Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Best Shows I Discovered This Year

Hello readers, welcome back! Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the awesome television shows I luckily stumbled upon throughout the duration of 2014. It's not secret I love me some television, so I thought, why not share my findings with the rest of the world (or at least the small minority of it who are actually reading this)? Without further ado, may I present to you your obsessions for the next few months . . .

Faking It

I happened to stumble upon this show as I was scrolling through a couple of posts on Tumblr. Understandably, I was lured from just a simple gif set, and things progressed from there. What exactly is it about? Now this one's a little tricky to explain. In a school where being avant garde is cool, schoolgirls Karma and Amy jump at the opportunity to be a part of the in crowd when they are mistaken as lesbians by out-and-proud school ringleader Shane. Things get complicated as they have to keep up the charade, love interest Liam and arch enemy Lauren putting a spanner in the works. I know it all sounds a bit convoluted, but trust me, the show is actually super awesome. It's basically your typical teen MTV comedy with a fresh new take. Do I suggest you watch it? Most definitely. Like seriously, right now.

Bates Motel

Okay, I know this one technically didn't premiere in 2014, however I did clearly state up the top that they were shows I discovered this year, and we all know I'm a bit slow at copping onto things in popular culture (unless of course it's Broadway related). Although, it did only come out last year, so I'm really not even that delayed. For those of you familiar with Hitchcock's 'Psycho', this show kind of acts as a prequel to that (however it's deliberately not set in the correct time period). We get an insight into the life of a 17 year old Norman Bates, and are privy to the dynamics of the relationship between he and his mother Norma. There's murder, there's intrigue, and there's oh so much drama. It really is ridiculously awesome, and the violence factor isn't over the top for those of you who tend to be squeamish. 

Finding Carter

Yet again another MTV show graces the list, however this time, it's certainly not a comedy. The renownedly comedic channel showed off its dramatic side with new show 'Finding Carter'. It surrounds a teenaged girl named Carter who lives with her single mother Lori, leading a relatively average life. However, this normality doesn't last long, as she soon discovers that the woman she thought was her mother her entire life had actually kidnapped her at age 3. The show then follows Carter as she is reunited with her family and is forced to re-evaluate her entire life. Okay, I definitely know what you're thinking, 'why the hell is this overly dramatic soap opera on the list?', however, I can assure you this is not the case. The synopsis sounds a tad ostentatious, although that really is not a reflection of the awesomeness of the show. And trust me, it's not all doom and gloom, there are some comedic elements chucked in there as well. Come on, just give it a go and I promise you won't be disappointed. 

How to Get Away with Murder

If you love a good mystery and of course some creative and unexpected murders, I can guarantee this show is for you. Surrounding a bunch of students studying criminal law at Middleton University, the show follows professor Annalise Keating as she attempts to win her array of court cases. However, to add to this intrigue, there is also a central murder introduced in the pilot via a range of flash forwards which we discover more and more about as the series progresses. So much mystery, so little time. Come on, there's absolutely no way you aren't already lured. This show is seriously so so good, and I can guarantee you'll enjoy binge watching it as fast as you can. Also, good news, episode 5 was only recently released in America, which means you really don't have many episodes to catch up on before you're up to date.

Jane the Virgin

If you're freaked out by the title, have no fear, I haven't turned into some kind of indecent maniac, there is a method to my madness. This show is also relatively new, revolving around 23 year old Jane, who accidentally gets artificially inseminated by her super distracted doctor. The plot's totally improbable, the twists and turns are outrageous, but it's just so quirky and awesome I promise you can't help but like it. It's so much better than your standard fare, and it's probably because the main character is just so likeable. I highly suggest you give it a go as soon as possible. 

So that's now the end of my micro list. I hope you found some pretty cool television inspiration, and have 5 new awesome shows to binge watch in your free time. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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