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'New Girl' Recap: Season 3 Premiere

Hello again and welcome back (or welcome you first time readers)! A few days ago, the season 3 premiere of 'New Girl' came out in America (thank God for downloading), and I'm here and ready to re-cap. After the long awaited shocker at the end of last season (spoiler alert- Nick and Jess finally got together), I was pretty much prepared for anything.

The episode began with its first ever 'previously on New Girl', before following on from the end of last season, with Nick and Jess fleeing Cece's failed wedding and driving off into the distance. Nothing much really happened at first, as they continued to have back and forth conversations about how much they liked each other (riveting television right there), and giving up on their hope of spicing things up by returning to the loft.

They didn't even get to make their way inside, when Schmidt called both Jess and Nick several times to question them on their whereabouts, before barging out into the hall and finding them hovering outside good old apartment 4D. Placating both Schmidt and Winston for the time being, Nick and Jess were able to make a getaway and bolt from the hallway (cue the opening theme).

Next up, we see Schmidt facing some problems of his own. Also following on from last season, he is now forced to choose between Cece (who has just abandoned her wedding to admit her feelings for him) and Elizabeth (a random chick we've just met who we don't really care about). His usual confidant, Nick,  having fled the country, Schmidt is forced to ask Winston for advice (never a good idea). Still suffering from blood loss after being attacked by a ferret in the previous episode, he isn't very helpful to say the least. He is fixated on completing some weird puzzle, and doesn't really care about the outcome of Schmidt's love life. Somehow, he finds the answer and sets out to break up with Cece and get together with Elizabeth (see what happens when people talk to Winston- things get cray).

Prepared to break up with Cece, Schmidt makes his way over to her apartment. Starting off by rambling and beating around the bush, Cece questions him on his actual intentions. Backing down, Schmidt wimps out and tells Cece it is her he has chosen to be with. Then we flip to his conversation with Elizabeth, that is pretty much exactly the same. Basically, he went from having the problem of choosing between two girls to be with, to having the problem of choosing between two girls to break-up with.

We then leave the relationship drama in America to look at more on the other side of the border. We're back with Nick and Jess, who it turns out have fled to Mexico, and created a weird, non durable fort on a beach that they have been living in for four days.  Deciding that it wasn't a suitable option, they decide to break into a hotel (because that's logical). Jess manages to steal a kid's wristband that tricks the security guard into thinking that she is a guest, however Nick isn't so lucky. As he attempts to fight against it, the guards take him to what they call 'jail'.

Back in the loft, Schmidt is still having the same problem- dating two girls at the same time. While he is having a shower, Cece enters and is greeted by Winston, who still thinks Schmidt has broken up with her. Thinking that he has to console her, he only gets a chance to say 'sorry about Elizabeth', before Schmidt reappears and creates an elaborate lie that puts Winston in the blame. Cece leaves, creeped out by Winston, and then things get a bit cray. Winston's pent up 'puzzle' frustration all comes out at once, and he and Schmidt get into a really weird, nonsensical argument. This is officially my favourite scene in the episode. It's kind of a thing where you just have to watch it to understand it. So watch it. Right now.

Meanwhile, Jess still hasn't been able to free Nick from 'jail', and decides to call in the help of Schmidt and Winston, who seem to miraculously appear almost instantly in Mexico. On their quest to find Nick, a bunch of other stuff happens- the usual banter, antics, and Winston discovering that he is colour blind. They finally find him locked in a room. Turns out, he was only sent to the jail contained within the hotel. He was even allowed to watch 'Ugly Betty'.

Once that was all sorted, Nick said that he wanted to permanently move to Mexico with Jess, because he didn't think their relationship would survive back in the loft (I thought it was a bit deep for a comedy show, but whatever). After Nick threatened to shred his passport so he couldn't leave, Schmidt brashly stated that he would jump in and shred his own ear if Nick were to leave permanently. After Jess's spiel about being a family, Nick decided to go back to the loft and live happily ever after back home. But of course, somehow, Nick's passport managed to fly into the shredder (don't ruin the story with logic). Claiming that he was the master of puzzles, Winston said he could work with it, and that was that.

Back in the car, the gang was stopped at the Mexican border and asked for their passports. Of course, the guard was suspicious of Nick's (as it had been sticky-taped together really badly), but somehow, he was magically allowed to pass through (because we all know border security is pretty casual). Now we're back at the loft, and Nick and Jess are already fighting over who should carry the key to the apartment. Then randomly they become all lovey-dovey and sort out their problems, effectively creeping out Winston and Schmidt (and everyone watching at home). The episode ends as Schmidt makes a call to Cece confirming dinner for the night ahead, before doing the same with Elizabeth, and Winston creepily attempts to complete his puzzle.

It was kind of an odd episode- not bad odd, just odd. Oh well, I'm just glad to have it back, and am of course excited for next week. Click here to watch the promo, or just wait and see what happens. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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