Saturday, 21 June 2014

Interview: Vive La France!

Hello again blogosphere! You may be a tad confused as to what this post's going to be about (given that I've been super suss in my choice of title), but have no fear, an explanation is near. Recently, a friend from school entered into this foreign exchange program, and as a part of it, is now hosting a girl from France in her house named Cècile (until they eventually swap over and my friend will do the same). So I thought, why waste an opportunity to blog? Of course I practically attacked her with questions instantly and was all 'do you want to be on my blog?', which she was kind enough to oblige to with minimal hesitation. Rambling over, here's what went down . . .

Me: Hey Cècile! Thanks for letting me interview you in the middle of our drama class. Okay, now how old are you?

Cècile: I'm fifteen.

Me: Oh my gosh, so am I! Anyway, moving on, what part of France do you live in?

Cècile: Paris.

Me: Oh how exciting, I've even heard of that. Now, do you eat escargot?

Cècile: I have only eaten it twice, but I don't like it. 

Me: I don't think I'd like it much either, you know, being a vegetarian and all. How about social media? Do they have the same things in France as they do in Australia and America?

Cècile: Yes, we've got Instagram, Skype, Facebook, all of it. 

Me: Cool. Now, just a random question, what time would it be in France right now, considering it's 9:53am now?

Cècile: It would be about 1:53am, because there's about an 8 hour time difference. 

Me: That's interesting. Okay, now what kind of sport do you play in your free time?

Cècile: I do Dance and Skiing

Me: Woah, that's so cool, I do dancing as well! Not so much skiing given the climate, but whatever. So what countries have you been to other than Australia?

Cècile: I've been to America, Spain, Ireland, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Republic of Czech, Hungary and Martinique in the Caribbean. 

Me: Oh my gosh, that's ridiculous! You've been everywhere! I've only ever been to America and that's it. Now, quick question, I have to ask, do you watch Eurovision? I absolutely loved France's entry this year, it was awesome!

Cècile: Yes I do. 

Me: That's cool. How about movies, what would you say is the one you've seen most recently?

Cècile: Uh, probably 'Fight Club'. 

Me: I've actually never seen that, but apparently there's a shot of Starbucks coffee in every scene of that movie. Anyway, music wise, do you tend to listen to American stuff or French stuff?

Cècile: We listen to American music.

Me: Are they in English, or do they get translated to French?

Cècile: No, we listen to them in English. Most of the time I don't understand them. 

Me: Oh gosh, I'd be the same. The only song that has French in it that I understand is 'Lady Marmalade'. So, while you're here, what places do you want to visit in Australia?

Cècile: Uluru, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. 

Me: Awesome, I've never actually been to Uluru. While you've been here, have you found it hard to speak a different language all the time?

Cècile: It's hard to understand and to speak, but I find the language more simple than French. 

Me: What do you think of school life here?

Cècile: It's really different from France. It's really cool. People are very open minded. 

Me: I'm glad Australia hasn't been a disappointment. What other countries or places would you like to visit?

Cècile: Thailand, New York, also Japan and Canada too.

Me: New York's the best! I actually love it so much. So, when do you turn 16?

Cècile: 17th of January. 

Me: Oh my gosh, you share a birthday with Betty White, that's so cool! Are there any movies you want to see while you're out here?

Cècile: I don't know, I don't know much about the movies in Australia. 

Me: It's okay, we pretty much just watch a bunch of American movies. How about food? Is the food here different to the food in France?

Cècile: In France, for lunch we eat a big meal and an entrée and dessert. Also, we eat at 9pm for dinner. 

Me: I end up eating around that time anyway, but that's just me. So what time does school finish?

Cècile: At 5 o'clock, but we only have to go in the morning on Wednesdays. Although we sometimes go on Saturdays to do class. We have a break at 12pm and 4pm for 5 minutes for lunch and morning tea. 

Me: Oh my gosh, we all complain about having to finish at 3 for 5 days a week! So when you're not a school, what do you to in your free time?

Cècile: I go to with my friends to go shopping, go to the park and the cinema and practice sports. We also go to parties. 

Me: That sounds cool. I pretty much do the same sort of stuff, you know, when I'm not chained to my computer. Anyway, thank you so much for letting me interview you!

Cècile: No problem. 

So that's the end of the interview! I got strangely excited about getting to do this, what's wrong with me? Hopefully my French readers could relate, and the rest of us got to appreciate the awesomeness that is France. Who knew Teenage Fanatic was so good at promoting multiculturalism? After that interview, I seriously can't help but imagine Cècile's everyday life to be exactly like this:

Seriously, just all the time. Anyway, there's no need to prolong this post any further. Go live your lives! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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