Monday, 28 July 2014

Wedding Dress Debate: Can You Wear White to a Wedding?

Hello my readers, welcome back! Today, I plan on addressing a debate that has been constantly pressing down on wedding goers everywhere - is it okay to wear white at someone else's wedding? My post today didn't just come out of nowhere, in fact it was inspired by a post regarding the very same issue on This can sometimes be a tricky issue to tackle, I mean, what if you upstage the bride? Or what if you get ridiculed by everyone in attendance? Don't worry, Teenage Fanatic is here to make a final judgement call on the matter and determine what exactly is socially acceptable in the least embarrassing way possible. Want to put this to rest once and for all? Keep on reading and discover the verdict . . .

Aisle Be There Dress in Lily by Modcloth

I am not a traditionalist in any way, shape or form, so it's only natural that I am totally on board with guests being able to wear white at a wedding (hence the randomly dispersed dress suggestions throughout this blog post). We're no longer stuck in the 1800's, so why not disregard some of the old, overly conventional wedding dress regulations? Let's face it, brides themselves some of the time don't even stick to wearing white, so why should guests conform? I say if it's done in good taste, go for your life and wear as much cream coloured clothing as you wish.

Regent Dress by Review

However, although I'm all for it, there are some boundaries that you probably shouldn't cross just yet. Wearing all white is totally fine, provided you don't totally steal the bride's spotlight (no matter how tempting that may be). Perhaps steer clear of anything vaguely resembling your typical wedding gowns. What exactly does that entail? If you find yourself rocking up in a dress covered from tip to toe in white lace, you know you've probably gone in a massively wrong direction. And please, whatever you do, stay away from anything floor length. Seriously, the length of a white dress determines whether you're dressed for the alter or dressed for the pews. I think you've all at least got the required bare minimum intelligence to determine for yourself what's appropriate and what's not, because really anything that doesn't turn into this will ultimately be A okay:

On the other hand, if you aim to totally overshadow the bride, then I suggest this is the best idea for you. I think everyone's secretly resentful at weddings, but for those of you actually willing to go the whole hog and fully frock up, disregard the last paragraph and just throw on whatever you want. For the rest of us in a relatively sane state of mind (who are we kidding? if you're reading my blog that's probably not you), then there are other ways you can ensure you stick away from anything verging on bridal.

Lara Crochet Skirt Dress by Forever New

To truly differentiate your white little number from a full on bridal gown, perhaps add something a little vibrant to truly set yourself apart. Accessories can often transform an entire outfit, so by adding a fun, sparkly belt, you automatically establish yourself as being a guest who flies under the radar, rather than the bride's number one adversary. Because let's face it, there's nothing more cray than a woman on her wedding day, so why make yourself the target of her insanity? Better safe than sorry I say.

Short High Neck Dress by XOXO

So that's officially the end of my short little fashion themed post. I thought I'd shake things up a bit today, and if I do say so myself, I think I managed to do just that. Hopefully I've managed to settle the debate for you all, and you now feel free to where as much white as you please around a church without feeling the need to get hitched. Now go on and live your lives! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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