Wednesday, 19 February 2014

7 Myths About Teens

Hello again blogosphere! Today, I just thought it would be cool to point out 7 myths floating around about the wacky lives of teenagers (being one myself). Who knows, some of what I say may actually be informed and accurate for once (but let's face it, don't get your hopes up).

Myth #1: Using 'text speak' makes you Stupid

Being a slang-wielding teen myself, I can testify that this is 100% incorrect. I mean yeah, there are heaps of teenagers who use this so called 'text speak' and happen to be stupid, but whether or not they use colloquial language wouldn't affect the fact that they're probably just naturally super dumb anyway. As you've probably already noticed in these blog posts, I like to throw around a bit of terminology frequented in the urban dictionary, that's just how I roll. Does that make me stupid? No (there are many other factors contributing to that, let's not blame it entirely on the slang). Let's just think about it for a moment, what would the world be without new, made up words? We'd still be stuck in the 17th century and conversing using entirely Shakespearean terms. Personally, I don't want to live in a world where 'cray' and 'awesomeness' don't exist.

Myth #2: Teenagers are wrong about Life

This may seem a little extreme (probably because it is), but it's also quite true. It seems to be a myth that just because someone is older, they think that they're opinion is more valid than ours. Just because someone's been alive for a greater amount of time, doesn't mean they're necessarily right. If I were to say, have a debate with someone about 'Glee' (which wouldn't happen, because I'd just be automatically right, but whatever), does that mean that just because the person I'm talking to is older, I would be wrong? It's true, just think about it. There's your teachers, there's your parents, you're constantly just a big bag of wrong, all the time. All the time, you're forced to just let them win the argument, because they can enforce consequences. What's with that?

Myth #3: Teens Lie a Lot

I will bet you that there are some people who are just constantly thinking 'damn those lying adolescents', and I don't blame them, teenagers get a bad rap. But that doesn't make anything that they say correct, ever. Yeah, some teens have been known to do some lying in their time, but let's face it, so have adults. And if there are any other teens even remotely similar to me, then there are some super terrible liars out there in the adolescent world. Seriously, I can't even lie about something really minor without creating an entire backstory and having a 30 minute freak out beforehand.  So yeah, it's true that some teens lie a lot, but only as much as some adults do, the two definitely don't go hand in hand (unfortunately, damn my lack of lying talent).

Myth #4: All Teens are Massive Risk Takers

I can absolutely, 100%, call this one out right now. How am I so sure? Take a look at exhibit a, me. I seriously freak out about pretty much everything. Any ride at the Easter Show that goes upside down, you can count me out. Pretty much all activities at camp, I freak out and don't participate in. Yes, I'm one of those people, and you know what, I also happen to be a teen. My fear of anything remotely risky doesn't stop there, oh no, pretty much any teenage activities like planking on balconies or getting all hyped up on drugs, I'm running the other way. See, some teens can be just as boring as adults!

Myth #5: Every Teen only lives for Partying

No, just no. Once again speaking from my (sheltered, boring) personal experience, this so isn't the case. I've never been to a rager party or anything like that, and quite frankly, don't really want to. Ever. Sure you hear all these stories about all these randoms teens who do stuff like that, but for those who do, there are a dozen more who don't. There's this whole other group of teenagers, the nerdy people who spend all of their free time on tumblr or writing on their blog (or maybe that's just me). Why can't that stuff be in the news? I'd love to log on to the Sydney Morning Herald website and see the headline 'teen spends entire day on her computer watching Glee', because that's pretty much an accurate depiction of my life. 

Myth #6: Peer Pressure is a Major Thing that All Teens are Affected by

People always tend to think 'damn those weak willed teens, all dressing the same and acting like clones of one another', but that's just a massive lie. To be completely honest, you only ever see that group of mean girls all wearing the same designer clothes on television. Does that actually happen? Maybe in America, but not in my school it doesn't. If someone walked into my school with a Prada backpack on a mufti day, they'd be a laughing stock, guaranteed. I mean yeah, you do tend to see people all walking around wearing the same style of hipster clothing, but there are always exceptions (and once again, I seem to be one of them). I'm the girl who rocks up in skirts and the occasional knee sock, that's my form of yoloing. And I'm also the person who'll constantly fangirl about 'Glee' rather then go off and fantasise about 'One Direction'. So yeah, some people get caught up in the peer pressure stuff, but there are some strong willed, super stubborn teenagers out there too (represent!). 

Myth #7: Teenagers are Moody all the time

Let's face it, everyone thinks this. Curse those hormonal teenagers and their mood swings! And I have to say, this can be quite true some of the time, teenagers can be majorly moody. But it isn't an exclusive teen thing, adults have been known to have their fair share of bi-polar moments as well. I seriously just think it's a human thing that teens get the wrap for. If adults were smooth sailing all the time, then there would be no need for teenagers to act out (logic for the win!). Also, since when has displaying a full range of human emotions been a bad thing? If everyone was super happy everyday of their lives, they'd probably be put on ADHD medication or something. Let's face it , if teens weren't moody occasionally, this blog wouldn't exist. 

Congratulations! You've now reached the end of my weird little ranty blog post. I hope you found it somewhat entertaining and didn't find my opinions too incorrect. That's about it. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx