Sunday, 8 June 2014

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Review (with GIF's!)

Hello again readers! Yesterday, I (not so) willingly went to see the new instalment in the X-Men series, and I thought, why waste a reviewing opportunity? So if you're a hard-core fan, or even if you're just somewhat vaguely interested, I suggest you stick around to see whether or not it lives up to all the hype.

Why did I even see it in the first place? Pretty much one reason - peer pressure. My friends were all going to see it, and I just decided to tag along. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm no X-Men novice, but do I consider myself to be an uber fangirl? Not so much. I guess I probably would've seen it anyway, seeing as it had J-Law in it, and of course the super awesome Peter Dinklage, but despite myself, I actually thought it was really good.

How about we start off by getting into some pretty extensive plot retelling? Well, the movie begins in a dismal, not-so-distant future in which mutants and human advocates are enclosed in a detention camp in Central Park (seriously, how much more dystopia can us avid cinema viewers handle?). Constantly trying to escape from exterminating robots called Sentinels, Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Ian McKellen) and the gang seek refuge in a Chinese monastery. Thanks to Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page)'s knack for transferring the consciousness of a person (or mutant) through time, she is pivotal in X brother's (yeah, we're on a nickname basis) plan to send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to the moment when avatar-esque shapeshifter Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) assassinated Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage). Confused? I think yes.

In the past, things seemed to get pretty cray. We once again met a young Professor X (James McAvoy) and a young Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who seemed to want to kill every human he came in contact with. We also saw a young Hank McCoy who we later know as Beast (Nicholas Hoult) before his death in the X-Men series. Plus, we were also introduced to Quicksilver (Evan Peters), who fans are speculating to be the son of Magneto (don't you love conspiracy theories?).

Once again, to avoid disclosing too many spoilers and causing some serious nerd rage, I think I better stop there.

What did I think of the movie? As a said, I thought it was pretty awesome. Although I haven't watched every movie really closely and analysed every single piece of dialogue, I still found the film relatively easy to follow (despite the massive time jumps). The acting was really great, the story was interesting, and at no point did I get angry at the implausibility of it all.

Even though it's classified as a 'superhero movie' (way to be specific Wikipedia), it was actually really funny. With X-Men, I find that the movies are either a hit or a miss. I saw the first one which I've many a time described as 'meh', I've seen 'First Class' which was really awesome, and now I've seen this one, which I have to say lives up to the standard of the latter. I also found that it was really cleverly written. As I said, you don't need to be a super obsessive fan to enjoy it, however if you are, there are a bunch of Easter Eggs in there for you guys to freak out over.

I'll just give you a little piece of advice now, if you're going to see it purely for Sunspot or Iceman, don't get your hopes very high. They only pop up occasionally, and even then, not for very long. I was surprised to see that Halle Berry only got one line near the end of the movie, but I guess that's what happens in a massive X-Men reunion complete with a bunch of little cameos.

Overall, I thought the movie was really well put together. Whether you're nerdy or bored, I think you'll enjoy this new X-Men prequel/sequel. There's something in it for everybody, and it somehow manages to flow really nicely. I suggest that you all go and grab a ticket while it's still in cinemas (because there's nothing like mutants on a big screen). My only criticism would be that J-Law wasn't featured all that much, but really that's only minor (and biased).

So that's the end of my little X-Men review. I hope that I've persuaded you movie goers to give this flick a try, and maybe helped you make an informed decision. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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