Wednesday, 4 June 2014

100th Blog Post!

Get excited blogosphere, because these very words you're reading mark the 100th blog post I've done on Teenage Fanatic, how amazingly awesome is that?! I have to say, I'm feeling pretty proud.  I made my first 'Welcome' post way back on August 30th last year and it literally had 12 page views, and now look how much it's grown! To celebrate my initiation into triple digits, I thought I'd list 100 fun facts that you probably didn't know about me. Will any of you care? Probably not. But that's okay, because it's the 100th post, and whatever wacky things I say go.

1. My dog is named after Buffy from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
2. My favourite food is cheesy puff pastry sticks
3. I'm left handed
4. I'm an only child
5. I have a fish called Rachel (do I even need to say what show it's named after?)
6. My middle name is Grace
7. My favourite colour is pink (I bet you're all terribly shocked)
8. I do about 15 hours of dancing a week
9. I look like a mash-up of my mum and my dad
10. I have two last names
11. I have a birth mark on my left hand that looks like a bruise
12. I'm a vegetarian (and a former vegan - although that didn't last long)
13. I have a whistle register
14. I hate the outdoors
15. I have a stray cat
16. My least favourite colour is brown
17. I hate nuts, cream and mint
18. My favourite subject is drama
19. My least favourite subject is maths
20. My least favourite movie is 'Twilight'
21. I don't know how to ride a bike
22. I've never played Tetris
23. I run really weirdly
24. In year 5, I was scarred for life by 'Murder on the Orient Express'
25. My favourite Disney princess is Ariel
26. I used to do squad swimming
27. I'm afraid of birds
28. I get really embarrassed when I drop drinks in a public place
29. My friends call me Lucifer
30. My rapper name is McCannibal
31. I was in a Total Girl Magazine once
32. I auditioned for a McDonald's commercial when I was little
33. I don't drink milk unless it's flavoured
34. My favourite drink is Coke
35. I think my life is a TV show
36. I flinch really easily
37. I had a dream when I was little that my Uncle flew into space in a green fluorescent chair. My Grandma then ran after him yelling "Wait, you forgot your lunch!"
38. I used to film my own episodes of 'Glee' in the holidays
39. I used to be obsessed with dolls (in a non Chucky-esque way)
40. I threw a tantrum at a Hi-Five concert when I was teething and threw a lollipop at a man.
41. I hate it when people crack their knuckles/neck/anything that has the ability to crack
42. I am double jointed
43. I hate Taylor Swift (but you all know that!)
44. My ears are 6cm long
45. My favourite animals are meerkats (although dolphins are pretty close!)
46. I've never been to Hungry Jack's
47. I do my hair for school in the 2 minute car ride on the way there
48. When I really want something, I make weird growling noises
49. I refused to get new school shoes for ages because my old, broken ones were really comfortable
50. My mum took my Madeline doll to France without me when I was little and got photos of her in front of random tourist destinations
51. I have 2 bedrooms because we are yet to convert my childhood space into a spare room
52. I feel really bad when I tell people I'm a vegetarian and they feel the need to accommodate for me - I once went to the trouble of suspiciously chucking sausages onto my friend's plate when her mum wasn't looking
53. I make really weird facial expressions when I speak
54. I accidentally fell asleep in the movies the second time I watched 'Frozen'
55. I have an extensive nightly facial routine
56. It takes me an entire year to get through my Easter Egg collection (pretty much because I keep forgetting they're there)
57. In the holidays, I get addicted to Sims
58. I always wear skirts
59. I try and spend at least $50 on birthday presents (and they're usually themed)
60. I hate exercise
61. I hate school camps (especially ones involving mud courses)
62. I eat a lot of take-away food
63. I compare the people I hate to fictional characters
64. I order Rachel Berry inspired outfits online
65. I am yet to sleep at a sleepover
66. I frequently break into 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with my friends in public
67. Sometimes my mum calls me by my dog's name
68. I never wear earrings, even though my ears are pierced
69. I've never seen 'Titanic'
70. I share a birthday with Barrack Obama and Cole and Dylan Sprouse
71. When I was 8 I decided I was going to have 3 kids - Ashley, Ariel and Abigail
72. At 3, my dream job was to sit on the lounge, eat grilled cheese sandwiches and get paid by the government (and it really doesn't sound so bad)
73. I used to watch 'A Cinderella Story' every weekend
74. I can name every 'Glee' episode ever written and give you an in depth analysis of it
75. I lost my first tooth in a Tim Tam
76. I went to Nando's for the first time this year
77. I used to throw mini tantrums whenever my ice cream started to melt (and I still kinda do)
78. I get strangely angry in traffic (and I'm not even driving)
79. I sing about 90% of the time
80. I think most tea tastes like what I imagine urine to taste like
81. I find the smell of wine really gross
82. I once vomited on a kid at school on his first day
83. I once wrote a song entitled 'Mr Poo'
84. In pre-school, I acted out scenes from 'Harry Potter' with my friends
85. I said 'chimley' instead of 'chimney' up until year 4
86. I get weirdly superstitious
87. I really love cheese (especially haloumi, closely followed by brie)
88. Hanging is my least favourite form of death
89. My shoe size is 9/10 (Australian)
90. I don't know how to put on eye make-up properly
91. I make a lot of schedules that I never follow
92. My friends and I have recently started quoting 'Bad Lip Reading' videos in public and confusing everybody
93. With MA or R movies I think may be scary, I always look at the Parents Guide to see if I can handle them
94. I've never seen snow
95. I've never been able to successfully complete a diary - I just have a bunch of unfinished ones
96. I've never had coffee
97. I absolutely hate shoe shopping
98. I'm not allergic to anything
99. I used to tell people I wanted to be a Forensic Anthropologist so I'd sound smart (even though I don't like Science)
100. It takes me ages to write a list of 100 fun facts about myself

So that's finally the end of my list! Hopefully you didn't find these facts too mind numbingly boring. I am still ridiculously excited that I've managed to make it to 100 blog posts already, now that's dedication. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. Omg, you have never seen snow?! :O I already die when it doesn't snow 'til december (northern hemisphere)

    1. Haha yeah never! I visited New York in 2007, and it literally snowed 2 days before we came, and the day after we left! So I'm still yet to see it. Hopefully I will eventually!