Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Blog Challenge 3: Summer Bucket List

Greetings once again blogosphere! It seems the time has come for me once again to share with you my new instalment of the Summer Blog Challenge (which I have been horrendously delayed with), this time surrounding the topic of a summer bucket list. You know how in the holidays there are so many things you want to accomplish, yet somehow you can never find the strength or motivation to remove yourself from the lounge and become reacquainted with the outdoors? I suppose this list is here to help those of you experiencing summer make all of your sun-tastic dreams come true. Brief intro complete, let's get down to business . . .

Summer Bucket List:

1. Go outside (this is always the hardest step for me)

Seriously, I get so sadly attached to my computer in the holidays that I often find it hard to step outside the confines of my room and experience reality for a change. However, I encourage you all to do this at least once, just so you don't quite forget exactly what it's like to be a human. 

2. Live it up at the Pool or the Beach 

Theoretically, once you get past the first step, getting to the pool or the beach shouldn't be that hard. In summer, it's no secret that the number one teen hang out spot would probably be anywhere water related. Whether you take a trip to the beach or just rock up to your local pool, I think this is something everyone needs to do at least once every summer (personally, I opt for the pool - I have a strange aversion to sand). 

3. Get a Summer Job

Unfortunately, I myself have never been able to walk the walk with this one, so just get ready for one paragraph jam packed full of hypocrisy. When you've got a massive break from school, what better time to experience the work force without actually having the pressure of supporting yourself financially? Think about it, you'll never be bored, and you'll be able to pay for things with real money that you've earned! From real people!

4. Try every Ice Cream Flavour

Hasn't any one else ever been tempted by literally every flavour available in an ice cream parlour? I know I certainly have. When the time comes to make a decision, I'm just spoilt for choice, and as a result become strangely indecisive and hold up the entire queue. However, what if I said your problems were resolved? Yes, you read that right. Why can't we just have it all? Over the course of a summer, I think I could do it. Challenge accepted. 

5. Go to a Water Park 

Find that the pool no longer tickles your fancy? Don't be distraught, there's still hope for you. Simply channel all your excitement into water parks! Sure, they're basically just pools with larger crowds and never-ending queues, but hey, at least there are some pretty cool slides to test out while you're there.

6. Build a Sandcastle

Don't be fooled, sandcastles aren't just for kids. These beach masterpieces are perfect for spicing up your summer. Who doesn't love easily destructible architecture? I know I'm a fan, especially when you can build yourself into it. After all, who doesn't love building sandcastles in the sand HIMYM style?

7. Finish a 'Wreck this Journal'

Odds are, you've heard of these popular books piquing the interest of teens around the globe. What is it? Basically, the title says it all. It is legitimately a journal that you are allowed to wreck. On each page lies a different instruction of how you can ruin it, for example, some read 'poke holes in this page using a pencil' or 'bring this book in the shower with you'. No doubt they're cool, but they're also a lot of work. So over the summer, if you're actually able to finish off one of these, I commend you. 

8. Go camping (if that's your thing)

If it were me, this certainly wouldn't be on my personal list (given my absolute loathing of camping), but I've decided to be a (semi) selfless human being and provide you with some suggestions to spice up your summer holiday life. Seriously, it doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, just put up a tent in your backyard and experience camping from somewhere with wi-fi connectivity. 

9. Watch as many movies as you can (and review them all if you're lame like me)

I not only make this my mission throughout summer, but during any free time I'm lucky enough to have. Seriously, in the holidays, you are actually able to discover so many awesome movies that you never even knew existed. It's fabulous! In the words of Jasmine and Aladdin, it's like a whole new world! 

10. Have some fancy looking Mocktails 

Officially, one of my favourite parts of the summer holidays is sitting by the poolside (or bedside) with a couple of these fanciful drinks. Don't they just look awesome? I mean, I hate to be superficial, but seriously, these drinks can get by on aesthetics alone. Plus, they just happen to taste like a little, fruity miracle. 

You've now officially reached the end of my post! I hope you're able to add some of these pretty spectacular items to your summer (or winter if you're stuck in the Southern hemisphere like me) to do list. Now I urge you to halt your reading rejoin the human race! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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