Monday, 4 August 2014

It's My Birthday!

Get excited readers, because guess what? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! August 4th is seriously the best day of the year! You know how there are those people who want to go under the radar and try not to draw any attention to themselves on their birthday? Well yeah, I'm not exactly one of them (as you can probably tell from this publicly broadcast, celebratory post). As I mentioned in my 100th Blog Post, I get to share this awesome birth-a-versary with Obama, and everyone's favourite twins from the Tipton, Cole and Dylan Sprouse. But enough about them, let's get back to me. 16 years ago today, my mum was in absolute agony as she gave birth to her bundle of amazingness at precisely 6:26pm after 63 gruelling hours of labour (it takes a long time to produce this much awesome). And now, low and behold, I've officially left behind the age of 15 and moved onto greener, cooler pastures. You can tell things are getting serious, I mean, I even changed my header!



It must be pretty important if I went to all that effort of updating my page (which I hardly ever do). Now that I'm 16, I feel super old. I mean sure, I've pretty much been a kid with the mind of an adult for years now, but now that I'm the same age as heaps of characters being portrayed on TV, everything seems so much more real. Let's face it, before I know it, I'll have already done the HSC, got an ATAR of 99.9, become a Broadway legend and the recipient of multiple Tony awards as well as a prestigious EGOT (one can dream). Though while I'm here, I have a feeling I'll enjoy being a 16 year old. I can do all sorts of cool stuff now! I can get my L's, change my name, and most importantly, legally perform at a karaoke bar! Plus, there's a whole bunch of other stuff, however I don't think I'll be doing any of it anytime soon. 

Enough about all that, it's time to get into some fun stuff. Everyone knows that a proper birthday is not complete without a litany of awesome presents. So of course, given my extreme excitement (and in some cases, fangirling) over all of these items, I couldn't help but share them with you all. You're welcome.

Musical Theatre Stuff

It's not a secret that musical theatre is my life, so when I got all of this awesome merchandise for my birthday, there was no question why I was geeking out all over the place. 

Wicked Socks

For all of you musical lovers out there, there's absolutely no way that 'Wicked' cannot be on your list of favourites. I'm serious, I'm fairly certain it's scientifically impossible. These socks are just the best. As an intense fan, I often find it hard to choose between Glinda or Elphaba, but now, I don't have to. I have one witch per sock. Isn't life great? Good news is, you can grab a pair of your own because I'm the world's most bestest creation (brownie points for anyone who caught that BLR reference). 

Phone Case

This is actually one of my dreams come true. Because etsy is one of the best places on this earth, I was able to find and add to my birthday list a phone case containing the logos and playbills from various, amazingly awesome Broadway musicals. I'm not even exaggerating, I am legitimately a fan of each of the ones on there! Coincidence? I think not. Obviously the world was screaming at me to purchase it, and thankfully my parents obliged. Feast your eyes upon this awesomeness!

Clothes . . . and more Clothes!

I can always rely on my mum to supply me with super awesome, fun birthday clothes to pump up my wardrobe (some of which may or may not be totally based on the clothing style of one Rachel Berry). 

Although you can't see all of it in the photo, I got quite a substantial amount of clothing. And indeed, all of it was awesome. I got some fancy, floral stockings from Forever New, a super cute sunflower playsuit and 'Hello Kitty' top from Forever 21, and a pretty-in-pink watermelon halter neck top from Glitters for Dinner just to name a few! I'm certainly kitted out for my next social gathering.

Other Fangirly Stuff

To top everything off, I also got some other awesome fangirl-worthy merchandisy stuff (which let's face it, every 16 year old girl needs).

My Name in Lights (well, initials)

It's every Broadway enthusiast's dream to have their name in lights, and it looks like today's my lucky day. If I can't have my name, I'll settle for my initials for now, curtesy of etsy (and my father). 

New York Poster and Glee Memorabilia

I don't exactly keep it on the down low that New York City is my absolute favourite place in the world. So, of course this poster was going to be a hit! And just in front of that, if you look closely, you'll be able to see a mini hand-made canvas with the words 'Being Apart of Something Special Makes you Special' printed across it. Sound familiar? Probably because Rachel (or Lea Michele) famously uttered those words in the pilot episode of 'Glee'


For those of you who know me, I'm pretty open about the fact that I'm not a massive reader. So why would books be on the birthday agenda? Simply because they are some of the most awesome words ever put together in one place. The first book photographed is an issue of 'Theatre Arts' magazine from way back in October 1959, which just so happens to contain the entire libretto of 'West Side Story'. I know what you're thinking, does life get any better than that? But wait, there's more. Next to it, lies the autobiography 'Brunette Ambition' of the multi talented Broadway alumni Lea Michele (aka, my number one idol). 

Fandom Contributions

To keep up my status as master of the fandoms, I need to maintain my general DVD and CD collection. Seen below are Lea Michele's new album 'Louder', Lucy Hale's new album 'Road Between', and the 4th Season of Pretty Little Liars. Of course, being the good fangirl I am, I had already purchased the 2 albums on iTunes and downloaded the entire PLL series, however, there's just something about having them in hard copy as well that gets me excited. 

So now you've seen my stash (which let's face it, is pretty impressive), this post is just about coming to a close. I had an awesome 16th birthday and plan to continue celebrating until the month of August officially ends (at which point I'll begin getting pumped for Christmas). I hope you found this post vaguely entertaining, and just one more reminder before you go . . . IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. I'm hurt that you didn't mention who introduced you to GFD with her awesome fashion taste :(

  2. Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a day late! I need those socks :)

    1. Haha aww thank you so much! And oh my god, they're so cool :) x