Monday, 9 September 2013

What's Trending?

Welcome back readers! Sorry (again) I haven't posted anything for a while (tbh time: completely forgot about it). So to make up for it, I'm posting two entries today!

As you may have guessed (from the kind of obvious title), this post is about what's currently trending on twitter. Apparently, people's twitter trends vary depending on your account (weird, I know). Most of you probably already knew that, but being a twitter newbie, it was news to me. Anyway, the point of this is just to let you know that the trends that I see (and will be blogging about) may differ to yours.

Now that that's all sorted, here's what's trending:

After some research (it's kind of sad that it was necessary, but anyway), I've discovered that NYFW stands for 'New York Fashion Week' (kind of a given, but apparently I'm not quite 'up on' popular contractions yet). This event marks the beginning of Spring in the fashion world, and therefore, a new range of clothing to suit the change in climate. This event has been the talk of the town (and the twitter-verse) as of late. Sadly, no massive cat fights or wardrobe mishaps have happened to warrant this attention, just the usual hype. I like clothes and fashion and stuff, but do I really stalk the runway? No, not really. But on the plus side, it's in New York! And who doesn't love New York? There's landmarks, there's shopping, and, it's the home of 'Gossip Girl'. However, celebrities and fashion icons seem to be getting on board, as they have been non-stop tweeting about the clothes, the food, or just simply being in the audience. To include some of the trends from the fashion week in your wardrobe, click here. Or, alternatively, be like me and stick to the good old target classics the spring.

Also after some research, I've found that SCD stands for 'Strictly Come Dancing', a British reality show, that has spawned others such as 'Dancing With The Stars' that we know and love (or tolerate). Everyone seems to be pumped for the new season apparently. Being honest once again, I don't really care. I've now officially stopped watching 'Dancing With The Stars' (my lack of interest getting the better of me), nor do I really follow anything that happens in Britain. All I really know about the place is that they have Queen Elizabeth, they're (sadly) the home of One Direction, and people have about 17 different accents depending on where they're from. It's just too confusing to keep up on them, America (land of television) and Australia (land of me). Though if you're interested, and/or from Britain, the new series has just begun, and you can read all about it here. Or not.

Australia Votes/Election Project/Senate/StephenSmith/Barnaby Joyce
This one is pretty self-explanatory (therefore, no research required). Last night, everyone's estimates were proved correct, when Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party officially became Prime Minister of Australia, making it the second time Kevin Rudd has been forced to step down from the position (although this time, it was at leads by an opposing party, and not his own). Surprisingly, Labor didn't lose by as much as everyone thought they would, but they still never had a chance. Pretty much everyone in the country, no matter what political party they support, seem to think that this change in government will have a massive impact on the country (whether it be positive or negative). Personally, I really don't think it will make that much of a difference. Both parties, in theory, have the best interest of Australia in mind, and just go about it in different ways, by passing random bills through parliament talking about stuff that everyone pretends to understand, but doesn't.  Saying this, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about (and neither do most teens, based on the interviews I conducted last week). So really, I'm kind of the wrong person to ask, but whatever, you can still read my probably inaccurate opinions.

Also, just to clarify with the Stephen Smith thing (now I know who he is- thank you internet), apparently his and is trending because he conceded just minutes after the polls closed yesterday (not that any teens really care, but don't shoot the messenger). Barnaby Joyce (another Australian politician who you won't care about) won a seat in parliament, apparently causing another frenzy on twitter. But don't worry, that's it for politics, I swear.

Great Anime War
Even after researching, I am not sure what this is (I don't think anyone will ever be sure).I've tried looking it up, and scrolling through the twitter tag, but nothing makes sense to me. Who knows? It could be an anime drawing competition, an anime knowledge-off of sorts, or something else entirely. Whatever it actually is, everyone seems to take it very seriously, and it involves a lot of deep, meaningful, non-sensical quotes. I suppose I can't judge, as the Glee fandom I'm apart of may seem like this to outsiders, but this just feels creepier. If anyone is a participant in these anime wars, please let me know what they are, because at the moment, I am extremely confused.

2020 Olympics/Tokyo
It seems that already, people are looking ahead to- not the next olympics- but the ones after that. These future games have recently been making head lines, as it has recently been announced that Tokyo has won the bid to host said olympic games. Good for them. I have to say, I don't really care, but that's great for their country nonetheless. At least, finally, we know where they're going to be. Sure I'm bitter that they won't be hosted in Australia, but Tokyo's pretty cool. With their wacky fashion trends and ahead-of-the-game electronics. But I really don't want to think about 2020, because that means I will be 22! That is so old! I'll be well on my way to a Broadway career by then (it's gonna happen, it is). So, I'm just gonna focus on the next olympics that are in Rio in 2016, when I'll only be 18, and forced to endure my HSC (ugh). Actually, you know what, why doesn't everyone just focus on 2013.

Congratulations! You have made it to the bottom of the list alive, and are now totally aware of everything that's happening at the moment (whether you care about it to not). I promise you,buy next post will be more interesting and teen-relevant, but I just felt I had to talk about what's trending first. Thanks for reading and not just exiting straight away. Have a great weekend (what's left of it anyway)! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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