Friday, 29 August 2014

A Very Happy Birthday Lea!

Greetings again blogosphere members! I am very excited to announce that today, being August 29th, marks my idol Lea Michele's 28th birthday! On this day, I seriously feel as if I'm getting another birthday a mere 25 days after my own, and I always go all out to try and celebrate it. In the past, I've been known to whip up a batch of vegan, dark chocolate cupcakes, given that they're one of her favourite foods. This year, I plan on doing everything I can in bringing to life Lea's recipes published in her awesome autobiographical, how-to book 'Brunette Ambition'. However, the celebrations do not stop there. Today, I plan to list some of the reasons why 'Glee' star Lea Michele is seriously just amazingly awesome. You ready? I think yes.

She has some Seriously Awesome Talent

I thought that we might as well start with an obvious one, because there's absolutely no doubt in the world that Lea Michele is one talented celebrity. I mean come on, she'd made it onto Broadway at age 8, in Les Misérables no less! Who even does that? Not to mention, she originated the role of Wendla in 'Spring Awakening' (a Tony Award winning Broadway musical), and is now currently starring as Rachel Berry on the fabulousness that is 'Glee' (the best show in the universe and recipient of multiple Emmys). Does life get any better than that?

She's got a bunch of other amazing credits as well, however I feel if I keep listing all of her extensive accolades, this post will basically just turn into a replica of Lea Michele's Wikipedia filmography. I don't even care what anyone else thinks, but to me, Lea actually has one of the most amazing voices to ever grace the Earth. Her cover of every song ever is just brilliant, and her recent solo album 'Louder' is absolutely to die for. Anyone else who's heard her sing I'm sure will agree with me on this one.

She's a Super Duper Strong Person

What Lea Michele went through last year with Cory was truly a horrible experience for everyone involved, and it takes a strong person to be able to get through that and come out the other side. I've always loved Lea, but I'm fairly certain even the people who didn't gained respect for her last year after her amazingly heartfelt Teen Choice Awards speech. Losing Cory was immensely difficult for me, so I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose someone so close to you (and fingers crossed I never have to).

On top of all this, Lea's strong in a bunch of other respects also. She's not everyone's favourite person (*cough* Joan Rivers *cough*), and people (celebrities included) have been known to say some pretty awful (untrue) stuff to her, but what does she do? She takes it in her stride. I admire her so much for that, because whenever someone even vaguely implies that Lea Michele isn't as awesome as I know her to be, I completely lose it and let my crayness fly free. How she doesn't go off the handle I have no idea, however that is something that should definitely be commended.

She Hasn't Been Changed by Hollywood

I imagine living constantly in the public eye would be a pretty hard thing to do, and yet Lea Michele has been able to remain true to herself for years now. She's still her natural, quirky self, and in the land of Hollywood, that's not something you see everyday. I mean, come on, it's no secret that plastic surgery seems to be a right of passage among celebrities, yet Lea's not even budged. Sure, maybe it has something to do with the fact that 'Glee' dedicated an entire episode to the awesomeness of her nose, and constantly promotes embracing what makes you different, however I don't exactly think she would've been jumping at the opportunity to go under the knife if that wasn't the case. What's really admirable about Lea is that she doesn't care if she isn't looking or acting exactly like everyone else in the world, she's satisfied with being who she is (which, for the record, is super awesome). 

She Has Awesome Relationships with her Co-Workers

This may seem like a strange and totally random attribute to pinpoint, however to us gleeks, this is of vital importance. It absolutely sucks when characters you look up to and idolise can't even get along in real life. Seriously, it's just the worse. Luckily, with Lea, this isn't even close to the case. Exhibit A - Jonathan Groff. They first met and worked together almost 10 years ago when they both auditioned for the off-Broadway production of 'Spring Awakening', and since then, have remained absolute biffle for liffles

On top of that, I think we're all pretty aware that Lea and the 'Glee' cast are all super duper tight. They go out all the time, they mess around in interviews, it's seriously just the best. I mean really, Lea and Dianna even lived together at one point (although she unfortunately had to move out due to her allergy to Lea's cats)! Seeing a cast actually be friends off-screen not only evokes some serious fangirling, but also proves that Lea knows how to work in a professional forum and make friendships with ease. Isn't she just awesome?

She Tries a bit of Everything

Sure, sticking to one thing can sometimes be great, but it's nice to know Lea doesn't limit herself in any sense of the word. Let's take a little stroll down memory lane just to prove how much she's managed to accomplish. Well, she started on Broadway before she got to double digits, starred in a Tony winning musical, and got a lead role in a hit television show all before the age of 25. But wait, there's more. From what I've just listed, Lea's already got singing, dancing and acting down pat, but her awesomeness doesn't stop there. She's an advocate for PETA and lead their 'Buck Cruelty' campaign against horse drawn carriages (which I myself helped her in tweeting Mayor Bloomberg about back in the day), does a bucket-load of charity work, has been the spokesperson of two major brands (Candies and L'Oreal Paris), and even managed to release her own book and #1 album. And she's only 28! That's pretty amazing. Not to mention she has an animated movie called 'Legends of Oz: Dorothy Returns' hitting Australian cinemas soon.

So that's now the end of my little celebratory post. Now I hope you all go out, tweet Lea a happy birthday, and do something to celebrate! Trust me, I know what I'll be doing:

Enjoy your lives until we meet again. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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