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Worst Movie Endings Ever

Greetings again blogosphere! I feel that I should warn you all before I start, because today, I'm going to be addressing a couple of things that may bring up some traumatic memories. Brace yourselves for the rehashing of some of the worst movie endings ever. Don't you just hate it when you're really getting into a film and then it just randomly ends unsatisfyingly and then on the outside you're just like:

And then on the inside you're like:

 So I apologise in advance for bringing back your feelings of rage. Without further ado, here are some of the worst . . .

500 Days of Summer

I actually really like this movie, which is why it sucks so much that the ending was just one big bag of depressing. I thought it was clever and cute and all that jazz, until things took a turn for the majorly awful. So there's this dude called Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who's totally obsessed with this girl called Summer (Zooey Deschanel) who's all quirky and anti-commitment. Like you're average rom-com, the two grow closer and everything's all butterflies and rainbows until the predictable complication. However, instead of resolving itself, we flash forward into the future and see that she's getting married to someone else! Sure, I guess it's supposed to be poignant and reflective of reality or whatever, but I hate that. Hollywood is fake for a reason, so every movie ever can have a happy ending and we can all lie to ourselves. That's what movies are for. Also, to make it even worse, the girl Tom meets at the end of the movie is called Autumn. Autumn! There wasn't a better, less cliché name to choose from? Grrr.









Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Okay, I guess this one's a little different from the norm considering the plotline kind of had to follow the book, but this still earns its place on the list. The entire movie was actually pretty great. It was funny, it was dramatic, everything was just all geeky and Harry Potter-y (the way it should be), but what really got me was the very end. The first time I watched it at the movies, I actually didn't even notice it had been going for about 3 hours, I seriously thought it was only half way through. So then when I just saw Harry, Hermione and Ron standing around talking about having to go into battle, logically, I thought we'd see some kind of showdown. It's just a thing. In every movie (or book), Harry saves the day with the help of his little friends. Well not this time. It seems that in Half Blood Prince, logic took the day off, and so now apparently what happens in movies is that you announce something super dramatic and then cue the credits. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this came out in 2009, and I still haven't got over it. I mean luckily there were two more movies after that, but still, that wasn't cool.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

I'm not really a 'Lord of the Rings' fan at all, but like many people, I do have a father, and mine just happened to indoctrinate me with these movies when I was little and didn't really have a mind of my own. Even though I was young and had these movies forced upon me against my will, I was still able to recognise that the last movie in the trilogy had some major problems. It was just your usual movie with your classic orientation, complication and resolution (of course with a bit of random fantasy stuff thrown in there as well). However, the only problem is that after the resolution, the movie didn't end. It seriously just kept going and going, it was awful. Legitimately, everything was over, the good guys had prevailed, and then there was just 45 minutes of everyone hugging. How is that entertaining?

Dark Shadows

I don't even know if the end of this movie was particularly bad, but it was just weird and confusing. Of course I was originally lured by this movie. I mean, who wouldn't be? A good cast, vampires, what's not to love? And yeah, I liked the movie, but the end was actually seriously cray. It was like an explosion of melodrama. For most of it, it was just a cool dark comedy, but then it started getting really weird and boring. Everything started falling apart, and then the daughter Carolyn was revealed to be a werewolf, and all this other random stuff started happening and it slowly became super unrealistic (which is hard to do in a vampire movie). Also, the very end where (spoiler alert) Helena Bonham Carter's character just randomly came back to life in the ocean. Was that supposed to be some kind of hint at a sequel? If not, then that was just teasingly mean. And if it was, perhaps that's not such a good idea considering the diabolical ending of the first one.

West Side Story

As a lover of all musicals, this one really pains me to admit, but I really do dislike the ending of 'West Side Story'. I mean for the most of it, you just go along with the improbable plot and dancing gangs because you're like 'it's all fine, it's just a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, how could Shakespeare steer us in the wrong direction?', but then he does. I know I probably sound callous, but I was super upset that Maria didn't die as well. Not because I'm some kind of sadist who enjoys watching people lose their lives, but because it was supposed to be like Romeo and Juliet! They were both supposed to die and it was supposed to be some kind of glorious tragedy! But it wasn't. It just ended with Tony dying and Maria being upset about it. I legitimately sat through the entire credits waiting for her to die, and it never happened. I'm all for modern interpretations, but not ones where you just change the entire plot. Seriously, I sat through a dancing fight scene for that! At least on the plus side, I like the music (or you know, the 'Glee' version of the music).

So that's the end of my judgemental post. I hope this hasn't brought up too many traumatic, anger filled memories of past unfulfilling movie endings. Let's move forward and hope movie makers and directors get smarter and stop making us homicidal. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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