Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Most Popular Videos

Hello again readers! Today I will be watching and reviewing the videos that are currently under Youtube's 'Most Popular' tab. As you've probably grasped by now, I'm a pretty harsh reviewer (unless it has anything to do with 'Glee'- because every reviewer needs bias). Anyway, so just, try not to be offended. Before I get into it, here's the list of videos:










1. Ja'mie: Private School Girl (Sneak Peek)
Yes! As a major fan of the 'Summer Heights High' series (and Ja'mie 'herself'), I was so excited to see this in the 'Most Popular' Youtube tab. Having already liked the official Facebook page, I cannot wait for this series to come out! Obviously, this one is going to get a good review from me. Although only 28 seconds, with absolutely no dialogue, I am still pumped for it. Considering that was the main purpose of the video, I'd say, mission accomplished. If you haven't seen 'Summer Heights High' watch it, like, right now! I'm serious, go!

2. Anchorman- The Legend Continues (Australian Election)
I thought this was kind of random, but entertaining nonetheless. It seems that in preparation for 'Anchorman 2', youtube has released these parody news clips about current events. This video's take was on the recent Australian election. I haven't even seen the first movie (hence my confusion), but the jokes weren't too cheesy or racially stereotypical, and I've respected Will Ferrell since 'Elf'. So who knows? There may be a viewing of 'Anchorman' in my future.

3. Katy Perry- Roar
I actually really enjoyed this, a lot. I have to say, I am a fan of her movie style music videos ('Last Friday Night' still has to be number one though). So, of course I liked it. Sure, I pretty much had no idea what the storyline was, but I knew that there was a jungle, and animals with human characteristics, and Katy Perry in a risqué cave woman suit, so that's all we really need to know. I don't mind the song, but the video makes it. I don't know, I just really love random, unexpected story lines that come out of nowhere (unless you're Miley Cyrus, then no). So yeah, go have a looksie.

4. Hitler Finds Out Richmond Lost the Final to Carlton
Although this was funny, I actually had absolutely no idea what was going on. I am quite a fan of the 'Hitler Parody' videos, but about sport? Not so much. It's just that I don't care. I don't even know which sport is which, let alone what the teams are. But still, Hitler's reaction about trivial matters never fails to entertain. So if you're a sports fan, go for your life, but if you're like me and prefer something (anything) else, then I suggest you watch some of the other Hitler reaction videos, like the Kurt and Blaine break up on 'Glee', or 'Friday' by Rebecca Black.

5. Fake Professor on First Day Prank
I actually really liked this video. At first, I was super confused, because I had no idea why someone would bother putting up a video of a random lecture at a university (or college, or whatever other tertiary education your country has) and how that would've got so many views. At one point, the 'professor' tells all the students to put away their phones and laptops, and I honestly thought  that was the funniest thing that was going to happen. Luckily, it wasn't. At the end, the big shocker (which I won't reveal to you) is actually really funny. But you'll just have to watch and see . . .

6. Rich Rocka- 550
This actually pained me to watch. I was forced (by my weird devotion to the blog) to sit through 3 minutes and 2 seconds of auto-tuned, non-sensical rap music. This is why I try and steer clear of popular music, because things like this happen! It was awful, it really was. How it became popular? I have absolutely no idea. At all. My advice? If you want to listen to some cool rap music, crack open the 80's catalogue and crank up some Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer (or alternatively, listen to the 'Glee' versions). That's literally all I can say before I pass out due to extreme boredom and exhaustion from having to analyse this.

7. Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus
So the new Miley music video is out, and as expected, it pushes boundaries. However, after her VMA performance, I was pleasantly surprised. No sparkly teddy bear unitards, foam fingers, and not even any twerking (have to say, I was a bit disappointed about that). But don't worry, she managed to get some tongue action in there, awkwardly licking the 'wrecking ball' shown in the clip. It begins with a raw, 'Sinead O' Connor' style close up. Then we see her walking around with a sledgehammer in hand wearing white underwear and a cropped white singlet. That's when the message starts to become unclear. Though, what has really caused the controversy in the media is that in some clips, Miley is seen completely nude, swinging on a wrecking ball (hence the name of the song). Of course, the ball is strategically placed as to not reveal anything that we didn't see at the VMA's, but still, it's a bit raunchy. I get the thinking behind it (believe it or not, it was sort of relevant nudity). She's supposed to be vulnerable, and therefore in the video, she is shown in her most vulnerable state. However, since pretty much everyone in the world knows that ex Hannah Montana is pretty comfortable in the skin she's in, and constantly pushes the suggestive envelope, it came across as trashy (no surprise there). Perhaps Lady Gaga could've pulled it off, but not the off-the-rails 20 years old the media loves to hate. Surprisingly, I actually quite liked the song. No joke! Let's just say it's a big improvement on 'We Can't Stop' (not that that's hard). Not even one single drug reference!

8. Ylvis- The Fox
I don't even know how to go about pronouncing this, let alone talking about this video. I have to say, I think this is my favourite song ever. That is not an exaggeration, at all! This may just be the best thing on Earth. Would it be terribly offensive to say that I love foreign people? I don't care, I'm saying it anyway. This song is all about the noises that various animals make, and how they've created a new noise for the fox. It first premiered on a Norwegian reality show. First off, can I just say, I love Norway! It gets a bad wrap, but it may just be the most awesome place on Earth (because of this video). If I haven't lured you, I don't know what will!

9. How To Twerk Like Miley
The second time Miss Cyrus has graced my blog in the one post! Sort of. This video (a parody obviously) is trying to be funny, but failed. I think we've all seen the meme of Miley with rear end of a chicken (once again, based on her shorts at the VMA's). The chicken joke was funny the first time, but now it's kind of getting old. We get it, her performance was raunchy and scarred the lives of many, but the jokes are getting stale. The more attention we give her, the more of her we'll see. Do we really want to add fuel to the fire? I don't think so. So yeah, it was pretty much a waste of 49 seconds.

So that's it! I hope I've helped you officially decide what Youtube videos to take a look at or to scroll past. Or, you found my ranting entertaining. Whatever it is, I hope I took care of it. That's about all. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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