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New Girl Recap: Season 3, Episode 3

Hello again my readers! As you can guess, this is my little recap of what went down on the latest 'New Girl' episode (and yeah, it's super late again). Pleasantries over, let's get cracking . . .

So the episode began with Schmidt (still currently dating two women) walking out of his room with Cece in toe. Turns out, Nick and Jess had the same idea, arriving in the kitchen at the same time. The two couples get to chatting, and decide that it would be an awesome idea to go on a double date. As they make these arrangements, Winston overhears, and struggles to keep his jealousy at bay. He kind of ends up inviting himself along, in order to stop moping around with his new pal Ferguson the cat over his recent break up with Daisy (which happened last episode). He then takes it upon himself to get them a reservation at 'the best restaurant in town', and despite protests, he is set in his ways (look on the bright side, at least it's better than cat murdering).

We're back after the (full length!) title sequence, as Cece bursts in on Nick and Jess and starts discussing her worries about Schmidt. Apparently, she feels that he has turned to drugs, as that can be the only possible explanation for his recent 'weird energy' and 'non blinking eyes'. When the conversation turns a little more personal, it is quickly defused and Cece leaves relatively reassured that everything is a-okay.

We now see Winston entering his restaurant of choice, and walk straight up to the lady in charge of taking reservations (skipping the queue in the process- because that happens in real life). He tries to be all charming and what not, but fails miserably, upon being told that the next available booking is for 8:30pm in 7 weeks. The only suggestion she has is to 'try his luck' at the community table (whatever that is). When his bribing doesn't work, he is left with no other alternative.

Back in the loft, Nick approaches Schmidt and asks him about his supposed 'drug problem'. Forced to finally admit the truth, Schmidt tells Nick that he never in fact broke up with either girl, and that he is currently seeing both Cece and Elizabeth. It seems that Nick is in some kind of denial, because he keeps rejecting Schmidt's answer and trying to make sense of everything. He then, obviously, freaks out when it all sinks in, and seems to have a massive dilemma on his hands. Nick doesn't quite know what to do, tell Jess and clear his conscience, or keep his best friend's secret?

Now with Winston, it seems that he has not given up in his quest to secure a table for five, calling up the restaurant posing as famous authors in order to acquire a booking. As he's on the phone, we switch back to Nick, who is having a crisis of conscience in his room. He tries talking out the situation, which just ends up confusing him (and everybody else) more. As he's in the middle of this, Nick hears Jess enter the loft, and swiftly pulls a helmet on so he isn't forced to make eye contact with her. Strangely, she seems to think it's some kind of role-play, and saves Nick from having to make a decision (for now).

Back at the restaurant, Winston seems to have given up on getting a reservation, and tries to secure a seat at the community table. Sitting down, he manages to be so socially awkward that everyone else leaves, making him victorious (and alone for several hours until dinner).

We're now with Nick and Jess, and the time has come for him to choose between two people he cares about. Jess brings up the subject of Schmidt, and Nick instantly clams up. When she asks what's going on, we don't have to wait long until we see Jess storming angrily out of the room in search of Schmidt. In her rage, she warns him that he has to tell Cece the truth or she will before he gets the chance. Conceding, Schmidt says that he'll tell Cece as soon as he sees her next. Of course, the girl in question strolls into the apartment, pumped for their double date. As Schmidt prepares to tell her the truth, he chickens out at the last minute, and flees the scene, ushering her into the car as soon as possible, closely followed by a livid Jess and Nick.

Meanwhile, Winston is still at the community table, just ordering heaps of food for each empty seat, coming up with different excuses as to why the people he's dining with seem to be missing, simply stating 'bathroom'  or 'phone call'. It seems to be enough to satisfy the waiter, however the lady working the door (whom he has previously spatted with) doesn't seem to buy it. She confronts him, and states that he's clearly alone, and that other customers will be needing the table. That's not enough to deter Winston however, as he says that it is highly unlikely that over the past two hours he has ordered 8 separate entrees and taken bites of different sizes from each of them to keep up the charade (when of course, we all know that it is something he would totally do- and most likely has). With a 'God I hate this job', she seems to accept it and leave him alone for the time being.

Back in their car, Schmidt is driving Cece speedily (speedily being the operative word) towards the restaurant, as he tries to get away from Nick and Jess. Cece seems to pick up on the weird vibe, and (sensibly) asks what's going on. In his haste, he quickly says that Nick is cheating on Jess with a much older, 'deeply Korean' woman he met at a gas station (how someone can be deeply Korean, rather than just a little Korean, I do not know, but whatever). In a total rage (much like Jess was in earlier), Schmidt starts dissing Nick and questioning how he could be doing this (who smells a hypocrite?).

Now, we see Nick and Jess following (not so closely) behind. Their entire conversation during this time is basically one massive non sequitur. It ranges from talking about Nick's involvement during the altercation at the loft, to how much both of them are afraid of. Trying to prove that they are not afraid of anything, Jess and Nick both (stupidly) stick their finger in the cigarette lighter and commiserate together in pain. Not long after, we're back in Schmidt's car, as Cece demands that they turn around so she can have it out with Nick. Of course, he is reluctant, and only does so after a heated argument, as Jess and Nick watch on bemused.

Schmidt and Cece pull up at the restaurant (not after several phone calls from a distressed Winston), as Cece immediately (and unsuccessfully) sets out in search of Nick. Schmidt opts to stay in the car a little longer, much to the chargin of the valet. Upon seeing the disturbance, Nick gets out of his car (having finally arrived at the restaurant as well) and has a bro to bro with Schmidt. Finally searching for Jess, Nick enters the restaurant, only to be physically abused by Cece. Twice.

Schmidt, however, steps up to the plate and finally finds some much needed courage. He tells Cece the truth in front of Nick, Jess, Winston, and the entire restaurant. It's all a tad dramatic, but I guess that at this point, it's a long time coming. As expected, she reacts badly, and (obviously) ends things, before leaving the restaurant all together.

So, after all that, Schmidt asks for $12 for the valet and heads home, meaning that after all his trouble, Winston never actually got to have the dinner after all.

Back in the loft, Nick and Jess talk about what all went down. It seems that they are split in their responsibilities, both having to take care of their best friends. In the end, they (somehow) seem to take from all this a stronger relationship. Everything's all lovey dovey for a while, until they hear a disturbance in the kitchen.

Turns out, Elizabeth's shown up after having heard the truth from Cece, and once again (rightfully so) takes it out on Schmidt by literally rubbing it in his face (you'll just have to watch and see). However, her goodbye seems to be ten times less dramatic, her final words being 'You broke my heart, mail me my mouth guard' (almost as legendary as Merritt Wever's Emmy speech). As expected, Schmidt's not exactly happy about all of this. And who does he have to blame? No, not himself, but Nick and Jess. He decides that if it's the last thing he does, he is going to break the both of them up as some kind of revenge when they least expect it.

However, the episode does end on its usual comedic note, as Nick and Jess try and keep ahead of the game, guessing how Schmidt will plan to break them up. Quite a few ideas were thrown around, including using Jess's 'fear of pears' and Nick's belief that the moon landing is 'obviously fake' to cause a rift between them.


So yay, you've made it to the end of this week's recap. I think this episode was really awesome and funny, despite its turn for the dramatic towards the end. And good news, you only have to wait 2 more days until the next episode (praise my complete and utter slackness). To tide you over, feel free to watch the promo for next episode, or just hold out for 48 hours. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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