Wednesday, 17 December 2014

All the Feels Surrounding the Forever 21 Sydney Opening

Well hello blogosphere, and welcome to another exciting day on Teenage Fanatic! As you've probably noticed, I've been rather caught up in the wonders of Blogmas recently (because, you know, Christmas is awesome), but don't worry, it has occurred to me that not everyone celebrates it. Because of this, I've decided to shake things up a bit and talk about my experience of the new Sydney Forever 21 store. How exciting is that? Finally, one of my favourite American stores has been brought out here to Macquarie centre and my life now has meaning. Instead of just detailing what went down when I went, I've decided to do it in gif form to make things interesting (or at least slightly less boring). Without further ado, here's the story . . .

So finally, after seeing all of the celebratory Instagram and Facebook posts, I found the time and money to visit Maquarie Centre and obsess over the new Forever 21. Seriously just making the plans had me looking a little something like this.

Can I just tell you, the trip there was probably the longest car ride of my life. I kind of feel sorry for the people who had to drive me.

But then of course we finally made it, and just seeing the shopfront kicked me right in the feels.

But don't worry, I totally snapped out of it and ran in there like a mad woman.

And of course, I practically made it my duty to make a grand entrance.

Turns out I wasn't the only one fangirling about my favourite store being brought to Australia, because as I made my way through Forever 21, I was totally surrounded by excited masses.

Can I just tell you now, my excitement wasn't in vein. Not even close. The range of clothes is just amazing. I just kind of had to stop for a moment and take everything in.

But never fear, I did eventually once again return to (semi) normality and continued my search. They've got a style for everybody. They've got a fun, girly, floral heavy section (which of course I tended to gravitate towards), a more preppy section (which was my second favourite), an area totally dedicated to denim, some grunge heavy selections, as well as clothes to suit people who are looking for night wear, underwear, or just the basics. Moral of the story, they've got all their bases covered.

I really went for it, I'm not gonna lie. Considering Christmas is rather close, I was just taking pictures like crazy for my gift list.

But of course I did get in some sneaky shopping. Who would I be if I didn't?

And then, after all of that, I could finally leave happy.

So overall, what exactly did I think of Forever 21?

If anyone's ever in Sydney, I highly suggest you check it out. And if you've lived near a Forever 21 your entire life and are totally used to it, I envy and hate you just a little bit. Whatever, now I just get to bask in my purchases.

So that's the end of my pretty random, fangirly post. Now I encourage you to go and do the same and shop your life away, or at the very least put some stuff on your Christmas lists. I guess I have to wait and see if all my requests will be under the tree on December 25th.

Good luck to everyone! Let's hope you get what's on your shopping wish list. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. Forever 21 Opened in Brisbane too! I shared the same reaction as you ahaha x

    1. That's awesome! Go Australia! Hahaha isn't it the best? x

  2. I want to go there so badly!! I understand your excitement!!

    1. It's soooo good! It's a magical wonderland!!!