Monday, 2 September 2013

Glee: A New Perspective

Hello again avid readers! You may be wondering what exactly this post is about. Well I'm here to clear that up for you. Remember back in 2009, when there was a little new show about singing and dancing in high school, called 'Glee'. Now, it's changed and evolved, and we have a love-hate relationship with all the characters, most of who have now graduated (I refuse to acknowledge the season 4 newbies as a part of the cast). Having indoctrinated the people around me, I've had the opportunity to watch people's reactions to these episodes from scratch, and re-live season 1 (my favourite season) all over again. Back in the day when Puck had a mo-hawk, Rachel wore knee-socks, and Quinn didn't want to make me kill myself. Now, you guys can come back with me. I've decided to conduct an interview with one of my said friends, regarding her new, fresh perspective on 'Glee'.

Please note, all bracketed text was not actually said in the interview. Anyway, here's what went down-

Me: So I hear you've started watching 'Glee'. ('started', that seems so strange).

Anonymous Friend: Yes I have.

Me: And who would you say your favourite character is at this point?

Anonymous Friend: I like Kurt, and Rachel.

Me: Yeah you do (cue internal flailing). Have you delved into the world of Glee fan fiction as of yet?

Anonymous Friend: Not yet, but hopefully later on. Maybe.

Me: It is a long winding path, I'm warning you now. So how long have you been watching this wonderful television show?

Anonymous Friend: About a month, I guess.

Me: And what episode are you up to?

Anonymous Friend: Season 2, Episode . . . 7 (so young . . . so unexperienced).

Me: Ah yes, 'The Substitute' (don't judge me). I'm familiar with that one. And what would you say your favourite song is?

Anonymous Friend: I liked Kurt's song- I'm not sure what it's called- when he was singing, and his Dad was watching . . .

Me: Yes, 'Rose's Turn' (again, please don't judge me).

Anonymous Friend: Yes.

Me: Yes. So, number one ship? Who do you ship together as a couple?

Anonymous Friend: Uh, Blaine and Kurt (remember when they weren't mainstream!).

Me: Oh, we've got a 'Klaine' shipper! Would you say they're your OTP?

Anonymous Friend: Yeah, I would.

Me: Oh, you would. That makes my day. So, are you familiar with anyone in the Glee Cast's other work, or is this the first time you've seen them or heard of them?

Anonymous Friend: This is the first time I've seen them (remember when they were newbies! fangirl moment!)

Me: Do you find that exciting?

Anonymous Friend: Yes.

Me: Would you be interested in looking at their other work?

Anonymous Friend: Yeah, yeah.

Me: Yeah, yeah. Were you upset to hear about the tragic death of Cory Monteith?

Anonymous Friend: Not particularly at first, but now since I've started watching 'Glee', yeah, a little (if only we were all that lucky to skip out on the grieving period us Gleeks have been going through for months now).

Me: Yeah, I understand. So, are you going to go home and watch some 'Glee' now?

Anonymous Friend: Yeah, I think so.

(cue out of the blue topic)

Me: If you could invite 5 characters to dinner, who would they be?

Anonymous Friend: Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, uh, I don't know- All of them! I can't decide.

Me: Oh, we're in the same boat. Favourite episode?

Anonymous Friend: I'm not quite sure.

(cue awkward sign off)

Me: Well thank you for your time.

So there you go. A random, confusing, hurried interview conducted as we were leaving the school gates this afternoon that you probably didn't understand or care about in the slightest. You're welcome? Also, just a reminder that the new season of 'Glee' comes out September 26th (in America, don't get too excited), so make sure you tune in/download/read my glee-cap. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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