Friday, 4 October 2013

TTYL September

Hello everybody and welcome to the fabulous month that is (or will be) October! It's going to be a pretty awesome month- halloween's here, summer's getting closer, and yet more shows resume on TV. Before we officially say goodbye though (despite it already being October 5th today, but whatever), let's just remember some of the things that were awesome about September, and like I did at the end of last month, rate the top 3 memorable moments. Let's get cracking . . .

3. The birth of Heather Morris' baby

Okay, okay. Everyone may not consider this to be a 'most memorable moment' (which is why I've only put it at number 3), but I certainly do, and so do other gleeks around the globe, so I think it's only fair. Just to fill those in who may not be aware, Heather Morris gave birth to her baby boy Elijah on the 28th of September with her longtime boyfriend (and soon to be fiancĂ© maybe?) Taylor Hubbell. Who knows, this may mean that she could (hopefully) be returning to 'Glee' pretty soon? One can dream. 

2. Emmy Awards

Having already done a post about this, I won't go into too much detail (for once in my life). But, the Emmys are still a pretty big deal. I mean, people around the globe tune in to watch the celebration of one of their favourite things (admitted or not)- television. How could it not be awesome? Especially when you have super-host Neil Patrick Harris to help you out. So yeah, September 22nd this year, pretty awesome day.

1. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split Up

Finally, after all the rumours and predictions, the awkward couple have actually split up. It's apparently because of her performance at the VMA's this year (that'd be enough for anybody), but I'm not really sure. Whatever the reason, it's about time. They got engaged ages ago, and still a year later they'd made no plans? Doesn't sound like either of them were very confident that it was going to last between them. And just imagine the criticism that Liam would've been copping, I mean I myself cannot have a conversation without slipping in a joke about the former Disney star, so having to marry her? All a bit much I say. 

So yeah, that's it. I know, it's been super short, but at least we can officially immerse ourselves in October now that we've given September a proper goodbye. Have an awesome month. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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