Sunday, 14 December 2014

3rd Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hello and welcome once again readers! We are now officially coming into the 3rd Day of Blogmas, and things are getting pretty exciting. Not only is Christmas getting closer and closer, but the fun, festive preparations have already begun. I don't know about you, but our group tends to do Secret Santa most years just before Christmas time. If you've been living under a rock your entire life and have absolutely no idea what I'm hinting at, Secret Santa entails a group of people putting their names into a hat, as everyone sits around and draws one out at random. Whoever you pick, you are responsible for giving a present to (for $20 or less of course). It's a pretty fun concept, and today, I'm going to give you a helping hand with some perfect, cost effective gift ideas.

Trying to purchase something awesome while on a $20 budget is admittedly a pretty difficult task, but have no fear, I've totally got you covered. Take your pick of anything from the fun collage I made above! Seriously, it all fits the bill spectacularly. For a more in depth analysis of each item, check out my little summaries below.

Lip Varnish

Let's face it, every girl needs a good lip gloss, it's just a cosmetic must have. So now, you can be the awesome friend who makes that happen, and get your secret santa this totally fabulous £9 Topshop Lip Varnish.

Bow Hair Clips

There's no doubt about it, bows are about as cute and preppy as it gets. I know I love a good bow, and totally wouldn't mind scoring these lovely $2.95 Sportsgirl Hair Clips. What's not to love? And yes, the gif below's from 'Matilda'. 

Make Up Palette

You can't really go wrong with this mammoth collection of cosmetics. This $19.95 Sportsgirl 'Bright Young Things' make-up palette has seriously got a everything a girl could ever want - 8 eye shadows, 2 blushes and 3 lip colours. Plus, the pastel colours are just adorably awesome. 

Shower Gel

Anything involving personal hygiene may not seem like a fun Christmas present, but when something smells this good, you can't go wrong. This $11 phenomenally scented Cherry Blossom Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works is the perfect gift, and is assured to be a success. 

Phone Case

It seems that no matter how hard we try, we can't stray away from Sportsgirl. Proving to be the ultimate Secret Santa shopping location, Sportsgirl's Watermelon iPhone 5 Case is absolutely to die for. It's cute and fruity, and would no doubt make a fantastic gift. 


There's nothing better than an awesome pair of cozy socks to wear and to protect you from the harsh coldness of your floors (even if we are in Summer here in Australia). But these aren't just ordinary socks, oh no, they're adorned with one of the cutest strawberry designs known to man. Being on the receiving end of these adorable £3.50 Strawberry Topshop Socks would be a dream come true. 

Body Lotion

Every girl loves a good lotion, simple as that. In fact the idea of lathering on some lovely smelling $12.50 Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Ultra Shea Body Cream after a long, hot shower sounds positively luxurious. 


You've probably been able to sense a pattern here, and that is if it smells good, it's a hit. This $18 Sephora Tocca Cleopatra perfume has got rave reviews, and will have your Secret Santa smelling like a dream in no time. 

Nail Polish

With the amount of nail art tutorials available on the magical video search engine that is Youtube, everyone is just dying to get their hands on as much nail polish as possible to try and create some masterpieces of their own. I say, give the people what they want with this fabulously pink £5 Topshop Nail Polish

So that's now the end of this rather helpful Blogmas entry. Hopefully you're now totally inspired, and have found something to work with. See, awesomeness can be achieved without breaking the bank, or at least with the help of Teenage Fanatic. And don't even worry about it, you're totally welcome. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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    1. Thanks so much Brittany, glad you liked them :) x