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Tony Awards 2014 Round-Up

Greetings readers! Today is officially one of the most exciting days of the year, because it is the day I finally release my super duper delayed Round Up of the Tony Awards! I'm already ridiculously excited. I frocked up and got ready to sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of the Tony Awards just under two weeks ago, and now, I have finally recovered enough to finish my in-depth blog post. Luckily, the Tony Awards every year seems to fall on the Queen's Birthday Weekend, which means that it's a public holiday, and I get to watch all the action as it happens! Plus, I think the Queen's Birthday public holiday is a truly fitting weekend for the Tony's. Without further ado, may I introduce to you my round-up of the best awards show of the year . . .

Best and Worst Dressed

Who actually cares about the fashion at the Tony Awards? I honestly do not know. But seeing as it's tradition, I thought that I may as well stick with it. So tune in to see who's outfits I've slapped a sticker of approval on, and who's get-ups should be violently burnt.

Best Dressed

Idina Menzel

Not only is she a Best Actress nominee at the Tony's, oh no, she's a best dressed nominee also. I think Idina looked fabulous. She rocked the red carpet in red which is always a bold move, but a good move for her nonetheless. The style of dress fit her really nicely, and I think she just looked spectacular. No faults!

Sutton Foster

The second nominee on the list happens to be Broadway legend Sutton Foster. Nominated for 'Violet', she looks absolutely gorgeous. Who doesn't love pink, am I right? It's just so vibrant and fun, so much so that she actually looks like a brunette Barbie. You can certainly say that Sutton made a statement, and I must say, that payed off immensely. I'm absolutely loving it!

Leighton Meester

Who knew Blair Waldorf was Broadway bound? Although she wasn't nominated for anything, Leighton made her Broadway debut earlier this year in 'Of Mice and Men', and had a little stint as a presenter. Plus, she happened to look super awesome this year at the Tony's. She went simple and elegant, which is always guaranteed to work. What more can I say? It was spot on. 

Kelli O'Hara

Capping off the list is Kelli, nominated for Best Actress in 'The Bridges of Madison County'. I have to say, I don't know who she is, but she looked fabulous! That peach colour looks really nice against her skin tone, and the fitting of it is really nice and elegant. She managed to pull of the sweet and simple look really well. No critique necessary!

Worst Dressed

Maggie Gyllenhaal 

This is officially the second time she has been apart of my worst dressed list. Seriously, what is this? It looks like a malting ostrich was walking by Maggie's house and she just decided to grab a bunch of it's feathers and wear them to the Tony's. What would possess a person to wear this? I think she seriously needs to reevaluate her award show fashion choices, because this look just isn't working out for her (or any human). Sorry, but no, just no.

Adriane Lenox

It's hard to put into words how horrible this get up is. I actually don't even know what this is supposed to be. Let me get this straight, she's wearing weird white booty shorts (because obviously they're what you'd throw on to wear to a red carpet event), covered by an awful neon orange trench coat, strange wedged heels which are a different orange to the coat altogether, sunglasses, hooker hoop earrings, and an ethnic looking bong on her head. In what alternate universe would this be acceptable apparel? It's just strange and wrong. 

Fran Drescher

Having just made her Broadway debut, it seems that Fran Drescher decided to rock up to the Tony's . . . wearing that. I just really don't know. It looks a bit like she robbed a tutu factory blindfolded and decided to take whatever tule she could find and rock up to the red carpet. That is seriously one of the most awful colours ever created. Never dress in tangerine, ever. I mean don't get me wrong, orange can look nice, just not like that. Sorry Fran, but that's just hideous. 

Kate Mara

There's nothing nice about this outfit at all. Kate, what were you thinking? This is just a big pile of no. The sleeves, the pattern, it's all so yuck. The super severe, slicked back hair doesn't help her cause either, nor does the gothic looking eye make-up. If she was trying to look intimidating and like she was under the influence of hard drugs, she succeeded. It looks like a garbage bag that's had sparkles and a few flowers chucked on it, since when is that fashionable? Sure, it could be considered a fashion statement, that is if her fashion is stating that she should never be allowed to choose her own clothes. 

The Actual Awards Show

The show began as the amazing Hugh Jackman (who's Australian may I add!) decided to make his grand entrance by jumping his way down the red carpet all the way onto the stage. Did the bopping stop there? Oh no it did not. In true 'Small Town Girl' style, Hugh decided to bounce his way through the backstage area of Carnegie Hall, greeting Sting and the casts of 'Aladidn', 'Cabaret', 'A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder' and 'Les Misérables' as he went. On the way, he casually managed to suit up, before stopping off in the elevator to greet the legendary NPH, a little homage to his previous hosting stints. This pretty much acted as the overture for the entire Tony Awards, except unlike actual musicals, you don't get bored and want to chop off your own limbs because they're just taking so damn long to get to the good part.

Finally, he made his way onto the stage to officially begin his job as host of the Tony Awards for the 4th time, beginning by singing like a pro. How? All humans are flabbergasted. Of course, he also managed to make a joke about taking the batton from Neil Patrick Harris, saying that as soon as NPH found out, he generously texted him a 'Wow, that's fantastic!', assuming that's what 'WTF' means. Before he even began, I already knew it was going to be a smash. I mean come on, he's won an Emmy for hosting the Tony awards, there's no way it would be a let down! I'm proud to say, he proved me right. Who doesn't love Wolverine in tap shoes?

Musical Performances

When you watch the Tony's you always feel like you're watching a Broadway musical play out before you, which of course means that the Musical Performances are the best part of the night. Unlike the Grammy's where they just seem to drag on forever, at the Tony's, every single song always seems to be wonderfully amazing. Was that the case this year? Well my friends, I suggest you read on.

Patti La Belle, Gladys Night, Fantasia and the cast of After Mignight

Straight after the opening number, we are privy to another song! And of course, it just happened to include the amazing Patti La Belle. Isn't the Tony's the best? Once the little jazz singing trio left the stage, tap dancers were revealed behind the curtain, meaning that this was indeed the beginning of a medley of awesomeness. Don't we all love a good medley? Then, cue dancers from every corner doing some pretty cool stuff during the extensive instrumental break. But then of course, the singing starts up again as Hugh Jackman once again enters the stage for a spectacular ending. Was this number on it's own, or still apart of the opening act? We just don't know. But what we do know, is that it was pretty epic.

Les Misérables

Although a tad awkward considering Hugh himself played Jean Valjean, the entire company of Les Mis performing 'One Day More' was admittedly pretty awesome. It's just such a powerful musical theatre piece that you can't help but get excited. I mean come on, it's the song before the act break, of course it's going to be a showstopper! Having seen the 3 hour movie, I can totally non-biasedly that the theatre version 100% wins over the film. Why even try Tom Hooper?


Performing 'A Friend Like Me', this felt like such a childhood Disney flashback that I couldn't help but love it. There's nothing better then a mash-up of Disney and musical theatre in my opinion. Plus, it helped that everyone was majorly talented (the guy who played the genie was actually amazing, let's just give him a Tony now). This was just a big bunch of entertainment. I actually don't even know how they did some of the special on stage effects. Random women just started popping out of pillars of gold. What I absolutely loved about it was the fact that the genie started to break it down and pretty much do a mini medley of every Disney song ever from movies like 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'The Little Mermaid'. It was seriously just so amazing and energetic! I couldn't fault it at all, it was just pure awesomeness at its finest!

If/Then (Idina Menzel)

Introduced by the amazeballs Jonathan Groff as 'wickedly talented' (however no Adele Dazeem followed), of course she was awesome. Am I majorly lured by If/Then the musical now? Yes, most definitely. Of course it was awesome! Would you expect anything less? Considering she was wearing ordinary clothing and was literally on stage with no scenery, she really rocked it. Seriously, pure perfection.


Who knew they'd made a musical about Rocky? I certainly wouldn't have picked it, but I guess you can just add music to anything and it'll be a hit. I have to admit, the staging and everything was pretty cool. Plus, it had the Rocky theme we all know (and some of us love) as well as the quintessential 'Eye of The Tiger' opening. And I particularly lured? Not really. But I guess that's because it revolves around a sport, and I'm sorry, I just can't get into that. it was a relatively short performance, but cool nonetheless. 


How many revivals can one possibly do of this musical? The number is endless. However, you have to admit, it's a hit. Performing the title song 'Cabaret', everyone in the production was pretty good. Plus, when you have a European accent (put on or not), everything sounds good.

A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder

I've never heard of this musical before, but I have to admit, it sounds pretty cool. Who doesn't love a good musical about murder? The song they performed also happened to be really cool. It was a little overlappy duet, one of those ones where the singers are in different rooms and have no idea that they're singing with each other. It seems to be about a man having an affair with two women, yet somehow they don't figure it out. It was like one big performance of physical comedy, complete with awesome music. I was pretty impressed. 

Neil Patrick Harris and the company of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I have to say, when I turned on the Tony awards this afternoon, I was not expecting a cross dressing NPH. Admittedly though, he does make a good drag queen. Fittingly, he was introduced by Rupaul, as the company performed something that actually looked like it could've been from 'Rock of Ages' (you know, except for the cross dressing). Things I guess did get a bit awkward when Neil Patrick Harris went into the audience and started straddling Orlando Bloom, giving Sting a lap dance and licking Samuel L Jackson's glasses, before landing on Kevin Bacon. After that, it seemed like a young man took the stage, until of course I realised that that was in fact a woman. If there's one thing you can say about NPH, it's that he's certainly an entertainer. I absolutely love it!


Of course, considering it's starring the renowned Broadway legend Sutton Foster, this performance was going to be top notch. She has quite a way with belting, and her performance was pretty spectacular. Once the little gospel choir made its way onto the stage, the performance just got so much better. Who doesn't love a good soul choir (if only our school choir could be like that)? The song actually went from awesome power ballad to full blown soul in a matter of seconds. Of course, by the end of the performance, Sutton made her way back on stage and discovered the awesomeness that is this showstopping choir. What's Violet about? I couldn't tell, but the performance was truly awesome.

Sting and the company of The Last Ship

Who knew Sting was destined for the Broadway stage? You learn something new everyday. His Tony's performance pretty much consisted of him, a guitar, and an orchestra playing behind him, however it was still pretty good. It wasn't exactly my favourite performance of the night, but you have to give Sting credit for recognising the awesomeness that is the theatre. Also, he managed to fit in with the selection of amazing Broadway veterans who performed, so good for him.

Wicked 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Of course, I was majorly excited about this! Who doesn't love 'Wicked'? It's just amazing. So when the current Elphaba and Glinda got up to sing 'For Good', I was just fangirling all over the place. It was seriously just as awesome as I had been imagining (for the past few months) it would be. I mean, let's get real, how could it not? Awesome song, awesome musical, awesome costumes, how much more awesomeness can be injected into one performance?

LL Cool J, TI and Hugh Jackman

How do you bring 'The Music Man' into the 21st Century? Why obviously you get LL Cool J and TI to start rapping it (accompanied by Hugh Jackman). It instantly brought the house to its feet, because who doesn't love an interactive, comedic rap? I actually loved it so much it's ridiculous. This, along with Ice Ice Baby, are officially my favourite wrap songs ever. Plus, it earned Hugh his own rapper name - Biggy Tap Shoes.

Beautiful: A Carole King Story

After being introduced by Carole King herself, you'd hope the performance would be awesome. And luckily, it was! It started off with just two people and a piano, and eventually, three Motown style singers just rocked up and took over. The girl playing Carole once again appeared with her piano singing 'I Feel the Earth Move' which was all well and good, until Carole King once again reappeared and began to sing it with her, which just took it to another level. Everyone was getting into it, and so was I. A truly cool performance!

Bullets Over Broadway

Based on the 70's Woody Allen movie by the same name, this number seemed to mainly consist of tapping. I always find tap musicals impressive, I mean how is it possible to intensively dance so much while simultaneously belting out a showstopping number? I guess that's the magic of Broadway. Plus, everyone loves a good 20's themed number complete with a bit of manly tapping.

Finding Neverland

I feel so special right now! Why? Because 'Finding Neverland' hasn't even come out yet, but we are still able to see a preview of it. Sure, everyone who watched the Tony awards got to see it, but I still feel like it's a privilege. We got to see Peter Pan, 4 Darling Boys (who knew there were four of them?), and also, the amazing Jennifer Hudson. Again, with minimal props on stage, she still managed to totally, incredibly rock the stage. Am I impressed? I most certainly am.

And the winners are . . .

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

- Best Musical
- Best Book of a Musical (Robert L. Friedman)
- Best Director of a Musical (Darko Tresnjak)
- Best Costume Design of a Musical (Linda Cho)

Neil Patrick Harris

- Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical ('Hedwig and the Angry Inch')

Jessie Mueller

- Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Roll ('Beautiful - The Carole King Musical')

All the Way

- Best Play

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

- Best Revival of a Musical
- Best Lighting Design of a Musical (Kevin Adams)

Audra McDonald

- Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play (Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill)

Bryan Cranston

- Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play (All the Way)

A Raisin in the Sun

- Best Revival of a Play
- Best Direction of a Play (Kenny Leon)

Mark Rylance

- Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play (Twelfth Night)

Lena Hall

- Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)

The Bridges of Madison County

- Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre

James M. Iglehart

- Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical (Aladdin)

After Midnight

- Best Choreography

Twelfth Night

- Best Costume Design of a Play

The Glass Menagerie 

- Best Lighting Design of a Play

Jane Greenwood

- Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre

Signature Theatre

- Regional Theatre Award

Rosie O'Donnell

- Isabelle Stevenson Award

Joseph P. Benincasa, Joan Marcus and Charlotte Wilcox

- Tony Honours for Excellence in the Theatre

Did I agree with the list of winners? This time, I think I did. Sure, Idina didn't win Best Actress, but even I have to admit Jessie Mueller was pretty deserving. But yay, on the bright side, Neil Patrick Harris dominated! He totally deserved his award. I mean even though I haven't seen the musical, he just deserved a Tony for that performance alone. And as I predicted, the guy who plays the genie, James M. Iglehart, did in fact win a Tony, so all is good in the world now. 

My Awards

As you know, I always like to done out my own (far more important) awards at the end of every show, and the Tony's shall be no different. I know you're all hanging in the edge of your seats, so to put you out of your misery, here are my winners!

Best Cross-Dresser: No doubt this goes to NPH and his amazing performance from the revival of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. His performance was just incredible! I mean, it's probably really awesome when he's performing it in the actual show (hence the Tony award), but seeing him interact with random celebrities? That was pretty fantastic. 

Best Quick-Change Act: Of course this goes to the one and only Jefferson Mays. No can deny that his quick change act was absolutely amazing, seriously, it was incredible! He became 3 totally different charters in less than a minute both physically and characteristically. Bravo!

Best Record Breaker: Audra McDonald, come on down. She officially made Tony history, taking home her 6th Tony Award! How is that even possible? Am I jealous? Completely. Plus, she's been in a bunch of successful television shows. What is this magic?

Most Legendary Rap: Of course this has to go to Hugh Jackman, LL Cool J and TI performing their rendition of 'The Music Man'. Simply awesome. 

Coolest Victory Dance: Remember that guy I was talking about who played the genie in 'Aladdin'? Turns out, he even accepts Tony's in style. 

You've now reached the very end of my enormously delayed Tony's post! I hope you enjoyed what I've made to be an extended event, and share my view of the awesomeness of the Tony Awards. That's all! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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