Monday, 2 June 2014

Sayonara May: Hiya June

Hello again blogosphere! Today is officially the 2nd of June, which means we have to say goodbye to our shorts and t-shirts and reacquaint ourselves with our winter woolies (unless of course you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then just disregard everything I said). I am actually so jealous of America right now, damn those 3 month summer breaks, but nonetheless, I must soldier on. Of course it's all very exciting at the moment, a new month, a new season, what's not to like (except for that pesky television hiatus)? But before we officially move on from the month of May, how about we follow Teenage Fanatic's usual monthly tradition of reflecting on all the biggest celebrity news in the past 31 days.

5. Lea Michele releases her book 'Brunette Ambition'

Although this should be headlining all sorts of newspapers, I can recognise that perhaps not everyone found this gleeful news as awesome as I did, hence its place at number 5 on the list. But isn't this exciting? The autobiography that all Leanatics have been waiting for has finally arrived. I mean, not only does it explain in the detail the awesomeness that has been her 'Glee' studded life, but it also has a bunch of other stuff like meat free recipes, which let's face it, are always handy to a vego like me. Plus, the memoirs of someone who was already in the Broadway circuit at age 8 are ought to be interesting. Also, no doubt about it, Lea Michele just happens to be ridiculously awesome, and there's no way I would ever miss out on an opportunity to develop my stalkerish tendencies. 

4. Emma Watson Graduates

There was big news a few years ago when it was announced that 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson was going to ditch Hollywood for a while and go to university, but finally, it seems the glorious day has come and she has now graduated. Honestly, I don't know how she did it. If I were a child star being paid millions of dollars a day, I wouldn't bother studying at all. Who needs school when you've got global success? But oh no, she obviously managed to keep her nose to the grindstone considering she got into Brown University, one of the top Ivy League schools in America. I most certainly am impressed. And now, she can walk out, head held high, with a Bachelor's Degree in English literature. Plus, on another good note, we'll see her grace our screens again in all sorts of new major motion picture endeavours! This day just keeps getting better and better. 

3. Billboard Music Awards

Being the award show guru that I am, there's no way this wasn't making it on the list. Did I do a round-up of them? No I did not, purely because it felt like a boring repeat of the Grammys post. However, that does not make it any less legendary. There were a bunch of performances by some pretty cool A-list celebrities, and of course there were some fashion highs and lows that I bet you're all just dying to judge. It seems that everyone ever decided to rock up and be apart of the whole thing, and I guess if I were a celebrity, I would take every red carpet opportunity I was given. Haven't seen it yet? I suggest you get downloading.

2. Maya Angelou Dies

It was really awful to find out that famous, successful poet Maya Angelou tragically passed away the other day. To be fair, she was 86, but that still doesn't make it any less sad. Maybe not everyone knew who she was, but I certainly did. We've been studying her poems at school for a while now, and it sucks that she isn't around more. Did you know she was biffle for liffles with Martin Luther King Jnr? Apparently, the man had good taste, because she was a pretty awesome person. Barrack Obama also seemed to be saddened by the news, publicly calling her his 'fierce friend'. At least she can continue to live on throughout her poetry (which children will be forced to study for at least the next decade). 

1. Kimye Wedding

I absolutely hate that this is number one, but unfortunately there's no denying that this was a pretty big global event. Yep, you've heard the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally tied the knot. To be honest, considering North West and all, I just assumed they were already married, but no, apparently not. Surprisingly, this massive event was kept under wraps, which seems awfully odd for a family who have volunteered to have their entire lives publicised on a reality TV show. However, somehow the whole world found out about them getting hitched within about 15 minutes of the beginning of the ceremony, don't you love the invasive paparazzi? And it seems that their little wedding photo that hit Instagram broke all kinds of records, racking up a whopping 1.96 million likes (making me really hate humanity). The only thing I found vaguely interesting about it was the fact that Kim's own brother wasn't even willing to stay for the ceremony, opting to leave early. Did I even know she had a brother before this? No, not at all. But I'm with Fat Rob all the way. 

So that's the end of my little post to begin the month. I hope you're all officially ready to let go of May now and move onto the glorious month ahead. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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