Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter blogosphere! I hope everyone's been having a truly epic, chocolate filled day so far. Well you know what, things just got a whole lot better, because Teenage Fanatic's here to celebrate with you (isn't self promotion just the best?). Today, in order to truly appreciate the only day of the year our meals consist pretty much entirely of confectionary (or the only day of the year we admit to it), I've decided to do a little round up of some of the most creative easter dessert items to ever grace the Earth. So now, without further ado, feast your eyes upon these chocolate delicacies . . .

Pop Art Easter Eggs

Aren't these eggs just the coolest things ever? I most certainly think so. How do you shake things up on Easter morning? Just paint some eggs and make exact replicas of famous pop art paintings, simples. Seriously, the amount of effort that must've gone into this. And as someone who is rendered totally incapable when given a paintbrush, I can certainly appreciate that this must've been one super difficult creation. In the words of doge, such effort, much awesome

Massive Chocolate Bunny

This certainly is one towering bunny of doom. How is it not melting next to those cheap looking fluorescent lights on the ceiling? That my friends I do not know. But you have to admit, that is one good quality rabbit. It's even holding its very own carrot, talk about attention to detail. My only question is why it is located in some dodgy looking building. Sure, I get why it can't be outside (chocolate and the sun aren't exactly the best of friends), but why put it in some quasi warehouse kind of thing? That's not exactly going to bring an abundance of people to view the glory that is the massive bunny. 

House of Chocolate

Doesn't this just look totally chompable (and yes, that's a word)? Whoever came up with the idea of housing chocolate chickens in a tiered, chocolate paradise should be knighted, honestly. This is just unbelievably awesome. The only thing is that there'd be some much pressure to finish it all in a short amount of time. Just think about it, you'd grab a deliciously awesome chicken, eat all of it, do the same again many more times, and then finally get to the house, all before it melts. Obviously the only answer is that you'd have to spend your entire Easter Sunday in the fridge (which I am totally all for). 

Tree Trunk of Woodland Creatures 

This is officially the cutest Easter dessert I've ever laid eyes on. It looks like some sort of scene from a kid's book of nursery rhymes. I don't even care if it's aimed at the under 9 age group, I am so lured by this. You've got your little bunny on the side, a garden fairy up the top, what's not to love? It's so ridiculously cute and awesome that I would almost feel bad about ripping it to pieces and devouring it (almost being the operative word however). 

Easter Pancakes

I don't even know why I find these so cool, I just do. Perhaps it's because I've always thought that pancakes were a high-class member of the breakfast food family, or maybe I just like it when food is made into the shape of rabbits, who really knows? Whatever it is, I am loving these little packages of awesomeness. You've got a pretty rad looking rabbit, a little multi coloured egg, a little chicken, and some other random stuff. To me, this sounds like a truly good quality easter breakfast. Pancakes followed by large amounts of chocolate, doesn't that Easter menu just sound like one massive cardiac arrest? It's probably worth it though. 

So that's the end of my Easter blog post! I know you all must've been struggling to suppress your hunger while reading this, but I think Emma Stone pretty much sums this one up:

Now go stuff your faces with a ridiculous amount of chocolate! Happy Easter! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx