Saturday, 30 August 2014

1 Year Blogiversary!

Hello once more my readers! Today marks a momentous day in 'Teenage Fanatic' history, because believe it or not, it has been exactly 365 days since its creation.

How crazy is that? This year's gone by so ridiculously quickly, and now with 23,003 page views, 73 comments and 147 posts, I am proud to say that this blogging endeavour's been pretty successful so far. So what am I going to do to celebrate such a momentous occasion? I choose to basically regurgitate all of my statistics for the world to see, and recap some of my most popular posts of all time. Sound good? I hope so, because there's literally no other alternative.

Most Popular Posts

Over the past year, it's fair to say that I've been blogging up a storm. I like to think that I'm an experienced member of the blogosphere now, however you really never can pick which posts are going to be popular and vice versa. Seriously, I have absolutely no clue what's going to go down until it does. So what has managed to attach itself to a widespread audience? Continue reading to find out.

5. Most Outrageously Awesome Disney Conspiracy Theories

Who would've thought? A bunch of wacky ideas about kids movies would rise to popularity. Sure, when I read it for the first time I thought it was awesome, but I guess I just automatically assumed that because I found it interesting, others would find it strange and avoid it at all costs. But hey, I guess I underestimated your weirdness factor. Good job guys! You're more like me than I thought. Come on, I think everyone must secretly hold Disney movies close to their heart, because seriously, how could you not? They're actually the best things ever.

4. Timeline of Miley Cyrus

I have to say, considering Miley seems to be all the rage at the moment with her excessive twerking and strange, nude swinging on wrecking balls, this post's popularity isn't exactly surprising. This satirical timeline I guess found its way into the clutches of Lord Google somehow, although I sincerely hope fans of hers managed to avoid it. I didn't exactly trash her or anything like that, but I guess some slight Miley bashing was implied. But before you get all judgy, I used to be her number one fan back in the day, so I feel I'm owed at least some venting time considering she's pretty much ruined Hannah Montana for me (which should never be taken lightly).

3. 100th Blog Post!

This one is probably one of the biggest surprises on the list. Seriously, I had absolutely no idea that any readers ever cared about my personal life, but apparently my inherent weirdness is something that interests people besides myself. Perhaps people were reading as some sort of study of how the strange people of society live? Maybe my idiosyncrasies are laughable? Whatever the answer, somehow a bunch of random facts about myself made it to number 3. Talk about flattery.


2. 2014 People's Choice Awards Round-Up

I guess I could understand one of the award show round-ups being popular (considering the excessive number of photos is basically a magnet attracting search engines), however what sets this particular show apart I do not know. Did I do anything differently? Not in the slightest. Perhaps Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are just super heavily googled, or maybe there was something about the amount of twerking in the award show that lured readers in. I have no idea what the answer is, but I'm not exactly complaining. A page view's a page view, and sometimes I find it's better just not to question it.


1. Ja'mie Private School Girl Round-Up

Low and behold, at number one is Ja'mie! Is it surprising? Most definitely. To be honest, I wasn't sure if countries besides Australia actually watched it or cared about it, but evidently, they seem to. That in itself is pretty exciting, but really what takes the cake is the level of search engine optimisation this post has garnered. Seriously, my photos come up on Google images and everything! How cray can life get? I'm feeling pretty cool that a man parading around as a teenage girl in a dress is one of the things Australia is known for.

There's also a bunch of other information I've been able to gather from my blog in the past 12 months. Surprisingly, the international audience is as follows:

1. United States, 8,597 views
2. Australia, 5,778 views
3. United Kingdom, 1,871 views
4. Ukraine, 1,014 views
5. France, 760 views
6. Germany, 747 views
7. Turkey, 510 views
8. Canada, 380 views
9. China, 105 views
10. Spain, 102 views

I am super stoked about all of this international diversity. I'm serious, I feel so proud. Who knew Teenage Fanatic had undergone such globalisation? Damn, I feel so accomplished and well-travelled (despite the fact I've only ever been to one other country in my entire life).

On top of all this, I also have a list of some frequently used search terms, which are always entertaining to have a quick browse at.

2. Ja'mie Private School Girl
3. Ja'mie Private School Girl Mitchell
4. Miley Cyrus 2004
5. Miley Cyrus Career Timeline
6. Annoying Person Tumblr
7. Fanatic Person
8. Ariana Grande Dialogue
9. Carrie 2013 Tumblr
10. Mother Gothel is the Evil Queen

From this little list, I think we can all understand why some of my previously mentioned blog posts have shot to popularity. Though I have to say, I'm a bit shocked that people actually google me. How cool is that? People take time out of their day to look up this crummy little blog. I suppose a major thank you is in order! So as promised, THANK YOU! Some of the other search terms I don't even understand. Can someone tell me what exactly 'Ariana Grande Dialogue' means? Who even looks for that? I mean, do they want the dialogue of her entire life like some sort of sick transcript? And how did my blog link to that? If the perpetrator's reading this, feel free to enlighten me.

I feel like I've milked this blog post for as long as I can. I just want to finish by celebrating once more the fact that I've spent one whole year on this thing and haven't yet lost the will to live or type ever again.

Now go on and find a place in the rest of humanity once more before you lose your minds! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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