Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rant Time: Cory Monteith Emmy Eulogy

Welcome back everybody! First off, before we begin, can we just take the opportunity to celebrate the fact that I've written and posted two blog entries today?

Okay, now that that's over with, let's get started. I must warn you, this is going to be a massive rant. But I just have so much anger that I need to express. So where better to post about it than on a random blog that probably no one reads? Anyway, back on track. It was announced recently that Cory Monteith (RIP) will be remembered in a eulogy at the Emmy Awards this weekend. I was already going to be watching (being the secret award show enthusiast that I am), but now, I most certainly, 100% MUST tune in (or download it, whatever). However, apparently there has been some controversy over his inclusion. It turns out that not everyone who has died over the past year gets honoured in the eulogy, so others are saying that Cory does not deserve to be apart of it. Of course, I wholeheartedly believe that he is deserving of it. So basically, in the rest of this blog post, I'm going to prove just how wrong these peoples' opinions are (and I promise I won't be too biased).

These people have been stating that due to Cory's 'body of work', there are other actors and producers who are more deserving. Step back. I'm pretty sure that someone once said that it's not about quantity, but rather quality. Whether or not you are a fan of the show (although I don't see how anyone cannot be), there is no denying that 'Glee' has had a significant impact. You can't enter a store without being confronted by themed merchandise or media. In fact (speaking from personal experience), it has one of the most passionate and devoted fan bases out there. Without Cory, there would have been no Glee. No Finn Hudson, no Season 1. No Season 1, no show. So basically, he has pretty much been one of the main contributors in keeping Glee afloat since 2009, a show which we have established has changed the lives of many.

Also, please correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not wrong), but hasn't 'Glee' been a pretty major player in the Emmys for the past few years? Having won the Emmy for Best TV Series- Musical or Comedy two years in a row, and nominated again in 2012. Shouldn't that mean something?

Sure, some people have been arguing that he has only been included in the eulogy due to his popularity, but isn't there a reason for him being so favoured among the teen community? Yes, yes there is. He is popular because he was in 'Glee', and we've already established the show's extreme significance. So why the big deal people? If he weren't featured in the memorial, that is when real problems would arise.

So yeah, that's about it. It hasn't been a very long post, but it has been mainly therapeutic for me. If I hadn't let out my internal rage, I probably would've combusted or something (and no one wants that). I hope you agree or enjoy reading my totally biased rants, or at least are somewhat entertained by my over the top obsession.

Yep. I'm officially done now. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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