Sunday, 2 February 2014

So Long January: Hiya February

Hello again readers! I can now officially announce that it is no longer January! How quickly did that go? It's ridiculous. Anyway, as I usually do when a month ends and another one begins, I'm going to give January a proper goodbye by remembering some of the major, memorable events that helped to kick off 2014. Pleasantries complete, let's get into it.

5. Awards Season

As you have probably gathered from my multiple award show posts recently, we are smack bang in the middle of awards season. January, as always, kicks things off with the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and a bunch of other stuff. It's seriously cray. So of course these award shows are memorable, how could we forget some of the hideous fashion choices and super odd behaviour shown at these events? 

4. Kaley Cuoco gets married in secret

Yes, I know that this happened on the 31st of December last year, but to be fair, the news didn't come out until the next day. Plus, due to the time difference, I heard it a day later in Australia. Anyway, enough of my excuses. So yeah, this happened. Kaley Cuoco secretly got married to Ryan Sweeting at the end of last year (which we've already established I'm counting as this year). Plus, what was probably even more of a shocker was that she didn't go down the traditional wedding dress route, rather she wore pink! As a major fan of the colour, I'm a supporter (but I'm probably the only one based on the intense internet ridicule). Even though it seems all of this happened pretty fast, it's become super official now that Kaley's name in the credits of 'The Big Bang Theory' has changed to 'Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting'. You know a relationship's serious when a TV show changes it's credits, there's no going back now. 

3. Glee prepares for it's 100th Episode

Again, this is me being totally biased, but whatever. It's a big thing! Glee's been around since 2009, and now it's finally reaching 100 episodes! That's pretty cool, you have to admit it. Plus, all of the original cast is coming back (except Cory Monteith, of course [insert sad, super depressed face here]). There are also some super cool special guest stars appearing. We've got Chace Crawford (Nate from 'Gossip Girl) and a returning Kristin Chenoweth and Gwyneth Paltrow. How exciting (for no-life Gleeks like me at least)! 

2. Osborne's vs the Hill's

No, this is not some sort of elaborate dream I had, this is legit. It seems that these two famous families had a little run in at the pre Grammys party. Picture an enraged Sharon Osborne throwing food at Jonah Hill's brother. Yeah, things got a bit cray to say the least. Apparently, the tension going on between these two has been prevalent for years, but obviously flared up at this party. Things were going back and forth, and then suddenly food was as well. It all ended with a final glass of water being tossed, before Jonah's brother Jordan finally got up and left. Talk about theatrics. 

1. Justin Bieber gets arrested

I hate that he/she managed to make it to number one, but it seems that the Bieb's shenanigans have reached an all time high. The 19 year old was arrested last week for drag racing and driving under the influence (which is a double whammy considering he's underage). This is just ridiculous, what does he even think he's doing? I don't even know. But one thing's for certain, according to the mugshot released by the Miami Beach Police Department, it seems Justin Bieber has stopped using proactiv

We've now reached the end of my short, weird, monthly post. Now we can all officially wave goodbye to January and say hello to February.

Yep, that's it. I'm officially done. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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