Sunday, 15 December 2013

3rd Day of Blogmas: Best Christmas Movies

Greeting once again my readers! Happy Blogmas! Today, as you have probably already read, I'll be rating some of the best Christmas movies ever in order of awesomeness (in my opinion of course). Intro over, let's get into it . . .

6. Christmas with the Kranks

As far as Christmas movies go, this one's pretty awesome. Sure, you get a bit bi-polar throughout the movie and don't really know who to side with, constantly switching between being pro skipping Christmas or pro saving Frosty, but all in all, you can't help but love it. It's full of cringe worthy moments, plus some anticipation at the end. Will they be able to resurrect Christmas in time for their daughter's arrival at the end of the movie? You'll have to watch and see. 

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I have probably literally watched this every Christmas night since I was about 6. I will personally commend you if you're able to watch this without cringing at least once, because honestly, it's one of the most awkward movies you'll ever see. However, it doesn't mean it's not awesome. Don't let the awkward turtle moments discourage you from watching it, because it also happens to be super funny. You can't get through your life without watching this movie at least once. Why not this Christmas?

4. Deck the Halls

This movie is super awesome. Once again it has a tendency for the cringy moments, but what good movie doesn't? It plays on TV constantly before Christmas, so it's actually pretty hard to avoid. And honestly, the whole neighbour Christmas decoration showdown is what I always imagine will happen in my street every year. But turns out there actually isn't any competition- we're just the sad, loner Christmassy house with the super high electricity bills. Also, if you look closely, you'll see that Cory Monteith (RIP) was an extra in it, so that's a plus. Glee connections for the win!

3. The Santa Claus Movies (all of them)

These movies are the bomb dot com. Seriously! I love all of them, and there's no way you can let a Christmas go by without watching the festive movie trilogy at least once. They're all so awesome, and get you into the Christmas spirit instantly. Also, just being honest, Tim Allen kinda makes the best santa ever. No joke. Despite the fact that he was in Christmas with the Kranks, he totally redeems himself Christmas wise with these. Also, it happens to star miss Lily Van Der Wooden of Gossip Girl herself as Mrs Claus. How can you top that?

2. Elf

Yes! I don't care how old you are, everyone needs to watch this movie right now. This is seriously one of the best Christmas movies ever. It's funny, it's Christmassy, and it's totally quotable. What more could you want in a Christmas movie? Nothing, the answer is nothing. Also, Will Ferrell, who can quite often be annoying in the movies he's in, totally rocks the role of Buddy the Elf. Another bonus is that it's set in New York! The best place on earth (well, in my opinion anyway- which of course is correct)! So watch it, right now. Or die. Seriously. 

1. Love Actually

This is a classic movie that you've probably seen 100 times. Well get ready to see it an 101st time, because I'm making you watch it again. As you can tell by my ranking of it, this is my favourite Christmas movie (although Elf did come very very close). It actually never gets old. All of the little side stories are awesome, though my favourite scene in the entire movie would have to be the nativity scene with the lobsters. So awesome. TBH, there isn't really a best scene, they're all amazeballs. If you haven't seen it, well, first of all, how are you alive? Secondly, you must watch it, right now. Close my blog and watch the movie. I'm serious. 

Yay! We've now officially reached the end of my list, and you all have a lot of televisual viewing to get on with. If some of you are wondering why the Grinch hasn't featured on my list, well the answer is very simple. That guy is creepy. I used to love the movie when I was little, but the minute I saw it over the age of 12 I just found something so disturbing about all of the Grinch's little creepy mannerisms and facial expressions. I actually got scared by them (and am ashamed to admit I still do). So never again will I watch or praise the movie. Sorry all you Grinch fans. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and sort of agreed with the list of movies. Happy Blogmas! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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