Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Greetings once again my readers! Today as you may or may not be aware is St Patrick's Day, so yay! Of course, this holiday doesn't really mean anything and is normally forgotten, but any excuse to make a celebratory blog post, am I right? So what will I be bombarding you guys with to commemorate this pointless occasion you may ask? Well, today I plan on listing some of the funniest and most outrageous St Patrick's Day costumes (because yes, some people actually go full out with it). So without further ado, feast your eyes on some of these monstrosities . . .


At first glance. this costume doesn't really look that bad. Sure, it's hideously green and flamboyant, but it's not exactly a massive shocker. That is however, until you find out that it's called a 'Big Daddy Pimp Costume'. I just gave one question, why? Why would someone want to wear this ever, let alone on St Patrick's Day? What does that have to do with anything ever? Who knows though, Ireland may be swarming with pimps, and this may be a really clever costume (although I seriously doubt that). It's just creepily weird and wrong, and definitely shouldn't be seen on anyone ever. 


I honestly don't know who ever thought this was a good idea, but low and behold, someone did. The sad thing is that they probably put so much effort into this. Paper mâché is difficult and takes a lot of effort! Not to mention all that exquisite paint work. Then, on top of all that, they had to be smothered by that mutant mask all day. I mean, I have to give them credit, wearing what looks like a 6 year old's first art project takes some determination (especially when they have in them the smallest breathing holes known to man). But seriously, no, just no. 


Well isn't this just extraordinarily sad. I have to admit, I've attempted to dress my dog up many a time (unfortunately to no avail), but this may be going just a little to far. Do dogs really need to be roped in to the St Patrick's Day holiday? Let's face it, the majority of humans don't even celebrate it, so why force it upon your pets? And why dress them as a leprechaun? You could just go with something simple and green, but no, why do that when you can dress your canine up like a mythical, which granting midget? 


I have to say, this does get the point across. Considering St Patrick's Day is renowned for being all about pub crawls and basically anything ever to do with alcohol, this is a pretty accurate representation of the day's festivities. And who doesn't love an honest costume? Plus, it's gold and sparkly, and that just screams celebration (and awesomeness). Also, doesn't that guy just look so happy wearing it? Personally, if I saw someone so creepily happy in an advert, I'd be steering clear, but then again, I (thankfully) know nothing about how to market beer costumes. 


Well isn't this is just a bundle of weirdness? And once again, what's with the animal thing? So many questions, so little time (and sanity). I honestly don't even know what this is. What kind of deranged person would be like 'hey, why don't we get a pig and put it in a green top hat and make it push a trolley that's carrying Guinness for no particular reason'? It looks like a weird screen cap from the Irish remake of Babe (if one were to ever be made). I suppose logic's too far gone to even say anything else about this one. What is life? What have we come to?

So that's the end of my (sort of) celebratory, super short St Patrick's Day post! I hope you vaguely and enjoyed or at the very least, are as disturbed by humanity as I am. Enjoy your lives! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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