Saturday, 14 December 2013

2nd Day of Blogmas: Coolest Christmas Recipes

Hello blogosphere! It's officially the 2nd day of (my) Blogmas, how exciting! Only 11 days till Christmas! Anyway, today I'll be giving you some super cool and creative Christmas recipes that will be a hit this Yuletide season. I know what you're thinking, is this some sort of trick? No, absolutely not. For once in my life, I'm actually going to help people with something on my blog. I know! But don't get used to it, I'll be back to my usual, sarcastic, unhelpful posts soon enough. Anyway, without further ado, here they are . . .

Christmas Tree Meringues 

Ever wanted awesome little edible Christmas trees? Well, you're welcome, because here they are. They are actually the cutest little things ever. Plus, they're made of meringue, and who doesn't love that?

Recipe originally found here.

Gingerbread House Coffee Cup Attachments

Want to add some Christmassy awesomeness to your cup of coffee (or cup of whatever you want)? Well, I'm basically your new Santa then, because here are some super amaze balls mini gingerbread houses that you can slot onto your fav mug. 

Recipe originally found here

Christmas Tree Brownies

These little things are actually super cool. Who doesn't want food that imitates a Christmas tree? I know I can't get enough of it. Mix the tree imagery with an awesome brownie recipe - a guaranteed win!

Recipe originally found here

Christmas Pizza

Once again, another recipe resembling a Christmas tree! Officially being my first savoury recipe, this pizza is not only awesome in style, but awesome in taste. How exciting! It's so cute, and super duper awesome. 

Recipe originally found here

Jelly Bean Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

This is actually super cool, and I can guarantee that not everyone will be having this at their Christmas table. Also, it officially abides by everyone's Christmas checklist. Cupcakes: check, Jellybeans: check, Christmas theme: check. How could you not love it?

Recipe originally found here

Swirly Sugar Cookies

This is one for those of you with the ultimate sweet tooth. Can you handle the swirly sugar cookies? To be honest, I don't think I can. They seem pretty intense. But they're fun, and super awesome. So if you're game, eat up. 

Recipe originally found here

Christmas Sushi Platter

Ever wanted some Japanese cuisine in the shape of a Christmas tree? Today's your lucky day. Here's a little sushi stack with a Christmas twist which will suitably incorporate some cultural cuisine into your Christmas menu. 

Ingredients originally found here

Christmas Coated Pretzels 

These include some seriously exciting fancy decoration. I'd certainly be super impressed if I got these during Christmas lunch this year. Who doesn't love pretzels? And the amaze balls Christmas decoration is just icing on the, well, pretzel. 

Recipe originally found here

So that's it. I just thought these recipes were a bit different from the standard fare, and well, so am I, so what better combination? Merry Blogmas! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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