Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Blog Challenge 5: Packing for Summer

Hello again blogosphere! Get ready for another instalment of the summer blog challenge coming your way. This time, the theme is all about the idea of packing for summer, which is essential for anyone wishing to travel lightly throughout the summer break (unless you're experiencing winter like Australia, in which case you can just read and dream of warmer weather). Hopefully this little list of multi-functional clothes will be all you need to pop in your suitcase. Intro complete, let's get things started . . .

Convertible T-Shirt

Most people don't want to be caught wearing the same outfit two days in a row, however with this little number, you can totally get away with it and everyone will be none the wiser. Personally, I think this top's just magical. Not only is it two tops for the price of one, but two tops for the suitcase space of one, which is always a must have when it comes to packing. Plus, to make this experience even more awesome for you, I haven't just told you about it, oh no, I've also shown you where it's available. Get your own top of sorcery here.

Infinity Dress

The awesomeness doesn't end there folks. It seems that this dress also has another persona that it can transform into at the tug of a strap. Need to go out to a fancy dinner a few times whilst on your holiday? No worries, just bring this fabulous dress and shape shift from night to night. Isn't one bag travelling looking more and more realistic? 

Every Piece of Clothing Ever

This is seriously the most convertible piece of clothing I've ever laid eyes on in my entire life. Is your brain hurting from trying to study all of the pictures super closely? Because mine certainly is. You can have a scarf, a skirt, a dress, a top, a poncho and even a bag! And no, you don't just get one of each, because in total, this little piece of fabric can give you 15 different forms of clothing! That's just insane. Need I say more?

Tent Poncho

This is actually, no joke, one of the best things ever. Planning a summer camping trip? You're sorted. Not only do you get a tent out of it, but you can also get a snazzy looking poncho. It seems that this Japanese creation is taking the world by storm. Why don't you become the next trend setter and give it a go?

Reversible Dress

Once again, it seems that we've got a multi-purpose dress, however this time, it comes in two colours. Ever walked into a store and seen something you like, yet can't decide upon which colour to buy? In the words of the wise, young Mexican girl on the Old El Paso ads, per che no los dos? With this little number, you can mix it up and have both colours, changing it up simply by turning the dress inside out. You've got to love the versatility! 

So that officially marks the end of my post. From the 5 items I've listed, you have 22 forms of clothing (and 1 tent)! How cool is that? You're now all set to start packing for a fun summer getaway without bringing along every suitcase you own. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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