Friday, 19 December 2014

8th Day of Blogmas Vol 2: Fanciest Christmas Nail Art

Greetings readers! I don't even know how all this has happened so quickly, but we're already at the 8th Day of Blogmas. Sure, it's exciting that Christmas is rapidly approaching, but won't you all be terribly devastated once these Blogmas posts have come to an end?

That's what I thought. Moving along, today, I'm going to be once again getting everyone in a jolly mood and show you some super fancy and awesome Christmas themed nail art. Perhaps you can try and work this into your 25th celebrations, or may be they'll just be cool to look at, whatever you decide is best. Anyway, without further ado, let's get cracking . . .


You have to hand it to who ever did this, they've done some pretty intricate paint work right there. The snowman looks like it's been plucked straight from a winter wonderland, but what exactly screams Christmas about a teddy bear? I don't know, but it's wearing a santa hat, so just go with it. This must've taken so much time and effort that you can't help but appreciate the awesomeness of this pretty intense nail art. Whoever did this is certainly dedicated, and may I just say, their efforts payed off big time. 


Well, woah, I don't even know where to start. There's so much going on I don't know where to look first. All I can think is that the person who did this must have a lot of patience. They've pretty much managed to sum up Christmas in 5 nails - you've got some stars, a fabulous snowman, a reindeer (although admittedly one that looks a bit like satan at first glance), a Christmas stocking, and of course, Santa right there on the end. Wouldn't you just love to show these off on Christmas? That'd be majorly cool. However, having to paint all of that myself? That doesn't seem realistic. Or like anything I would like to do ever. 


Yes. 100% yes. Can you really beat a classic Christmas tree? I think not. Damn, don't these just look so cool? They've got little branches and ornaments, and to top it all off (literally), there's a little red light on top to just complete the tower of awesomeness. Do I think I could ever pull this off? No way. But boy, wouldn't they actually just be the best? They're so Christmassy I could die (jollily of course). If you have any artistic skills, I highly suggest you give this a go. 


What exactly makes Christmas as awesome as it is? Why the answer is obviously the one and only Santa Claus. You see him on TV, you see him on film, and in pretty much every depiction, he is just marvellous. So of course, no doubt about it, these nails are an obvious winner. Can we also all just take a second to appreciate how near that third nail is? Oh my gosh, the precision is just ridiculous! Even down to the perfectly round buttons through the centre. Recreating this and living up to the original is no easy task, but if you're brave enough, I advise that you give it your best shot, because the outcome will be totally worth it.


This nail art is actually amazing. Aside from the creepy talon like shape, I love everything about it. It seriously looks like art that could be on a stain glass window or something, but now, someone was able to paint this on fingernails. How can you even draw something so small yet so proportionate and accurate, all the while having it look like the best thing ever? I simply do not know. I'd advise that you attempt this at home, but let's get real, it looks ridiculously hard. I think it's just best to sit back and appreciate the awesomeness.

So that's now officially the end of my post. I hope you found this nail art to be as awesome as I did, and hopefully, you've found some Christmas polish inspiration. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. These are so cool I love all of them. I wish I was talented enough to do something like this but I just end up with paint on everything but my nails and it would look more halloween than christmas! Great blog! Please help me out and go and check out my blog, I would love a follow and any feedback xx

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