Sunday, 26 January 2014

G'day Australia

Greetings again readers! Today marks my country's national day, Australia Day (or for those of you less patriotic members of the Australian community, Invasion Day). So how do you celebrate such a bittersweet holiday? By listing some things that are considered to be 'typically Australian' of course!

So how is this blog post going to work exactly? Well it came to my attention that in the midst of today's festivities, one of the trending twitter hashtags was #youknowyou'reaustralianwhen. So in my usual lazy manner, I've decided to just steal some of my favourites and write about them. Don't worry, for all of you non-Australians, there'll be some descriptions so you're not totally out of the loop.

You know you're Australian when . . .

Everyone Idolises a Middle Aged Man who Dresses and Acts as a Year 12 Student

I think everyone knows who I'm talking about, the one and only Chris Lilley as Ja'mie King! TBH, I'm pretty sure this has become an international idolisation. It seems that by now everyone has watched either 'Summer Heights High' or 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl'. And yes, I definitely fall into that category. I'm even worse, because I've made a full on blog post about it! Who knew I was so patriotic?

Your First Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol was by a Giraffe in a Massive Van in Primary

No, I'm not a massive user of hallucinogenic drugs, this is a thing. I'm here to introduce you to Healthy Harold, the stuffed giraffe puppet that tours around Australia in a van, visiting primary schools and educating kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. I seriously wish I was in the room when that concept was thrown around for the first time, I mean how disturbed (or heavily drugged) does a person have to be? Although, I do have some super fond memories of that talking stuffed giraffe. 

Rhonda and Ketut are your OTP

Let's get real, how could they not be. For all of you non-Australians, I demand that you watch this ad right now. Seriously, now. And then, watch all of the spin-offs, and you'll get what I'm talking about. We've followed the story of Rhonda and Ketut since 2011, and slowly, ad by ad, we've seen their relationship develop. Everyone in the country's hooked (including me). 

This was the worst thing to ever happen to you

What is this you must be asking? Well feast your eyes on these. 

It's wrong, just wrong. This is a screen cap from the new Bananas in Pyjamas. If you have no idea what that is, first off, you have not lived, and secondly, go google it right now. I remember watching it when I was little, living it up and celebrating those bananas. But did they look like that? Were they animated cop outs? No, they most certainly were not. They were real men ... in banana suits. 

This ice-cream was a big part of your childhood

Say hello to Bubble O'Bill. 

What is this odd-shaped, cowboy ice cream you may ask? Just a staple part of the Australian diet. Picture different coloured ice cream shaped as a cowboy with bubblegum for a nose. One of our national pride and joys. I feel that I should also mention that they're also apparently available in New Zealand, but it's Australia Day, so let's just push that aside for now. 

So that's the end of my Australia Day blog post! I hope everyone from Australia is now feeling super patriotic, and people from other countries aren't too bored. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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