As another addition to my expanding blog, I've decided to add a little contact page. So if you are interested in giving me any feedback, asking random questions, requesting any new blog posts or even getting a slot as a guest blogger, email me at:

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Annabel xx


  1. Howdy from Texas Annabel!
    You have a very thoughtful and sincere blog. I appreciate the honesty.

    I have something that I think you and your readers will like. It makes inner-selfies based on your personality and attitudes. It challenges people to be honest with themselves and at the same time shows them that uniqueness is more beautiful that the sameness, duck lips and cleavage that selfies encourage.

    It's called Psymily and we have just launched it. I'm inviting you to try it and be the first to write about Psymily if you choose to do so. I made it for outgoing people like you. I'm pretty sure you'l find it fun.

    You can see what I'm blabbing about at There's a slideshow of inner selfies there as well today's quiz.

    Please let me know what you think of our effort!


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