Friday, 28 November 2014

Inside the Katy Perry Prismatic Tour

Blogosphere, welcome back! Boy, do I have exciting stuff in store for you today. Katycats, you guys are about to totally freak out. Not only did I recently go to Katy Perry's Prismatic concert tour once, oh no, I went twice! And yes, it was unbelievably amazing both times. Of course, for those of you who haven't yet been, I'm not going to give away too many spoilers, but I can just warn you now, it will most likely be the best concert you'll go to in your entire life, so just be prepared for that. I think you'll also be pleased to know that my aim today is to not only give you a little low down of the concert experience, but to also incorporate as many pictures my friends and I took while there, so you're totally welcome in advance. Intro complete, let's get down to business . . .

My first Prismatic concert experience I'm happy to say was relatively stress-free, and despite being in the general admission mosh-pitty section, there wasn't much pushing or shoving going on. However, the second time, it was a whole different story. It was like my friends and I were competing with a bunch of starving animals over who got the last piece of human flesh. Despite this extreme, Hunger Games-esque battle for the ultimate position, guess who came out on top? This guy. And how close were we you ask?

That's right, totally touching distance. Although my friends, I can promise you, it wasn't easy. We seriously fought for our position long and hard, and managing to maintain it was a whole different story. Especially when you have to stand in a mass of sweaty, uncomfortably close people who want nothing more than to overtake you. But don't worry, I stood my ground. For 4 hours. In the same position. With no room for movement. But trust me, I'm not even being the least bit sarcastic when I say it was all totally worth it. And why is that? Because Katy Perry and I 100% shared several lengthy eye-contact moments.

Anyway, enough about me and my lame life stories, let's get into some things you guys actually care about. Now I don't know what goes down in other cities or countries, but I know that both times I attended the concert, we were graced with the musical stylings of Betty Who as our opening act. Was she relatively entertaining? Yes, I'll give her that. Plus, she seems nice enough, so that was a bonus. However, as always, the concert to come totally overshadowed all of this. Between the opening act and the time Katy Perry came out, us audience members were privy to some behind the scenes set up, but once that was all done and dusted, spectacular things definitely ensued.

From the moment Katy Perry stepped on stage I can honestly say there was never a dull moment. Every number was a whole new masterpiece, and I often found myself uttering the phrase 'oh my god, is this really happening?'. Expect the impossible my friends, that's all I can say.

One of the (many) things that I was thoroughly impressed with was the amount of detail that went into everything that happened on stage. It was all planned down to a tee, and I felt like we were all invited to an explosion of the technicolor insides of Katy Perry's mind. From the extravagant costumes to the amazing set, it was seriously a once in a lifetime experience (that I got to go to twice).

It's obvious that Katy likes to have a lot of input into her concerts, because literally everything we got to see showed another quirky side of her personality. I'm not even close to kidding when I say I'd love to go again, so if you have a spare ticket, feel free to let me come with you for the third time.

Another thing that really made the concert awesome was the fact that a whole lot of her old songs were chucked in there as well. I always hate it when artists come out and only play the songs from their new album and forget about what got them to where they are, but luckily, this definitely wasn't the case. I can't think of an old song she didn't perform, and to make it even better, Katy decided to shake things up a bit. I don't want to give too many hints away as to what's in store for you when you go, but let me just say she decides to give one of her classics a Broadway, jazzy, feline touch.

Despite the fact that this concert was certainly a ginormous spectacle, there were also moments where Katy toned it down a bit and just sang with her guitar. Not only was this a really nice change of pace, but it allowed us to hear her really sing without all the production behind her, which I am pleased to say was pretty great. She really brought it in the vocals department, and managed to interact with all her fans.

Speaking of Katy mingling with her fans, this just so happened to be one of the most interactive concerts I've been to in my life. There are selfies galore, there's pizza distribution, and last but definitely not least, there's a massive birthday celebration. If it happens to be your birth-a-versary and you have a prime position in the mosh pit, you're in for a definite treat.

All in all, let me just say, you absolutely need to go to this concert as soon as possible. Sure, you can just buy front row tickets to the concert movie in cinemas, but watching this live is just the best thing anyone can ever experience. Finding a concert to top this one is going to be a very difficult challenge which I don't really intend to complete, but I can always wait another two years for the next album tour. I practically just stood there in the moshpit, gob smacked the whole time thinking 'wow, this is all so expensive!'. It was just so awesome in every single aspect. The computer graphics were unbelievable, the dance routines were amazing, and the pyrotechnics at the end really just put a glittery cap on the night.

Now I'm afraid that my Katy Perry Prismatic tour round-up has come to an end, and we all have to go back to our drab, boring lives which contain significantly less fluro. If you can, try and get concert tickets right this moment, and if you can't, well at least you got to take a look at all my (original!) photos. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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    1. She so does! She's so awesome! Thanks for the link :) x

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