Thursday, 15 May 2014

Highlights of Eurovision 2014

Hello again readers! Today, I have a super exciting, albeit delayed blog post for you. Can you name the wackiest, awesomest contest in the history of the universe? Spoiler alert, it's Eurovision, and it's spectacularly amazing. I've been watching consistently since 2007 and have been blindly supporting the United Kingdom since then, partially due to the fact that the rest of Europe hates them, but mostly because of this awesomely tacky performance that left a major impression on me. I mean seriously, who doesn't love Eurovision? It's where the insane and the amazeballs can interweave together seamlessly, how good does that sound? Obviously, as you've probably already gathered, we treat as a big event in our household, however for those of you who missed or are just in desperate need of some recapping, be sure to stay tuned for my top 3 performances of the night. Procrastination complete, here are my highlights . . .

1. Rise Like a Phoenix

You have to admit, Conchita Wurst rocked that stage, and was a deserving (spoiler alert) winner of the contest. A bearded lady, come on, that's basically one massive symbol of the crazy epicness that is Eurovision. And I've got to say, that girl can sing. By the end of the number, I was totally into it. Plus, she just happens to be one big metaphor for what the contest celebrates - diversity (and weirdness). I'm officially loving her work. This drag queen just took it to a whole other level, I'm seriously impressed. Go Austria! 

2. Moustache 

I was actually ridiculously excited by this number. Come on, how could you not love a song entirely about moustaches? And this is coming from someone who is totally against the hipster, moustache craze currently flooding the teen world. I'm actually serious, I am so depressed that France came last! Their wacky little number was so deserving of at least second place (well at least that's what me and my warped taste think). Especially considering there was ongoing facial hair theme this year at Eurovision, France definitely should've done well. I guess there's always next year. 

3. Cheesecake

Oh Belarus, how you overwhelm me with your awesome, food themed songs. Let's get real, who doesn't love cheesecake (besides people who are lactose intolerant?). So of course, this was a perfect choice of song for Eurovision. Where else can you enter a singing competition televised internationally with a song about a popular dessert? I was particularly fond of the line 'But i'm not Patrick Swayze, you're not Jennifer Grey'. Don't we all love a good 'Dirty Dancing' reference? However, unfortunately, it seems the voters put Belarus in a corner, as they didn't make it into the top 3. 

So that's the end of my ridiculously tiny Eurovision post. I didn't know what to do exactly to celebrate the extreme awesomeness of the competition, but I knew I just had to do something. That's all folks. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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