Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer Blog Challenge 6: Summer Senses

Greetings blogosphere members! The time has come for my next instalment of the Summer Blog Challenge, this time totally revolving around the theme of 'Summer Senses'. Given that there are 5 of them (or 6 according to Hayley Joel Osment), I was given quite a bit of freedom with this post. But come on, if I had to choose my favourite sense, no doubt it would be taste. Because seriously, food wins over everything! Food or sleep? Food. Food or breathing? Food. Food or tumblr? Now that's just a bridge too far. However, I think you've all now got an accurate depiction of the importance that is the glorious world of all that is edible. So, to truly knock this challenge out of the park, I've decided to include some of the most awesome summer food recipes available! Are you excited? I know I am. Stick around for the awesome culinary epicness to come . . .

Sandal Cookies

What would be better to munch away on in the summer heat than cookies shaped as your go-to beach footwear? The answer is absolutely nothing. They look ridiculously awesome and cute, plus they incorporate a large array of sugary goodness in just one bite! That my friends is the definition of a food miracle. Perhaps the only downside is there may be misconceptions when you're trying to explain what they are to your international friends. Seriously, I even struggled with creating my subheading! In Australia we call them thongs, however if I rocked up to a bunch of people from America and was all like 'I made you some thong cookies!', they'd probably run screaming in the opposite direction (and if they didn't, that doesn't reflect very well on their part, and you should probably be the one bolting for your life). Confusion aside, I say you go for it and make these sweet treats, and because I'm awesome, I've even provided a link for you so you can get baking ASAP!

Hawaiian Beach Cake

There's nothing greater than the beaches on the island of Hawaii, except perhaps ones that are edible. I mean come on, check out this construction of awesomeness! Doesn't this just look like the perfect summer cake? It truly is a masterpiece. And look at all that intricacy! It's nothing if not impressive. I've never wanted to eat sand so much in my life, but I guess if it's made from crumbled up cookie pieces, I can be excused. Not totally lured yet? I don't know what's wrong with you. Come on, give it a go and have a look at a recipe on how to create this epic dessert.

Sandcastle Cake

It seems that we're going back to the beach with this cake, however this time we're getting a bit more up close and personal with the sand. Doesn't this truly look magnificent? This castle's fit for a pint-sized princess, and simultaneously looks super duper delish. What makes it even better is the fact that it contains mega awesome ingredients. I've always been of the opinion that the cone of an ice cream really is the best part, so now, with these waffle cone turrets, everybody wins. All the detail is seriously the best, even down to the edible rocks hanging around the sand at the bottom. Now it's time for you to give it a try, make your very own sandcastle following this handy recipe.

Barbecue Cupcakes

A big part of the summer experience is spending time chilling with the fam bam and having truly epic, barbecued lunches (well you know, at least in Australia it certainly is). So, what better way to signify that than with these grill-a-licious cupcakes? They'll certainly impress males and barbecue enthusiasts alike, plus they look pretty fancy and will be sure to liven up the party. It's pretty much a proven fact that anything miniature looks ridiculously cute and appealing, so there's no way these will disappoint. Plus, this is certainly one way for a vegetarian like me to get their daily meat intake. I don't even think I need to persuade you any further, because really the image does all the talking. Here's the recipe so you can make some of your own awesome, barbecue-tastic creations!

So that's pretty much where I'll leave it for today. I bet this is where you're all at right now, and for that, I apologise (though you know I don't mean it of course):

Sorry for inducing so much hunger. I hope I at least inspired you to progress with your summer baking, and create some super awesome, totally lick able desserts. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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