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Guest Post: Cool Modern Bands and Artists

Hello again blogosphere! Today, I will once again be experimenting with guest posting, however this time instead of doing some crossover blog work, the post is written by none other than my friend Joanna. As you've probably gathered from the title, this post will be totally revolving around some of the popular bands and artists spread across the inter-web circa 2014 (which I openly admit I pretty much know nothing about). Are you ready to see the result of this experimentation? I know I am. Get ready and see what the music of today has to offer . . .

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Hello readers of Annabel's blog! My name is Jo and I am a friend of hers. I have some things to say and I'm going to say them. I am not as obsessed with musicals as Annabel is and I believe that this blog is seriously lacking some info on bands and modern musicians, so I am going to enlighten you and speak about my favourites (in order of the immense love that I feel towards them).

1. Bastille

Now you may know them as those guys who sing the 'EH-EH-OH' song, or 'Pompeii' as it is actually called. The band is made up of 4 British men known as Dan, Woody, Kyle and Will. They aren't like the ones who sing about the birds and the bees and drugs and god knows what else. They incorporate history and myths into their songs and I have been known to cry through more than one of their songs. I recommend 'Oblivion' and 'Bad Blood'. 

2. Panic! At the Disco

These guys are probably most famous with the teens from the 00's, as they were part of the punk/alternative rock of that time. Long fringes and eyeliner were big back then, but this takes nothing away from their music as it is creative and amazing. Their new album was released in 2012 and features some of my favourite songs. I recommend 'Collar Full' and 'Vegas Lights'. 

3. Chvrches 

This Scottish trio is more techno but the vocals and melodies are astounding and really catchy. They don't get radio time even though they are one of the best up and coming groups this year. If you've gone to festivals around the world then you may have heard of them and their live performance is meant to be spectacular. I suggest 'Gun' and 'The Mother We Share'. 

4. Ellie Goulding

I really love Ellie because of the meaning in her songs and her style of singing. Of course she is really gorgeous but I think her musical talent and the confidence and ease that she sings with is really a skill. Her music videos are so creative and I'm always left thinking that she's got the full package and she is the perfect woman! I recommend 'Guns and Horses' and 'I Know you Care'. 

5. Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen or Foxes as she is known in the music industry gives me chills whenever I hear her sing. When I saw her in concert she was BRILLIANT performing original songs with excellent vocals. You've probably heard her and you don't even know it. She collaborated with Zedd on the hit song 'Clarity'. I recommend 'Echo' and 'Youth'. 

6. The Killers

Whenever I hear their songs I have to get up and run around like the uncoordinated dancer that I am. They are a band from Las Vegas and have a similar sound to Imagine Dragons who could be a younger twin. Some of their music is a few years old so you may have heard their hits like 'Mr Brightside'. I remember listening nonstop to their album when I was about 10, it fuelled my love for rock and alternative. I recommend 'Human' and 'I Can't Stay'. 

7. The 1975

These guys are a reasonably new addition to my playlist and so far I have really enjoyed them. They have a really good bass line and Matt Healy's vocals provide a great contrast to the usual generic voices we constantly hear on the radio. I recommend 'Chocolate' and 'Settle Down'.


These 3 American sisters take cool to a whole new level. Awesome vocals and harmonies to match. They play all their own music and their musical talent doesn't just stop at singing, there's a Bass player, a lead guitar, keyboard and percussion. I recommend 'Falling' and 'If I Could Change Your Mind'. 

Now my children I hope I have completely ruined your life by getting you addicted and obsessed with one of these fantastic artists so I will leave. Please just remember that the music that is played on the radio isn't the only good music out there! 


Jo xxxx

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I am proud to say that I have heard of two of these artists, I feel so mainstream. So there you have it readers, here are some bands and artists you should consider checking out next time you're having an aimless browse on the wondrous music search engine that is Youtube. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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