Friday, 13 September 2013

Weird Ways to Die

Hola readers! Welcome back. Today, I'll be summing up some of the really weird ways that people have died over the years. Although it is a touch morbid, it's mainly just entertaining (in a horrible way). Moral compass aside, let's get to it (in no particular order).

Death by bronchitis while locked in a cupboard

For this to happen, your luck would have to be absolutely terrible. In 2004, Ronald McClagish from England accidentally got trapped in a cupboard when someone else's (it wasn't even his own!) wardrobe fell over and trapped him inside. Surprisingly enough, from the fall and entrapment itself, he was absolutely fine. No, what got him was the bronchitis. After having been stuck in there for a week, he burst a water pipe when he was trying to escape and flooded the cupboard, in turn, resulting in him acquiring bronchitis, which apparently when left untreated, can cause death. All I can think is that if this is some sort of karma, what must he have done to other people to deserve this? Either that, or he's jinxed.

You know what's coming next.

Death by Water Intoxication while trying to win a Nintendo Wii

This one would just suck. In 2007, a woman named Jennifer Strange entered a radio competition called 'Hold Your Wee for a Wii'. The idea was to drink heaps of water without weeing in order to win a Nintendo Wii console. Pretty simple concept. As you probably guessed, it didn't seem so simple for Jennifer, as she drank to much and inevitably died of Water Intoxication. What really bugged me was that she never even got to win the Wii. Life sucks.

Death by Video Games

I can practically feel all of the gamers inwardly cringing. In 2005, Lee Seung Seop decided to play the video game StarCraft for 50 hours straight. Obviously the stress must've got to her, because she collapsed of exhaustion and died. How is this possible? I have no idea. I honestly didn't think that clicking a mouse and a space bar for a while could kill a person, but apparently, it can. I also have absolutely no idea how anyone could do anything for 50 hours straight. That's just over two days! Oh well . . . at least she died doing something she loved.

Death by Hay

This proves that you can never be to careful driving. Mike Edwards, apparently a British founding member cellist of band ELO (although I've never head of him), decided to go out driving in some sort of abandoned farm in 2010. Taking his eyes off the road (or country dirt path), a large bale of hay rolled down a hill and hit his car, killing him in the process. Just remember, be aware of everything around you at all times, and never randomly drive around a strange deserted farm land where no one will ever be able to help you. Keep that in mind, and you should be fine.

Death by Beaver

I think we all knew this, but this officially confirms that animals are evil. Earlier this year, a 60 year old man from Belarus tried to have his picture taken with a beaver (yes, you read that right). Obviously, the beaver wasn't as willing, as it became vicious and bit into several of the man's arteries, causing him to die of blood loss. Apparently this is the first recorded case of a beaver actually killing a human. This may sound awful, but I'm kind of proud of them. They're moving up in the world. And lets face it, the beaver was just trying to defend itself against a weird, animal-crazed photographer. I don't blame it.

Yay, that's the end. If you're lured by the subject of weird and stupid deaths there a three things you can do. Number one, read this blog post seven times. Number two, check out the Youtube video 'Dumb Ways To Die' (if you haven't already). And finally, number three, research and watch the Darwin awards. Hope this was entertaining in a weird way, and not too morbid. That's all. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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