Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Behind the Scenes: 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'

Well greetings once again blogosphere! As I hinted in my last post, I was doing something very exciting with my holidays. What exactly may that be? I may as well put you out of your misery now and just tell you right off the bat. Why, I happen to be a part of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' put on by Packemin Productions running from January 9th to January 24th (in 2015, obviously). So if you live in Sydney and are able to locate Chatswood, we still have 11 of our 16 performances left, so you should totally come along! And if you don't live anywhere near here and have trouble locating Australia on a map, I'll just spend today telling you all about it to make you feel better. Game plan set, let's get into it . . .

First off, why don't I begin by giving you a little bit of background information? Well, I auditioned for the musical at the beginning of September last year, got into the Senior Ensemble (represent!), and have been in rehearsals for about 4 and a half months now. It's been all super exciting, because by now you all know I love fangirling about musicals, but being in them would have to take the cake (the fact that it's a professional production doesn't hurt either). And yes, I'm totally pro now and rising to international super stardom, no autographs please.

Anyway, we went through a bunch of initial rehearsals, Sitzprobe, Tech, Dress Rehearsals, and as of Friday, finally opened at the Concourse theatre. To say I'm majorly excited would be an understatement. With 5 shows down, I'd say everyone's ridiculously pumped. We're a small cast entirely consisting of people aged 20 and under (given that it is a youth production), and of course, the process has been wonderful.

The musical itself also happens to be really fun and unique. There are a whole bunch of different music genres and styles, including Elvis inspired rock n' roll ('Song of the King'), a Calypso number ('Benjamin Calypso'), and even some French laments ('Those Canaan Days'). So yeah, if you're after a diverse variety of music, Joseph's the musical for you. It provides an audience with pretty much everything. Humour, entertainment, and show stopping numbers, what more could one ask for? And before you accuse me of being biased (which I probably am), why don't you just go and see our show and make up your own mind? (self promotion for the win!). Here's the totally awesome poster!

It seems to be Packemin's tradition to cast at least one professional performer in their productions, and in 'Joseph', this is ex-wiggle and current children's show star Sam Moran. He plays the role of Jacob, and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I totally got a selfie with him. Be jealous.

As you can imagine, everyone in the cast is ridiculously talented, so being a part of the musical has been really awesome. Everything's just so great so far, from the costumes, to the set, to the props, and of course, to the performers (not to toot my own horn or anything). From this, the entire cast's just become one big, weird, musical theatre loving family (possibly because ordinary people don't understand us).

So in conclusion, a) being in a musical is awesome, b) 'Joseph' is one of the best ones to be apart of, and c) you should totally come when you get the chance. Thanks for taking time out of your ordinary lives to read this! Til next time . . .

Annabel xx

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