you name a time when a Gossip Girl character has ever been without their phone or laptop? These times are very seldom, but when they occur, there are dire consequences. Before Gossip Girl, who could really know what happens when you turn away from your laptop for more than 10 seconds? But now we know the cold, hard truth. Muggings are now not what we most fear, oh no. We fear the leaking of our personal information onto social media. It's true. Gone are the days when your personal documents remained private. Everything you have on your computer can potentially be public knowledge. Luckily, we don't have a 'Gossip Girl' who posts everything we do on the internet as soon as we do it (or at least I hope we don't). But I would still be clutching my phone wherever I go if I were you. Just think, what would Serena do?

Lesson #2: Stop things before they go too far

Gossip Girl is like one massive cautionary tale of how feuding friends can sometimes push the limit. Just look at Serena and Blair, or Chuck and Nate. Their fights have a tendency to get a little out of hand to say the least. So when it comes to our own, non-scripted lives, I suggest we steer clear of the scheming and sabotaging, and maybe just wave the white flag when necessary, no questions asked. It's really just easier for all parties involved. However, I can't say that it wouldn't be tempting to concoct a totally over the top revenge scheme with the help of my minions. Only problem is I don't yet have any minions. Nor can I really be bothered.

Lesson #3: Your parents can be just as cray as you are

It seems that the Gossip Girl parents and children are always having major disagreements. Lily and Serena, Blair and Eleanor, Chuck and Bart, Nate and 'The Captain'. The list never ends. Whether it be over chores, or over a never ending inheritance, it's natural for parents and children to bicker. I guess (well, when you're a teenager anyway) you just automatically think that your parents are right. But based on what happens in the show, I'd say that's not always true. It seems that parents are people too. Weird, right! I hate to break it to you, but your parents are just as cray as you are. Again, just look at Gossip Girl. Parents are getting arrested, faking their own death, and possibly worst of all, still playing in bands! On the plus side, next time you argue with your parents you may have a shot at winning. 

Lesson #4: Dress to impress

No matter what the situation, the Gossip Girl gang are always dressed to the nines. Found out your dad's actually gay? Just slap on some Couture and that should do the trick. I honestly can't say I've ever seen them de-glammed. Don't worry, us normal folk can do the same within a reasonable budget. Sure, we may get snubbed by Manhattan's Elite from the Upper East Side for our budget cuts, but hey, at least we're not broke. Whether it be a classic Blair Waldorf headband, or a signature Chuck Bass scarf, always accessorise to the max. 

Lesson #5: Whatever you do, do it with flair 

You'll never find a moment on Gossip Girl without at least a little flair. Even when Serena is at her lowest points she always seems to maintain her class (probably because she's still a billionaire, but whatever). But for those of us without an endless supply of money rolling in, the flair is all in our attitude rather than our bank account. Does't matter how much you earn, anyone can develop an air of superiority. Walk along with your head held high and deck yourself out with an 'I'm Chuck Bass' attitude and you're set. 

Lesson #6: There is such a thing as too much make up

You'd think living on the Upper East Side and being apart of such an elite social group would warrant endless amounts of cosmetic products. And don't get me wrong, it does. But I have two words for you. Jenny Humphrey. Remember little J way back when you didn't hate her? Well three dozen bottles of eyeliner later, she turned into a mega goth. And a mega nightmare. So just be careful how much make up you apply next time you're whipping out your mascara wand. Because what can start as this:

Can become this:

All I can say is apply judiciously. 

Lesson #7: Never give up

One thing you can say for the bunch of messed up teenagers on Gossip Girl is that they've never given up. Serena, although being drugged up on many occasions, has never given up on her quest to become totally sober. When Blair's really getting into one of her schemes, she never gives up until she has got her revenge on, well, everyone. So there's really no excuse. If the Upper East Siders can do it, you can do it to. It's that simple. Even Dan, Gossip Girl himself, never gave up his identity until the very end, and that was only really for personal gain anyway. Whether your aim is to work as a fashion designer or just marry someone for their money, go for it!

So they're all the lessons I have in store for you. Happy anniversary Gossip Girl! Unfortunately, this blog post seems to be pretty much over now. 

Hope you enjoyed the post and renewed your love for the everlasting GG. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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