Monday, 19 May 2014

NIDA Work Experience

Hello once again members of the blogosphere! You may have noticed that in the past week I haven't been particularly active in my blogging endeavours. Why would this be? Believe it or not, it is not due to the fact that I'm just ridiculously slack, but rather because I was lucky enough to complete my work experience at NIDA in the past week. As you can probably imagine it would be, it was absolutely amazing. Seriously, it was super awesome! You've probably gathered by now that, in the words of Mr G, singing and dancing and acting is my life. So of course, this was just a week of me living out my little, nerdy, musical theatre dreams. And no, I'm not doing this blog post to be annoyingly braggy (trust me, I'd be way more obvious about it), but just so you can get a sense of the awesomeness this institute provides (and okay, maybe I'm bragging just a little).

Just letting you know, I have absolutely no idea if this applies to any of you. If you're interested in the performing arts and are looking for somewhere to complete your work experience, you couldn't have found a better place my friend. If you're like everyone else and have just hopped onto a random web page, feel free to just stick around and wait out the weirdness.

First things first, I thought I'd give you a proper feel for the kinds of activities you get to do in the work experience program at NIDA, and what better way to do that then show you my timetable? To avoid violating any copyright and getting sued (I don't even know if that's possible, but better safe than sorry), I'm not posting the actual timetable (no, that would be too easy). Instead, what I've done is pretty much make an exact replica, only stating the classes I went to, and of course, I did it in the signature 'Teenage Fanatic' colours (because there's never a bad time for self promotion).

Of course, this isn't the stock timetable for all work experience students, this was just the one I got for my specific week, but you have to admit, it does look amazingly awesome. A tad confused as to what it all means? Don't worry, so was I until I actually got to sit in on the classes.

So basically, at the beginning of the week during the little introduction session you are given a timetable (like the one above, except with rooms, teachers and less ridiculous colour), and are partnered up with your work experience buddy for the week. Then, you get to go and sit in on classes with a bunch of people who are in their first year of full-time training at NIDA. Sounds a little intimidating? To be honest, at first it definitely is. But everyone's just so nice and welcoming that after about one class, you become swept up by your inner theatre nerd and become one of the pack.

I'll just quickly take you through a run down of what happens in the classes, considering I haven't exactly been the best at explaining it all up until now. Like your average university, NIDA do indeed have lectures. I know right! Pretty awesome. I wasn't sure, considering it was all elite and performing artsy (and yes, that's the accurate term). Considering that was my first time being exposed to the extensive uni style lectures, I found it all pretty interesting. We got to take a closer look at some Shakespeare plays like 'King Henry IV' and 'The Tempest' and focus in on their dramatic elements, plus I wasn't bored to death like I normally would've been if it hadn't been done so well, so it's a win-win situation.

Some of the movement and technique classes were pretty much as you'd imagine, focussing on different intricate stretches and overall alignment of the body. Because I'm always up at the dance studio, luckily I was pretty in my element watching those classes (it would've been awkward if I just had to watch people rolling around on the floor while I had no idea what they were doing).

I have to say, the class that I surprisingly really enjoyed watching was clowning. I know right, who would've thought? Even taking into account that my mother has an exceptional fear of all things clown related, I found the classes super interesting to sit in on. Luckily, there wasn't any weird, OTT, everyday 'red wig, big shoes' clown action going on, but rather the more sensitive, subtle clowning that draws heavily from theatre (which makes sense considering it's NIDA and all).

Even though all the classes were amazing, my absolute favourite class that I got to do while I was there was the screen work. Believe it or not, NIDA has a full-on professional film studio on campus. How fantabulously awesome is that? Legitimately, it's one of the coolest things ever. I was lucky enough to come on one of the best weeks, as I was able to watch some of the first years shoot short films. Coincidentally, we also happen to be doing the same (on an obviously much smaller scale) at school. The parallels are just ridiculous!

 I've never been on a film set before (or anything like it really), and I just found everything so interesting. Plus, I have some exciting news for you. I got to use the clapper and everything! And there's photographic evidence (just excuse the face)!

Wouldn't it just be so awesome if life could be like that?

The entire week was as you'd imagine - incredibly, amazingly awesome! It was literally one of the best, most beneficial experiences ever. If I haven't sold you, I honestly don't know what will! Now comes the hard part, getting into the actual post school, full-time course . . .

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little random recount of my NIDA experience! Unfortunately you've just missed open day, but have no fear, productions are near! I sat in on some of the rehearsals for Kandahar Gate, and it looks absolutely amazing! You have to go see it! But besides that, just go and feel free to join society once more and wave goodbye to the blogosphere. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. Sounds like you had a really great time and such an exciting experience! <3 xx

  2. What an amazingly awesome week you had !!

    You show such dedication and passion for the theatre.

    Good luck with your future career !