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Timeline of Miley Cyrus

Hello again blogosphere! As some of you may be aware, today is in fact the birthday of one Miley Cyrus (which I am ashamed to admit I remembered from my obsessive 'Hannah Montana' days). So, to celebrate (and make fun of), I've decided to do a little timeline, and see just how far she's come in the past 21 years.


Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus in Nashville, Tennessee, it seemed as if life ahead was looking pretty sweet. She had famous father Billy Ray Cyrus carting her around the country on concert tours, how could it get any better than that?


At the young age of 9, Destiny Hope Cyrus (nicknamed 'Smiley', shortened to 'Miley') began her acting career, doing little guest appearances in 'Doc' (2001, age 9) and getting the role of an extra in the Tim Burton movie 'Big Fish' (2003, age 11). 


Still aged 11 in 2004, it was now that Miley decided that small parts in random movies and television shows just weren't enough, and it was time to move into the big leagues. She sent in an audition tape for the role of Lily in 'Hannah Montana', but Disney weren't satisfied with this, asking her to send in one for the lead role, a girl named Chloe Stewart. But then it seemed that Disney went all bi-polar and told her she was too young for the part. Their solution? It's okay, let's just wait around for two years until she's old enough. So then in 2006, the character's name changed to Miley Stewart after the star of the show, and she was finally able to film the pilot, being the lead role in what was an instant success (and we're all supposed to believe this had nothing to do with her father being Billy Ray Cyrus, but whatever). 

Her career in full swing, it seems that Hannah Montana is now an international success. Disney insists that the show should get its own album. But no, not just an ordinary Hannah Montana album like the one released the year before, this one includes another disk, entitled 'Meet Miley Cyrus'. Now, Miley is able to promote her own name as well as the Disney Channel brand (cross promotion for the win).

Having defined herself as both Miley and Hannah with her last album, it seems Disney has decided to take it on the rode, endeavouring into the 'Best Of Both Worlds' concert tour (and 3D movie). This also happens to be the year that she officially changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus (not that it really changed anything), and started dating one of the Jonas Brothers (if you can really call it dating).

Also this year, Miley got her first lead movie role alongside John Travolta (however that happened) in the Disney cartoon film 'Bolt' surrounding the adventures of a dog (sounds like a riveting film- or not).











By now, she's known internationally and has a household name as the Disney branded Hannah Montana and is pretty much the number one idol for tweens everywhere. So what better way to further her career than to release an autobiography? Her book 'Miles to Go' came out, and I have to admit, I do have still have a copy.

Also this year, she released her first grown-up Miley only solo album (no Disney involvement whatsoever!) called 'Time of Our Lives', which was more edgy than anything she'd ever done before (but no where near as edgy as what she's releasing now).

Possibly the biggest part of 2009 was the release of the hit movie, 'Hannah Montana- The Movie'. It's actually quite an achievement to get a Disney film into theatres, and this one certainly made it there. In fact, it made $80 million in the U.S and $155 million overseas. And I only think about half of that was me.



















This year it seems that Miley has made it big time, getting a lead non-Disney movie role
for the first time ever (and what we thought would be the last time ever). She played alongside her real life boyfriend in 'The Last Song', which basically long story short is 1 and a half hours of her making out with Liam Hemsworth.

This historic event, in hindsight, was probably the beginning of the end. The Teen Choice Awards performance of 2010. If you can't exactly recall what went down, I'll just give you a few keywords- pole dancing, ice cream truck, awful. Remember way back when Miley was all cookie-cutter and stuff like this came as a shock? Ah, good times.


Disney Channel officially dead and in the past, this is the year when things got totally and irreversibly cray. Out with the long hair and in with the bleach blonde pixie cut (so controversial it made the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games the 2nd most popular news story).

It's announced that Miley is now engaged to former co-star Liam Hemsworth after having a weird on and off relationship for the past 3 years (because that was always going to work out).


Ah yes, I think we all remember what went down this year. Just to re-cap. First up, we are introduced to the video clip for her new single 'We Can't Stop' jam packed with fun drug references for the whole family. And then of course, there's the VMA's, allegedly the cause of her engagement coming to an end. The twerking teddy bears, the Coles foam finger, the tongue that just wouldn't stay in her mouth. Need I say more?

Next, she came in like a wrecking ball, on a wrecking ball, completely naked. I wasn't really all that surprised personally, but it seemed like everyone else was. I don't really see why, because after the VMA performance, I was kind of ready for anything (including Miley licking a sledge hammer).

It seems like anything with an MA in it seems to attract Miley these days. A few weeks ago, her performance at the EMA's was just as shocking as her last. Joint smoking and twerking dwarves come to mind, and that never fails to entertain.

And that brings us to today, her 21st birthday. Now, finally, she can legally do all the stuff that she's been doing since she was 17. Yay? Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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