Thursday, 20 March 2014

6 Non-Innappropriate Things Barney Stinson Has Taught Us

Hello again my readers! To celebrate the upcoming conclusion of the legendary show 'How I Met Your Mother', I thought I would do a little post highlighting some of the not totally inappropriate things that we can learn from main character Barney Stinson (portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris for those of you who have not lived). I know what you're thinking, has Barney Stinson ever said anything appropriate before in his life, how am I possibly going to do this? Well prepare to have your expectations exceeded, because Teenage Fanatic has got you covered. Pleasantries over and done with, lets get into it . . .

Lesson #1: Dress to the Nines

There is never a moment when Barney Stinson is not looking sharp. Is this just by chance? I think not. The Barnacle is known for his moto of 'suiting up', and implements this pretty much all the time. Just give him some cufflinks and a tie and he'll be set for life. He's even got a song about his devotion to suits, so let's face it, no one can beat that. However, that doesn't mean that we can't also try to look snazzy ourselves. Just to be clear, I'm not asking everyone to do a Barney and slap on a suit, because that would be super weird. All I'm saying is that we should all try and dress in something pretty snazzy (or at least something that Barney would deem awesome). Let's all get into the Stinson zone and have our own trademark fashion statement that we're never seen without. No, that doesn't mean you should discard the tracksuit pants (ever, because they're super awesome), it just means maybe don't wear them to a wedding or something (talk about an awkward turtle moment).

Lesson #2: Always be Photo Ready

Barney's ability to prepare himself for a photo is actually quite remarkable. Whether he's stifling a sneeze or downing some hot salsa, the Stinson is always ready for his close up. Unfortunately, we don't all seem to posses this super human talent, us normal folk forced to actually prepare for photos. However, next time your in front of the lens, why don't you give it a go. Let's establish our own signature pose, and soon enough, people will be accusing us of having super human abilities (which let's face, is everyone's major life goal). For some tips and tricks, you can always mosey on over to Barney's actual, real life blog (or do what any normal person would do in a photo and just smile, that always works).

Lesson #3: Be Confident

It's a well known fact that if Barney Stinson is anything, he's certainly confident. Sure he's had some hits and also some spectacular misses, but one thing he's never seen without is self assurance. Chuck away your self doubt and just replace it with awesomeness instead. Why worry when you could just throw on a smug smile and live your life free from nerves? Next time you have an assessment due or some big responsibility you have to deal with, just think, what would Barney do? Sure, in most cases he'd probably just blow off all his duties and engage in a mammoth session of laser tag, but you can kind of take that and appropriate it to your own life (in a way that doesn't make you fail miserably). Basically, just deck yourself out in an optimistic attitude and have so much self-belief that it verges on arrogance. Sure, you may become a friendless loner, but at least you can wave goodbye to that self-doubt for good. 

Lesson #4: Become a Master at Devising Plans

It's no secret that when it comes to meticulously laying out plans, Barney Stinson's your man. From 'The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn' to 'The Mrs Stinsfire', it seems that every hoax and scheme that he's ever created is all down to his ability to plan. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to only use this power for evil (although it is more fun). Whether it's doing your homework or organising your day, I think everyone could benefit from some better planning. Just think, how much easier would your life be if instead of leaving things till the last minute, we all actually did things ahead of time and made them super awesome. Also, what a way to transform mundane everyday tasks into something not so painstakingly boring. Want to jazz up your life? Go all 'Hannah Montana' and devise a whole new persona for yourself, complete with your very own website and Facebook page. Or you know, just come up with a couple of schemes to maybe get out of some homework or something, however extreme you want to go with it.

Lesson #5: Accept All Challenges

Whenever a challenge arrises, Barney is always the first to accept, no questions asked. No matter how great or absurd the task may be, he always sets out to complete it. Sure, sometimes he's doing ridiculous stuff like wearing a ducky tie or dressing as an old man, but you've got to admire his perseverance. Next time you're tossing up between taking on a challenge or being a sad, boring loner, try taking a leaf out of Barney's book and go for the first option. At the very least, it'll make life a little more interesting.  Gone are the days of awkwardly declining people's requests, just throw a Stinson and embrace it. When in doubt, just come out with a confident 'challenge accepted', and you'll be respected by all. As I always say, why sit back and be boring when you can spice your life up with risk and uncertainty?

Lesson #6: Always take Advantage of High Five Opportunities 

Don't know how to celebrate an achievement? Have no fear, just whip out your palm and be the initiator of some super awesome high fives. You don't ever need an excuse to engage in these celebratory hand connections, just get things started whenever you're feeling excited or even slightly amused. Having a bad day? Make things better with a nice and comforting slap to the palm of your friend's hand. However, no matter what the occasion, never settle for a mediocre high five. Just think, would the Barnacle approve of this? You know what they say, if you don't succeed, try and try again. Just keep slapping away awkwardly until you get it right. I have to warn you now, there is a chance that you'll be left hanging on many occasions (which let's face it, is always a blow to the ego), but never give up. Worst comes to worst, there are always mental self fives to motivate you. 

Congratulations on finishing my random little post! Perhaps you could adapt these lessons to your own life (or totally ignore them, let's face it, it doesn't affect me either way). Feel free to move on with your lives now! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. I love How i met your mother and I am sad that it is coming to an end. Barney is a really fun character, but I think sometimes the way he lies to women bothers me.

    1. I love 'How I Met Your Mother' too! After 9 seasons, we have to say goodbye, how sad! You gotta love Barney, despite his terrible morals haha :)

  2. Loved reading this post, very inspiring!
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