Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fashion Round-Up: 2014 Met Gala

Hello again blogosphere! Today's a very exciting day in the world of fashion, as it marks the annual Met Gala of 2014. Are you totally fashion inclined and currently geeking out all over the place? Awesomeness! Are you not vaguely interested in anything fashion related whatsoever? Also cool. Just stick around to see who I've put on my best and worst dressed list, and then you can get on with your lives. Awkward intro down, let's get into it . . .

Best and Worst Dressed

Best Dressed

Kendall Jenner

It kind of pains me to do it, but unfortunately, this time, I was forced to put someone related to the Kardashians on my best dressed list. I know, I'm sorry. But you have to admit, she did look pretty awesome. She went simple, and it worked. For an 18 year old, she certainly knows how to work a red carpet (shame she's not a real celebrity). And for fashion's night of nights, you have to give it to her that she dressed to impress. Bravo Kendall!

Blake Lively

I think we all knew that Serena Van Der Woodsen was no stranger to awesome fashion moments, but it's nice to know that this also applies to her portrayer Blake Lively. Today, Blake and her little known, totally obscure husband Ryan Reynolds were officially deemed the best fashion power couple at the event, which you have to admit is quite an achievement considering Beyonce and Jay Z were also in attendance. Plus, her outfit was really awesome. Not everyone can manage to rock a cape, but there's no doubt she pulled it off no questions asked. It's pretty, it's classy, and everything just works together really nicely. A definite win for the Gossip Girl alumni!

Lea Michele

Okay, this may be just a tad biased, but you know what, I don't even care. I personally think Lea Michele looked super duper awesome today. Seriously, I'm loving the gold! There's nothing better than rocking a red carpet while looking like an Oscar (perhaps a premonition of awards to come?). Lea legit looks great all the time, so it's really no surprise that she managed to pull off an awesome look at the biggest fashion event of the year. Ah, I'm so proud!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez I have to admit looked really awesome today. Red really suits her, and the style of the dress is really flattering. It was simple, elegant and ridiculously stylish, that's a winner combination in my books. Luckily, the red of the dress didn't mimic, nor did it clash with the colour of the red carpet, because that would be one major awkward turtle moment. Plus, she's one of the few ex Disney stars who's managed to maintain some semblance of sanity, and for that, I applaud her. Yay for normality!

Emma Stone

I have to say, I think this is one of if not my absolute favourite ensemble of the event. Sure, it's simple, but it just works! I've never really thought of Emma Stone as a fashion icon before (more like just an excellent lip syncer), but now, I think I just might. I like how she shook things up a bit and opted for a top and skirt rather than your classic dress, and she managed to pull it off in a way that didn't look vaguely tacky. Also, wearing head to toe pink is just too ridiculously awesome to ignore. Plus, Emma Stone is just an epic person, so that helps. 

Worst Dressed

Katie Holmes

Everyone avert your eyes, because this is just too hideous to lay your eyes upon. What was Katie thinking, honestly? Who goes to the biggest fashion event of the year dressed as a lemon meringue pie? It's just plain awful. And why so much puff? That was never going to be palatable. It just looks ridiculous and stupid, not to mention outrageously ugly. Definitely not even close to a winner.

Kristen Stewart

Kristin Stewart literally has the worst taste ever. Although you have to admit, it's pretty impressive that she's been seen in two monstrosities in the past 10 years- the first being 'Twilight', and the second being this. I actually don't even get where this was supposed to be going. She's got some kind of awful animal print on the top, what looks to be ostrich feathers on the bottom, and then some weird chiffon thing on top of that. Plus, what kind of hair is that? She just looks stupid and weird, no wonder she was cast in Twilight. 

Brie Larson

This is legitimately one of the weirdest, most awful outfits I've ever seen. What kind of C grade celebrity would decide to rock up in an intergalactic jumpsuit. It's abominable! I recently saw Brie in 'The Spectacular Now'- but I can certainly say this outfit isn't spectacular now, nor will it ever be. Why would someone ever decide to dress as some kind of extraterrestrial looking thing? If you were Lady Gaga I could understand and appreciate it, but not if you're some random that hardly anyone's ever heard of. No, just no.

Shailene Woodley

I hate to do this because I quite like Shailene Woodley, but I'm sorry, this outfit just isn't cool at all. It looks a bit like she decided to put on a bit of cloth and roll around in a pile of leaves before rocking up to the Met Gala, which is never a good look. If you were a hippie from the 70's it would be perfect, but not if you're an emerging actress currently starring in two major motion pictures. Sorry Shailene, but I'm not at all for your new 'stumbled out of the wilderness' look.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh God, here comes the big disaster. Believe it or not, this outfit was actually put on some people's best dressed list. How? I do not know, nor do I want to. This is a ridiculous get up. What were you thinking SJP? The hair is some sort of creepy weird donut, and the bottom of the dress legitimately looks like an open parachute. I bet if someone threw her off the roof, she would float down slowly. From the front it looks okay I guess, but once you see the back, it just gets cray. There is nothing vaguely pleasant about this, it disturbs me. A definite miss!

So that's the end of my little fashion round-up! I hope you enjoyed it and are as critical as me when it comes to humans. Now feel free to get on with the rest of your lives. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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