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Best and Worst Dressed: Golden Globes 2015

Hello and welcome back readers! Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately, but don't worry, there is a legitimate excuse (which I will cover in a future post as to not waste any more of your time now). Anyway, to make up for my recent lack of posting, I've decided to start 2015 off strong by talking about some of the major fashion do's and don't's of this year's Golden Globe Awards. Let's face it, everyone loves a good fashion smack down, so there's no need to hide your intense anticipation and excitement at the prospect of judging people you've never met. So, without further ado, may I present to you the best and worst dressed celebrities  . . .

Best Dressed

Emma Stone

It may not be totally traditional, but I am absolutely loving Emma's ensemble. Classic on top, edgy on the bottom. That's a mash up I can get behind. She looks terrifically awesome, and still manages to exude elegance. Her innovative take on a red carpet gown really delivers, and no matter how hard I may try to find some, her outfit's pretty much flawless. All in all, Emma chose very wisely. 

Greer Grammar

Greer at this award ceremony was no ordinary nominee, but was indeed Miss Golden Globes of 2015. How much of an honour is that! I guess being Kelsey Grammar's daughter and member of the 'Awkward' cast has its perks. So as a result of her pretty awesome, prestigious position in the award ceremony, there was a lot of pressure on Greer to totally steal the show, and boy did she ever. I kind of feel like Greer and I are in total style synchronisation, because I would absolutely wear that dress! From me, that is perhaps the biggest fashion compliment one can receive. It's girly, it's pretty and she just looks amazing! Greer can definitely count this outfit as an almighty success!

Reese Witherspoon

Next on my best dressed list is miss Elle Woods herself (looking pretty much exactly the same as she did in 'Legally Blonde' way back in 2001). This sparkly ensemble was definitely a winner in my books. It's classy, it's elegant, but still manages to be girly and pretty at the same time. There's not much more I can say, because as I've mentioned, she just totally, 100% crushed it. Overall, a fabulous outfit. 

Gina Rodriguez

This dress really is a perfect example of how going with something simple can really pay off. It's sleek, it's elegant, and Gina really just looks amazing. I like how it's all classic up the top, but then becomes fun and interesting down the bottom, which for me sets it apart. I'd try and find flaws, but once again, it seems that there really aren't any to choose from. Another awesome outfit!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Sure, I only really know who she is because she's married to Channing Tatum, but nevertheless, Jenna really rocked it on the red carpet. Yellow is a hard colour to wear, however this particular, pastel shade of lemon looks fabulous and not too overpowering. Seriously, it looks like sorbet (in the best way possible)! The shape of the dress also works really well, and it really is just a pretty ensemble. Overall, a stunning outfit!

Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham

I seriously just feel like Miss Dunham has a permanent place on this list. Why Lena, why? To be fair, she does seem to be improving in the red carpet fashion department. The dress itself isn't hideous, which is already dramatically better than anything else she's ever worn to an awards show. The outfit as a whole just looks...awkward. The weird high-low cut off is just not working, and not flattering in the slightest. She kind of looks stilted and uncomfortable, and the hard, greasy looking hair really doesn't help. Topped off with weirdly heavy eye make-up, this outfit gets a definite no from me.

Tina Fey


It's a real shame considering she's co-hosting the show and all, but Tina's dress just didn't do it for me. It's not horrible, but it certainly isn't nice. The top part is passable, but the bottom just kind of looks like a reverse, broken crinoline hoop skirt. Who would willingly put that shaped skirt on their body? I honestly don't really know what Tina was thinking. But hey, she's still an awesome person, so better luck next time. 

Melissa McCarthy

Things just went from bad to worse with Melissa's outfit. I don't even really know what to say. Once again, she's known as being awesome and funny, but fashion wise, things aren't so great. If I'm being honest, I can't find anything I like about this dress (or skirt? or pinafore? I don't even know what it is!). It kind of looks like an odd combination between business clothes and a petticoat, topped off with a large, unnecessary piece of fabric around the neck. I'm sorry Melissa, but this just isn't working out.

Jemima Kirk

I don't really have any idea who this girl is, but one thing's for sure, I'll remember her name now. What even is this? Fitted out in a frock that looks as if it's formed from old, unwanted curtains, Jemima really isn't dressed to impress. The shape (what there is of it) is all wrong, her hair is flat and boring, and the colour of the top and skirt don't even match! Whoever Jemima's stylist is should be fired. Also, just another tip, the only person who can rock a cape on the red carpet is Lupita

Claire Danes

Just looking at this dress makes me feel overwhelmed. There's so much going on here that I seriously can't concentrate! First off, using the colours of a peacock in clothing is hardly ever going to work in your favour, so note to self Claire, don't even try. The heavy beading looks more like something fit for a tapestry than a red carpet gown, and I don't even know why someone would go to all that effort to make something so clunky and unappealing. And finally, the shape of the dress itself, for lack of a better word, sucks. All in all, a major disappointment. 

So we've now officially reached the end of my list. I've given praise, I've passed judgement, so I've officially completed my job here. Hopefully you agree with my critique, and if not, sound off (nicely) in the comments section (if you can be bothered of course). Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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